Pat Shurmur evaluating WeedenIn his weekly radio address the head coach for the Cleveland Browns said “You can only Evaluate how good your starting quarterback is if he leads your team to wins”. Yes sir those were the words Shurmur used when he was asked about the job Brandon Weeden is doing. Lets see, where does that leave Mr. Weeden? If you can only evaluate him on leading the team to wins, Weeden is in real trouble. He has started 8 games and the Browns have lost 6 of them. Does this mean Weeden isn’t doing very well? If you listen to Shurmur’s definition you would think Weeden sucks. He didn’t really win the game last week, Weeden himself came forward and pronounced the win as a defensive win.

Then there is the win the Browns had the second time they faced the Cincinnati Bengals. Weeden watched when the defense contributed to that victory too. In week 6 the Cleveland Browns did beat the Bengals by 10 points, the defense also contributed a touchdown in the game so that is 7 of the 10 point margin of victory and they had 2 other interceptions in the game. That leaves the other 2 4th quarter touchdowns to Weeden. I guess we should say it was Weeden who lead the team to this win over the Bengals. So we can say that Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden led the Browns to 1 win so far this season.

So where does this leave Mr. Weeden in the eyes of his head coach? Weeden has led the Cleveland Browns to only one win in his 8 starts. What kind of report card is Weeden getting from head coach Pat Shurmur? Weeden certainly has not led the Cleveland Browns to many wins and in Shurmur’s eyes that isn’t good. Don’t worry people, I don’t think we as Browns fans are going to have to worry very long about what Pat Shurmur thinks about his quarterback Brandon Weeden. Shurmur better start worrying about his own evaluation as a head coach in the National Football league.

After all, he has lost far more games than Brandon Weeden has. I guess we will see what the Browns can do this Weekend. Shurmur also said the Browns are very well prepared for the Baltimore Ravens.



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  1. longhaul

    wow now thats funny. shurmur evaluating someone . maybe he should evaluate himself and his coaches. this team can be a winner with the right coaching staff but it wont be with the ones we got now.shurmur has no clue what it takes to be a winner. just because you have family that coached doesnt make you a coach. as the saying goes the light bulb is on but nobodys home

    • LG

      You’re right Longhaul. He should get a job with comedy relief. Maybe after he is done with his head coaching job he can join them which shouldn’t be too long…

  2. ABrown

    Did he really say the team was “very well prepared” for the game this weekend. OH NO! The last time he said that was before the Eagles game.

    In that last Bengals game, I’d give the defense credit for one field goal and Cribbs credit for another, in addition to the TD.

    The defense got a turnover when Haden got an interception and ran it back 14 yards to the Bengal 25. The offense went 3 and out and Dawson kicked a field goal from the 20.

    Cribbs returned a punt 60 yards so the offense got the ball on the Bengals’ 30. The team could only gain 8 yards and kicked a field goal on 4th down.

    That 6 points, along with the defense’s touchdown contributed a total of 13 points for the Browns. So the 34 to 24 win could easily have been a 24 to 21 loss. The offense struggled to convert on 3rd down for a lot of the game.

    It was truly a team win.

    • LG

      He sure did say that…..Shurmur opens mouth and inserts his foot…

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi ABrown … there have also been games where the defense was
      non-existent … it goes both ways.

      • ABrown

        Which games, Tigers?

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi AB … the first bengals game … the giants game & the run defense
          really got gashed in the buffalo game.

          • ABrown

            I’ll give you the first Bengals game, but it was special teams play that allowed the punt return for a TD.

            Buffalo was a bad game for the Browns offense. Two good drives for scores, but 10 more possessions ended in 3 and out or 2 interceptions. The defense held Buffalo to 3 and out after the interception. But when the offense can’t move the ball on 10 possessions, you don’t blame the defense for the loss.

            Finally, you can’t really blame the New York loss on the defense either. The teams were even in long drives. Both had 3 and scored 17 points from those drives.

            The difference comes on points after turnovers or 3 and out stops for short field. Cleveland gave up 2 INTs and 1 fumble plus one 3 and out that left New York with a very short field. New York scored 24 points off of the Browns’ offensive mistakes.

            New York gave up an INT and a fumble plus short field from a long punt return. But the Browns only scored 10 points from these, and answered a New York INT in the second half with a Weeden INT. New York gained 24 off of Cleveland’s mistakes and Cleveland could only score 10 off of New York’s mistakes.

            The Cleveland defense stopped two New York scoring opportunities near the goal line, where giving up a field goal was a victory. They also stopped New York twice for 3 and out.

            Cleveland lost on offensive mistakes. The defense gave ground but was forced to defend short fields most of the night.

            You could say this was a team loss. but the offense made too many mistakes to hope to win against the Giants at home.

            To conclude, special teams play lost the first game against the Bengals. That’s one we should have won. But the offense has a lot of responsibility for the losses against Buffalo and New Yort.

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … any dig you can get in on weeden , you do it.

    since you like to stick to the facts … the browns are 2-1 their
    last 3 games & weeden has thrown only 1 interception in those 3 games.
    he is definitely improving each week … and should they beat the ravens
    this weekend , i’m sure all the mccoy / weeden talk will be over.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      Hey Tigersbrowns2, I didn’t dig Weeden his head coach did….These are his words not mine…

      • tigersbrowns2

        … you know what i mean, LG.

        • LG

          Tigersbrowns2 I am just sick and tired of the team I starting watching at 3 years old play terrible football. The people Learner put in charge really screwed the pouch when he hired Pat Shurmur as a head coach. The team could have easily won several more games last season if we had a guy that 1) could manage the clock and 2) knew his ass from a hole in the ground….

          • tigersbrowns2

            … agreed.

  4. T Moss

    LG I think I speak for all Browns fans. We don’t want you as a fan anymore. GO be a Steelers or Michigan fan.

    • LG

      You’re a funny guy T Moss what nights do you do your shows at the Comedy clubs? I’ll come and watch it…

    • ABrown

      T Moss, the Browns fans don’t want you for a fan any more, either. How does that sound?

      Speaking for the fans is bogus. You can only speak for yourself, just like everyone else, but you don’t think you have enough authority.

      It’s your opinion, and that’s all it is. There was no special meeting of all Browns fans to decide who could support the team.

      • T Moss

        ABrown sorry that we didn’t invite you to the meeting.

        LG the shows are right after your book signings….

        • ABrown

          That was a Jaguars meeting, T Moss. That’s why I didn’t go. But we did bring you up at the last Browns fan meeting. I’m sorry. You’ll probably enjoy cheering for another team.

          LG, I heard the Jag fans said they liked your USA Sports 360.

          • LG

            Thanks ABrown

  5. ABrown

    LG, reporting on what’s happening with the team and the coaches is vitally important. Keep it up, even if some fans are a lot like Dana described.

    But there’s another advantage to your articles.

    They are HEART HEALTHY! Your posts are better at getting everyone’s blood flowing than any anti cholesterol drug.

    • LG

      That is why I do it…

      • T Moss

        You two get a room…

      • tigersbrowns2

        i would imagine you would have to be very thick-skinned to do something like this … somebody is always going to disagree with you … like me … LMFAO !!

        keep it up …

        • LG

          He that is why we are here…To make compelling arguments….Just think how good it would be if we could talk about all the wins we have….

          • Abrown

            Wouldn’t that be great! It mostly takes a coaching change. Jim Harbaugh became the Head Coach for San Francisco the same time Shurmur became the coach here.

            Same shortened preseason, same losing team that hadn’t won in several years, not much time to get new players.

            Harbaugh coached his team to the NFC Championship Game his first year as head coach.

            Shurmur scrambled to blame other people for his failings.

            It would be great to be able to talk about great coaching and expecting to win when we have good reason to.

  6. RB

    You still have a hard-on for Weeden no matter how many times you deny it.

    It is funny that the only thing you believe to be true that came out of Shurmur’s mouth since he came to Cleveland is your interpretation that Shurmur said Weeden sucks.

    Wins and losses, in general are team wins and team losses. To say that Weeden didn’t contribute to the last week’s victory is wrong. He did his part by not turning the ball over. He put the ball where the defensive backs couldn’t get to it. Game conditions dictated that the best way to win the game was by not turning it over. That’s where he succeeded.

    In the Charger’s game, complain about the missed touchdown pass if you will (that’s a legitimate complaint), but that was the only pass he really missed on. With the exception of the incompletions that were intentional throw aways, I would say the remainder of the balls thrown were quite catchable.

  7. Abrown

    RB, when a coach is asked about his QB and he answers, “You can only Evaluate how good your starting quarterback is if he leads your team to wins.” And if the coach says NOTHING MORE on the subject, the meaning is very clear.

    Shurmur is saying the QB didn’t LEAD the team to wins.

    It’s an odd thing for a coach to say. But Shurmur is an odd coach. He is also a LIAR, as his manufactured stats in another interview about Weeden prove. But he used that interview to say he’s a good coach and that McCoy is totally responsible for Shurmur’s failure with the 2011 team, not to help Weeden.

    Shurmur is the real problem in all of this, and he’s so desperate right now he will even try to destroy his players to save his job.


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