Pat Shurmur will he use richardson There is nothing in the world Browns fans want more than a win. The question is will head coach Pat Shurmur place the future of Trent Richardson’s professional football career in jeopardy just to make himself look better and get the fans a win? Lets face it Pat Shurmur isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to head football coaches. This is the guy that was in a hurry to name Brandon Weeden the Browns starting quarterback before he even seen Weeden take one snap in a preseason game. Pat Shumur was because of Shumur’s family ties to Browns President Mike Holmgren.

If Shurmur does well, there is a chance he could keep his job in a Haslam organization, if he repeats last season his one and only shot at being a head coach of a NFL team will come to an end. This week we have finally heard from Mike Holmgren, without directly telling Shurmur not to play Richardson, Holmgren was making gentle suggestions in that direction. Holmgren said the Browns have got to be careful they aren’t hurrying Trent Richardson back to football. Holmgren went on to say he has coached players and made decisions about how to handle them in his career before. You can bet Pat Shurmur has never been in a situation like this before. Sure he may have been part of a team that had a hurt player, he wasn’t the guy that made the decision on who plays.

Lets hope the Browns front office make the right choices when it comes to playing Trent Richardson this Sunday. Lets hope Shurmur is smart enough to listen to Mike Holmgren and limit the snaps a guy who missed all of the preseason with a knee injury. Lets hope Pat Shumur doesn’t put his own personal needs above the future of a guy like Trent Richardson. The Browns are going to need him for a long time, not just one game….



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  1. Jeremy

    I’m sure that the decision about the number of snaps a starter gets after an injury, or surgery, isn’t solely made by one coach. There are doctors and position coaches, and team strength coaches, and trainers, and oh yeah, the player himself that have a say in the matter. The execs certainly don’t want to run the tread out of a new set of tires either, so their is a balanced decision made by a number of qualified and intelligent minds that will have their opinion heard… And if Shurmur is as inept as you make him out to be, he won’t be able to make that decision himself… Whether you like him or not, Holmgren is not going to go down in flames with a “screw it” attitude. He wants to win this year, and he wants to leave a good taste in the fans mouth when he is (most likely) shown the door.
    So will Shurmur wear out Richardson’s little knee?? Doubt it, plus TRich is MAN!! I bet he could run on nubs better than anyone else we have…

    • LG

      Lets hope we never have to see the guy run on NUbs…Great comment thanks …

  2. ABrown

    It never fails. When someone questions the decision-making of the Browns coach and management, there is a quick response about all the intelligent football minds that are quiding this train wreck of a rebuilding project — the Browns Brain Trust — that we have to have faith in.

    Well, I’m not buying it. There are lots of reasons to question the “Brain Trust”.

    Regarding playing someone too soon after an injury, that is ingrained football culture to play when you are hurt. Some of the most famous players in history like a defensive lineman for the LA Rams played a winning game on a broken leg.

    But there are good reasons to be more careful these days and really good reasons to comment and remind a coach who may be desperate not to risk the knee of a RB who may lead to many winning seasons if he doesn’t wreck his future in one meaningless game we probably couldn’t win anyway.

    I can see giving him a few carries to get a feel for contact, but with almost no prep for the season, Richardson stands a good chance of fumbling.

    So it boils down to this: Good that could happen — he might gain 50 or 60 yards VS. Bad that could happen — he could re-injure his knee and he could fumble a lot.

    I hope Coach Shurmur thinks twice and then twice again about playing Trent Richardson, even if TR wants to play.


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