With the departure of Holmgren as the Browns failed team president it would be nice to know what advice he has for head coach Pat Shurmur. The words that should be coming out of Holmgren’s mouth would be telling Shumur the charade is coming to an end. People that know your reputation have taken control of the team and I can no longer cover up your lack of head coaching experience with the Cleveland Browns.  Shurmur thinks he has a chance to remain the Browns head coach after the season ends. Lets be realistic, Pat Shurmur hasn’t done anything to show his worth to the Cleveland Browns.  In the N.F.L. the win loss record speaks volumes, Shurmur’s record with the team sticks. He has lost 18 of the 23 games he has coached and he has a slime chance of getting a win this weekend.

The new owners of the team want to win football games. They aren’t going to waste a bunch of time with Shurmur’s failed offensive play calling. Joe Banner will clean house as the 2012 season comes to an end and he will put people in charge of the team that can and will win football games.  The days of a coach standing on the Cleveland side lines looking lost are going to come to an end. For many of the Cleveland fans, they are wondering why not right now. Why give Shurmur the remainder of the season to continue to display his lack of abilities?

The Browns are 1-6 and if they lose tomorrows game against the chargers Pat Shurmur will have the same record head coach Sam Rutigliano had when he was fired in the early 1980′s. We all know Rutiglano was a much better football coach than Pat Shurmur. Why wait for the inevitable to happen? Lets get the ball rolling now and lets give the fans in Cleveland a chance to see some winning football this season. Bring in someone who can utilize the talent the Cleveland Browns have in place and lets win some football games….

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  1. muttklingon


  2. ABrown

    Another commentator has argued that Shurmur should get the rest of the season to show what he can do — I think we know what Shurmur can and can’t do by now.

    The commentator also said that the only reason to remove him now would be if he loses control of the team or team morale is hurt.

    This week, Trent Richardson told his coach he was going to play this Sunday and Shurmur said “well, he looked pretty good in practice.” And who is in control of the team???

    Finally, the more a team loses, the more they continue to lose, and, like their coach, they become content with almost winning. The team loses the confidence and the leadership to dig deep inside and scratch and claw for a win. They forget how to HATE TO LOSE.

    “Pack your things,” sounds really good.

    “FREE THE BROWNS1″ sounds even better.

  3. zilgin2112

    LG, I couldn’t agree more!! Who would you suggest a good replacement for a coach? I don’t think Cower will come (and I wouldn’t be able to stand hearing from Steeler fans that they helped us out with their old coach)

    • LG

      I think Cower would come with the right set of circumstance. It would be great to have him here, he really liked Cleveland when he played here and when he coached the Special teams…

      • Anonymous

        LG i couldn’t agree with you more on this subject. I can see Cower being Browns head coach as long as the salery is agreeable, and not to mention Haslan has ties with the steeler organization, this realy could happen!

  4. Jon

    He was with the Browns before the Steelers, any Steeler fan who says they helped us out is obviously clueless.

    • LG

      Jon, most Steeler fans are clueless anyway….

      • ABrown

        Definitely clueless. I like this Cowher talk. And imagining a time in 5 years or so, when Pittsburg has to suck it up enough to just TRY to beat the Browns . . . because the Road to the Super Bowl goes through Cleveland!!!

  5. Anonymous

    how did holmgren fail,he brought in young good play, he only been here 3yrs it takes time

    • LG

      He couldn’t produce a winning team and he brought in a head coach that sucks. He will be remembered as failing in Cleveland. He has watched as the Browns lost more games than they won under his watch…

  6. longhaul

    cowher would be a nice fit even gruden. but the thing is a few more psc. of the puzzle and we are not that far off of being a winning its been said you have to have a coach who can utilize the talent we have. im not sold on weeden but that being said the next coach might see something in him and turn him the right direction and make a qb out of him.when you are a clueless coach as we have now your not gonna get your players to play to there capabilitys. they themselves are wondering with the bad play calling. you have to get your players to beleave in you then you have a winning team

  7. guy

    Brilliant writing, and YES that’s what it has been a CHARADE! Great calling it for what it has been. For us Cleveland Browns PLEASE bring on the changes because nothing is changing the losing here!


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