The Cleveland Browns have sat Brandon Weeden for the second time this season. You have to imagine Weeden’s future with the Cleveland Browns is in serious jeopardy.  The Browns face a fierce pass rush this Sunday in Kansas City and you have to wonder how much of the Weeden Pussification factor played into coach Chudzinski’s decision to sit Weeden.

To watch Weeden under pressure, had to make Chud feel the pressure. Weeden flipped the ball 2 weeks in a row, he said he wouldn’t do it again after the first time he did it against Detroit.

Weeden is afraid to play in the NFL.  This is where the Pussification factor influences the performance the team gets out of Weeden. Others have said he looked like a deer in the headlights when he is under pressure and I agree.

Weeden is afraid to take the big hit. He would rather throw the ball up for grabs than to stand in there and try to make a completion. When you look at top-notch NFL quarterbacks, many times they throw the ball just before they take the pounding of a defensive line man.

Weeden isn’t one of those top-notch quarterbacks, he suffers from a terrible case of the Pussification factor and he will never be able to get himself in to the top-notch quarterback class in the NFL without the guts needed to stand in there and take the big hit.

He suffers from the Pussification factor and it isn’t going to just disappear. Chud had to take that into consideration before making his decision.

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