Pat Shurmur evaluating WeedenIn his weekly radio address the head coach for the Cleveland Browns said "You can only Evaluate how good your starting quarterback is if he leads your team to wins". Yes sir those were the words Shurmur used when he was asked about the job Brandon Weeden is doing. Lets see, where does that leave Mr. Weeden? If you can only evaluate him on leading the team to wins, Weeden is in real trouble. He has started 8 games and the Browns have lost 6 of them. Does this mean Weeden isn't doing very well? If you listen to Shurmur's definition you would think Weeden sucks. He didn't really win the game last week, Weeden himself came forward and pronounced the win as a defensive win.

Then there is the win the Browns had the second time they faced the Cincinnati Bengals. Weeden watched when the defense contributed to that victory too. In week 6 the Cleveland Browns did beat the Bengals by 10 points, the defense also contributed a touchdown in the game so that is 7 of the 10 point margin of victory and they had 2 other interceptions in the game. That leaves the other 2 4th quarter touchdowns to Weeden. I guess we should say it was Weeden who lead the team to this win over the Bengals. So we can say that Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden led the Browns to 1 win so far this season.

So where does this leave Mr. Weeden in the eyes of his head coach? Weeden has led the Cleveland Browns to only one win in his 8 starts. What kind of report card is Weeden getting from head coach Pat Shurmur? Weeden certainly has not led the Cleveland Browns to many wins and in Shurmur's eyes that isn't good. Don't worry people, I don't think we as Browns fans are going to have to worry very long about what Pat Shurmur thinks about his quarterback Brandon Weeden. Shurmur better start worrying about his own evaluation as a head coach in the National Football league.

After all, he has lost far more games than Brandon Weeden has. I guess we will see what the Browns can do this Weekend. Shurmur also said the Browns are very well prepared for the Baltimore Ravens.



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