With the departure of Holmgren as the Browns failed team president it would be nice to know what advice he has for head coach Pat Shurmur. The words that should be coming out of Holmgren's mouth would be telling Shumur the charade is coming to an end. People that know your reputation have taken control of the team and I can no longer cover up your lack of head coaching experience with the Cleveland Browns.  Shurmur thinks he has a chance to remain the Browns head coach after the season ends. Lets be realistic, Pat Shurmur hasn't done anything to show his worth to the Cleveland Browns.  In the N.F.L. the win loss record speaks volumes, Shurmur's record with the team sticks. He has lost 18 of the 23 games he has coached and he has a slime chance of getting a win this weekend.

The new owners of the team want to win football games. They aren't going to waste a bunch of time with Shurmur's failed offensive play calling. Joe Banner will clean house as the 2012 season comes to an end and he will put people in charge of the team that can and will win football games.  The days of a coach standing on the Cleveland side lines looking lost are going to come to an end. For many of the Cleveland fans, they are wondering why not right now. Why give Shurmur the remainder of the season to continue to display his lack of abilities?

The Browns are 1-6 and if they lose tomorrows game against the chargers Pat Shurmur will have the same record head coach Sam Rutigliano had when he was fired in the early 1980's. We all know Rutiglano was a much better football coach than Pat Shurmur. Why wait for the inevitable to happen? Lets get the ball rolling now and lets give the fans in Cleveland a chance to see some winning football this season. Bring in someone who can utilize the talent the Cleveland Browns have in place and lets win some football games....

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