Each day you see reports that Alex Smith is interested in the Cleveland Browns. The guy makes a lot of money bu the team does have cap room. Could Smith help the Browns win? Of course he could, he led the 49ers to the play offs in 2011 and had them off to a great start this season before suffering a brain concussion. Smith is the kind of player the Cleveland Browns need. He is a winner and could help the team go to the next level. He has shown consistency and he is far more accurate than Brandon Weeden.

Would the Browns be able to make all the right moves to sign Smith? The 49ers have already stated they won’t just release him. They want to trade for him. The team has stated all it would take is a 4th or even a 5th round draft pick and Smith is yours. So with that being said would the Cleveland Browns be able to get this deal done? There is no time to show  indecisiveness. There is a lot of interest in Smith and if the Browns are interested they have to make a move quickly. One of the teams that is said to be interested is the Chiefs. If the Browns are going to make a move they should make it soon….

It isn’t that often when a free agent or an NFL veteran shows interest in the Cleveland Browns.  That is why if this is true the Browns brass needs to get this deal done and they should get it done quickly..

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  1. RB

    There are alot of teams that would give up on their current QB for Alex Smith. I would imagine the Browns would be one of those teams. He would be an upgrade for the Browns. I guess it all depends what they want for him. If all it’s going to take is a 5th or 6th rounder, I’m all for it.

  2. Laurence Bradley

    Please sign Alex Smith. Brandon Weeden has not been very good and his potential for improvement may be somewhat limited. However, Alex Smith needs to convince the Browns he is serious in his devotion to our team (devotion not seen since the days of Bernie Kosar). And, please Browns, re-sign Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs who have long shown Kosar-like devotion!

  3. saxon

    Why not they did it to Colt, who would have done a better job with the line and recivers this year.

  4. ABrown

    There’s some reason to believe SF might release Smith as he’s asked rather than pay him the million he’s guaranteed before March 12, when he gets another million and when 2013 trading can begin, and certainly before April 1 when his 7.75 million salary is guaranteed.

    I don’t think a late round draft choice would be worth 1 mil to the 49ers, so it’s probably best to release him. That would give him the chance to work out a deal with a team and give the new team a chance to work out a less expensive contract that would be good for both.

    Here’s a link to an article about Smith’s contract:

    I think Cleveland would be the best place for him to come because of the strong O-line, talented running back, and some talent at WR.

    I think Smith could offer Cleveland someone who’s proven he can play well and win games. And Harbaugh has praised Smith’s willingness to be a mentor to younger QBs.

    The only downside I can see is that he is just as bad at converting 3rd downs as Weeden. But his overall yearly passer rating was above 80 in 2009 and 2010, above 90 in 2011 and above 100 in 2012, and had very high total QBR ratings the last 2 years.

    He would be a more dependable QB than Weeden and an experienced NFL QB with good character. If management handles it right, it could be a good thing.

  5. ABrown

    And he’s younger than Weeden.

  6. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    smith , or anyone else for that matter , is nothing but rumor & speculation from tony grossi & other writers. until the browns’ brass say they’re interested i wouldn’t get too excited.

    will smith fit into chud’s system ??

    i’m sure there are some interesting conversations between banner , lombardi , chud & turner about our current qb situation. you have to wonder if they feel they need to construct a trade to improve the current qb situation , or if they feel they can work with & coach-up the qb’s currently on the roster.

    for the sake of argument , if they were to acquire, smith , flynn or anyone else , i’m pretty sure either mccoy or weeden will be history.

    • Bob

      Good post TB2

      You wrote, “smith , or anyone else for that matter , is nothing but rumor & speculation from tony grossi & other writers. until the browns’ brass say they’re interested i wouldn’t get too excited.” Agreed.

      I admit that I have stated in previous post that they could bring in Smith. But, if most of this is from Tony Grossi, who I can’t stand and is usually wrong, then it’s NOT going to happen. NFL reported possible teams yesterday and the Browns were not one of the teams. See for one of the news items on Smith.

      If they bring in another QB to start, my bet is Colt ends up in Arizona as the starter for Arians, which is a good match for McCoy or Jacksonville where two of Colt’s favorite receivers/targets from his college days are (J Shipley & Q Cosby) are. Colt is due more $$$ then Weeden next year, has better QBR stats then Weeden, is more mobile then Weeden and is younger then Weeden, so I believe he could get more on the trading block then Weeden.

      • LG

        Bob, most of this is not from Tony Grossi. I have seen it reported by other sources too. If it were only Grossi saying it I wouldn’t even write about it. I must admit if he is truly interested in the Browns, I am surprised….

      • ABrown

        Bob, I like the way you think. Several of the teams that need a QB could benefit from trading for McCoy and using their high draft picks for offensive linemen.

        I’d like to see McCoy with Arians, in particular, but the idea of McCoy with Shipley and Cosby, along with Blackmon, too, makes me see footballs flying all over the field and JAX fans being amazed by how much offense they would have. I’m not crazy about Andy Reid, but McCoy could do well in KC and it would be a little like old home week with Charles and the defense. Again, any of those teams could pick up an inexpensive but talented QB and use their first round pick on a great lineman and get a big improvement.

  7. Terry Collins jr

    I am a die hard browns fan and I for one am very pleased with the hireing of Chudzinski as our head coach. He has done an amazing job putting his staff together. I mean Norv Turner and Ray Horton omg that is awesome. I am excited about our new owner Mr Haslam I really believe that Mr banner and Mr Haslam will put the browns in the right direction. Tom Heckert did an amazing job revamping our team from veterns past there prime to younger faster and more athletic players and making that the nucleus of the team. I was disappointed that Mr heckert was let go and that Mr Lombardie was hired in his place. I do however believe Mr Haslam and Mr Banner know what they are doing. I just hope the browns stop wasting our draft picks we need to put the finnishing touches on our team. I do believe that Mr Lombardie recieves a second chance I hope he learned from his mistakes and I guess us browns fans will have to wait in see. The only thing that bothers me is Mr Heckert put this team together with a complete over haul of the team Mr Mangini had assembeled and he didnt miss on any of his draft picks I felt he already had us goin in the right direction. My only thinking is that Mr Banner and Mr Heckert must not have a good working relationship otherwise it makes no sense to fire someone who did a good job for the browns. However I do believe Mr Haslam and Mr Banner have a right to hire who they want to work with. I just hope and pray that from this day foward we do better in the draft and get talented players to round out our team. Due to the fact that we havent been a winning team since our new head coach was offensive cordinater in 2007 so that excites me greatly but we cant afford to miss in the draft. I believe we are two drafts away from being a playoff contender as long as we draft well and complement the coaches scheme and complement the players we have on the team. As for Brandon Weeden I love his arm(cannon)but he stil has a lot to learn. I also love Colt McCoy I dont feel he got a fair chance here when he was the starter he had no running back and the recievers at the time couldnt catch a cold. When Brandon Weeden was the starter he got recievers Josh (FLASH) Gordon as well as speedy Travis Benjamin (speed burner) and then Greg Little corected his problems with drops and started catching everything thrown to him that was catchable anyway. That was an exsample of how this young team is growing and developing. I as a browns fan have turned into watching colege players before the draft and studying the top players at every position Cleveland Browns football is my life I have been a fan all my life and now look foward to our drafts to keep my hope alive that we will continue to draft well and get impact players with pro bowl talent. I am excited about the up comming draft and I am curious about trading for Alex Smith Norv Turner worked with him and got him in the right direction helping turn his career around. If it only takes a 4rth or 5th round pick to get him I say grab him before someone else does. He has already proven to be a winner and Coly McCoy who has a club friendly contract and is an excelent backup could learn alot from him and Colts age is a factor as well. i would pull that trigger faster than Clint Eastwood in any of his western movies lol. Alex Smith can be a franchise quarterback hes already proven plus he has worked wit Norv Turner whom Alex Smith claims turned his career on the right track. As I feel Mr Haslam and Mr Banner have a right to work with whom they are comfortable the same should be for the coaching staff and thier players but Cleveland has waited for a franchise quarter back since Bernie Kosar left the team and that is just sad and unacceptable. I say grab Alex Smith and draft wisely and we wil surprise a lot of teams. Oh by the way the hiring of head coach Chudzinsky is in my opinnion awesome. the entire coaching staff is amazing and that encourages me. Just please grab us a franchise quarterback and draft the best players at thier position when we make our picks. Please no more Courtney Browns or Tim Couch or Brian Robiskie or Mohammed Massaquoi etc….. That waswhy I was sad to see Mr heckert go i feel it was a mistake. However as I have said Mr Banner and Mr Haslam have the absolute right to work with whom they are comfortable. Everyone gelling as a team like family everyone that has each others backs and having comraderie is what we need to get to the next level. That and continuity we need to keep one system in place and adjust to the talent that we have on our roster. Thier is no doubt in my mind that our head couch and our offensive coordinater as well as our defensive cordinater. I also love how coach Chudzinski used to put his tv out side to watch games so he felt like he was in the dog pound. I have done the same thing and that shows me he is dedicated to getting the browns to playoff caliber and hopefuly if we draft well eventually to super bowl caliber. I feel he has the passion to turn us around. Thats not to mention the track record he has as one of the NFLs best offensive minds add that to Norv Turners track record as an offensive genuies and then Ray Horton and his track record as being one of the best deffensive cordinaters. not to mention the fact he learned from coach Dick LeBeau is very encouraging as well as the fine work he did in Arizona. Norv Turners track record speaks for it self and head coach Rob Chudzinski also has an extremely impressive resume himself. He worked here in 2007 and guided the offense to the third best in frachise history as wel as he got Derek Anderson,Braylon Edwards, and Kellen Winslow all to the probowl. I mean he did this with Derek Anderson and got him in the pro bowl that was a magic feat in itself. I also like the fact he helped develop Cam Newton and got him rookie of the year award his first season and coach Chudzinski helped get him back on track last season helping the Panthers to impressive numbers. I as a fan truly want a frachise quarterbackplease dont waste an opportunity to get one. I mean its only been since Bernie Kosar us fans have waited, dont you think thats enough. Oh by the way how does Mr Lombardie feel about Josh (FLASH) Gordon now between him and Greg Little we have two young, big and fast recievers who can block down field and make the catch and thats not to mention Travis Benjamin the speed burner who can strech the field. Then last but not least we got Josh Cooper who can be the next Brian Brennen who was also one of my favorite browns a third down specialist who can make the catch when its needed I have faith the coaching staff can get the best out of or players but I honestly feel not going after Alex Smith would be a mistake it should be the teams responsibility to upgrade or team when givin the opportunity to do so. I hope we get a few veterns to help develop some of our young players but I for one want to keep building through the draft. We as a team can no longer blow draft picks they are way to valueable. If we do well in this draft and get two or three impact players that can contribute right away and add a few free agents to help develop this young team and can still contribute on the team as well I am all in. I am a true browns fan who bleeds brown and orange and I will never give up on my team. I love the Browns and would love to see us finnaly start competing for our division and getting the super bowl. My trure belief is its gonna take us two or three more drafts which we have to draft well and get impact players at position of need such as cornerback, outside linebacker, and a top notch safety to complement TJ Ward in the defensive back field, and last but not least if we could get a beast of a defensive end that can get ten sacks or more to complement Jabbal Sheard on the other side we could have a defensive line like the Giants now that would be impressive. Getting another top notch to start opposite of Joe Haden and using Sheldon brown on the slot reciever. We could have a new tandem like when we han Minnifield and Dixon two shutdown corners oh my lord can you imagine that.what excites me is it is truly possible we are in a good position to have a very good draft just cant blow any picks, and Josh (FLASH) Gorden was worth every bit of a second round pick and I hope Lombardie is man enough to admit it. Well i can talk forever about the browns but I tried to get my thoughts out to see if anyone agrees with me or not. Oh by the way if we didnt go after a defensive end to complement Jabaal Sheard the getting the next Wilbur Marshall or Lawrence or Von Miller that would be even better because we already have talented linemen but we do need a tremendous pass rusher to help Coach Hortons defensive scheme. Well thank you for reading my thoughts maybe just maybe someone will read this from the browns lol . I know it probably wont happen but I wanted to express my thoughts maybe my dream will come true and we can get to the super bowl. If that happens id have to sell a kidney because theres no way I would miss that game. Wel good luck my Browns I hope I get blown away watching the draft and I cant wait to see how the team looks and plays next season I think we could surprise some people and thats good I like being the under dog and the come from no where team that kickcks your but every week because the other team getting off the bus comes already marking the game as a win and a Cleveland loss wel i wanna send them home with there tails between thier legs and GOD PLEASE PLEASE start kickicking Baltimores but I mean they stole clevelands super bowl trophy after all the fans of cleveland supported our Browns. We didnt deserve that and I am greatful the NFL gave us the city of Cleveland our team back but the fact that the Ravens are in the superbowl again Grrrrrrrr that burns my arse, GO 49ers kicke thier buts please. So just wanted you to know I am a true browns fan and i know that transition can take time to get thier system in place and getting the players to buy into it. But even if we got a losing record as long as we can beat the Ravens twice a year id still be very happy God i hate those super bowl thieves and I hope and pray Art Modell never gets in the hall of fame. I mean what right does he have to get in I mean he fired two hall of fame coaches Paul Brown the founder of the Bengals who by the way went to a super bowl and the he fired Bill Belichick who then goes to New Englnd and builds a Superbowl dynasty. He may not be in now but he will and everyone knows it then he takes our beloved browns whom we watched went to games to see and watched how we were developing into a superbowl contender and start to knock Pittsburg out of our way to the super bowl. I cant even hate the Steelers now becaues thier owner Mr Rooney and The Bills owner voted no against Modell moving our browns, heck the Steelers even wore cleveland browns arm bands in honor of us fans that gave me great respect for the Steelers organization and I cant hate them as I once did now my hatred is for the Baltimore Ravens I hope they lose and hope that we can build a team that whips them every time we play them the rest of the leage I just wanna play a good game and hopefully win but when we play the Ravens I want them to be destroyd. I mean they stole or superbowl trophy the year after they moved and tha is quite crappy now they might gat another. God I hope the 49ers win. I hate them with a passion and thier is no way that anyone or anything could do to make that up NO HALL OF FAME FOR MODEL! As for our team now I am happy we have a hands on owner who I believe will stop the losing atmosphere and aquire players that have good character as wel as talent so the locker room is completely together with no problems and not only play with talent they play with heart. Look at Colt McCoy as an example he started with no right tackle and back up gaurds and was running for his life every play but he kept fighting that is playing with heart. olt my not have a cannon but he has some wheels on him but I would have liked to see what he could have done with all the starters on the field with him he has a leadership qaulity about him that reminds me of Brian Sipe. Brandon Weeden has the cannon arm and I know he is leaerning on the job but the gun slinger cant mimic Bret Farve yet. Getting Alex Smith would be a huge upgrade and us fans know it. For cryin out loud make the deal for a 4rth or 5th round pick dont waste this opportunity. I guess I will have to wait and see. Well thanks for listening to my thoughts and have a great day and GO BROWNS sincerly Terry Collins Jr (TJ)

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi LG … i think somebody broke the all-time record for longest post in your forum.

      TERRY COLLINS JR. – hi … it’s nice to see others that are passionate about the browns … post like the wind , my friend !!

      • LG

        I was hoping he would send me a message asking to become an author….

      • Udamanlroy

        Forget about Alex Smith ! He has been mediocre most of his career , the Niners have an extra ordinary roster, Dilfer could get that team to a Super Bowl ! Let’s go 0-16 this year and get Manziel !!

  8. jonah

    That was the longest comment I have ever read bro lol

  9. HEY YA!!!!

    I find it hilarious that we are giving up on Weeden after one year. Then again talk about how we better move on Alex Smith…hahahahaha are u serious??? Here’s a thought why not use one of the QB’s we have!!! Develope what we got in Weeden or McCoy… If I are going to sit there and write that Alex Smith Is a better QB than Weeden then you better explain why instead of just saying he is a winner. He became a winner because of the system he was put in thanks to Harbaugh… But that another discussion… Look at Alex Smiths first season where is started all 16 games(2006) 16 td’s and 16 ints on 442 attempts 74.8 and this was his 2nd year in the league… The season before where he started 7 games 1td and 11ints on 165 attempts. WOW!!!! But back to 2006… So let me get this straight Weeden in his first year goes for 14 td’s and 17 ints on 517 attempts 72.6 raring and he is a bum, not worthy of a late 1st round draft pick, and should be wrote off, DONE!!!! But then again Alex Smith who was the #1 over all pick had an almost Identical season in his 2nd year not his first as Brandon Weeden and All the sudden he is a winner, a Much better QB??? How the hell does that work…? Before you talk about age Alex turns 29 In May and Weeden 30 in October, wow what a difference!!!! If Alex was in Cleveland for his first 3 seasons he would of been buried by now…this guy couldn’t beat Shaun Hill for a starting job and now he should come here…hahaha that is funny stuff!!!!! But wait something change in San Fran, kinda like what changed here, a new system and boom, Smith was reborn…why can’t this happen in Cleveland? Who is to say Weeden can’t succeed in a new system or even McCoy for that matter…

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi HEY YA … good post.

    • Tom Wynne

      AND…why does everybody have sudden amnesia about Alex Smith’s EARLY career? His first year in 9 games(7 started) 50% completion, 1 TD with 11(YES THAT IS ELEVEN) INT…team 2-5. Gee, imagine if they gave up on HIM as fast as you people want to dump Brandon Weeden????(LOL)

  10. Sam

    I don’t see this as a great option for the Browns. I’m not sold on Weeden at all, but we have to think logically and realize the rookie success of QBs like Luck, Griffin, and Wilson is not common at all. For example, when Alex Smith was a rookie he threw 1 TD and 11 INTs. Smith didn’t throw more TD’s than INT’s until his 4th season and only had success with a top 5 defensive/running game. 2011 was really his only good year, in which he only averaged 196 yards per game. Oh yeah A Brown, the dude’s only a few months younger than Weeden and has taken seven years worth of NFL hits and has sustained many injuries. I’d much rather take another year of Weeden to see if he proves himself. If he doesn’t then we will be in position to draft a franchise QB. That sounds better than wasting a 4th rounder on a inconsistent QB that was benched mid-season and at best has barely been a top 20 quarterback.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi SAM … excellent post.

      ABROWN named me 3 or 4 qb’s that have had success as rookies recently (before this year).for every one of those there AT LEAST 10 that do not have glaring success as rookies.

  11. RICK

    I agree with Sam I think it would be a wasted draft pick to pick up someone thats not any better than what we have.

  12. RB

    I don’t see giving up a 4th or 5th rounder as giving up on Weeden, and bringing him in doesn’t mean he would be handed the job. I am guessing the QB of the Browns will have to earn the job of starting QB.

    If you look at the Smith over the past 4 years, the one thing that stands out is TD vs Interceptions. I believe Smith had 62 TDs to 32 Interceptions in the last 4 years. This is the only place where he really outshines McCoy and Weeden.

    Is this enough of a difference to give up a 4th or 5th round pick? IMO it is. If it fails, we’re not out that much. That being said, I do believe Weeden will fair much better under an offense that is more suited to his skills, but I do believe it’s worth the pick to bring in Smith to add to the QB competition.

    To put it in another perspective, I would rather use a 4th or 5th round pick and bring Smith in to compete than to not spend a pick and bring in Derek Anderson to compete for the spot.

    Anyway, everyone have a great day.

    • HEY YA!

      The point I am trying to make is Alex Smith started performing well once Harbaugh took over and implemented a new system. Brandon Weeden & Colt McCoy(more so Weeden) has the same opportunity this year to perform well in a different system. Alex Smith had a horrendous tenure at San Fran until Harbaugh took over. He lost his job to Shaun Hill and the likes of Troy Smith due to atrocious play. So LG comes out with this read that the Browns must make this move to get him and hurry… which I found hilarious and completely hypocritical because he did nothing but bash Weeden and point out his horrible play but then again wants player who had a worse start in his career than Weeden and in my opinion possibly isn’t that much better than Weeden. Alex Smith who turns 29 in May by the way, had 1 TD and 11 INTS his first year 16 TD’s and 16 INTS his 2nd year and was a #1 over draft pick. So how can LG give up on Weeden after one season and then turn around and want Alex Smith??? I give Harbaugh and his system all the credit for Alex Smith’s success over the past 2 seasons. Not to mention that his over all supporting cast has been way better than Cleveland. LG made it out that Alex Smith was the reason for the 49ers being a winner which is 100% false. Alex Smith career was DEAD until Harbaugh showed up, and even this past season they didn’t have total confidence in him because they tried hard to go after Payton Manning. If the Browns want to go out in free agency and grab a QB to compete thats fine but we need the draft picks this year because remember we don’t have a 2nd round so we will need that 3rd and 4th….

      • HEY YA!

        Either way im just glad that there will be a fair QB competition here in Cleveland and that the best man will win the job!!!!

        • LG

          I think everyone is glad there will be a fair competition. Last season there wasn’t and it was clear that Weeden should have never been named the teams starter.


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