With the question, still up in the air, someone has decided to bring glory to the Browns quarterback position. The Browns are having the same problems they have had since returning to the NFL in 1999. They can’t decide if Weeden is the guy who will lead the team in 2013. Today the team is working out Geno Smith, to see if they should draft the quarterback who played so well for the West Virgina Mountaineers.

Yes sir, the quarterback position in Cleveland is the same as it has been for the past 14 seasons. People who have bought Browns jerseys to honor the Cleveland quarterbacks over the past 14 seasons are left with obsolete merchandise hanging in the closets. I saw one guy who had a jersey that he covered in duct tape, so he could continually change the name of the quarterback who was no longer playing for the Cleveland Browns.

Many Browns fans have wondered, when are the Browns, going to pick a guy who is a winner. With that being said, one guy took the bull by the horns and did the next best thing. He cam out with a tank top that women could buy, or their boy-friends could buy, to pay tribute to the last winning team the Browns had.  We aren’t talking about the 2007 Browns who couldn’t follow a winning season with another.

We are talking about a team that won with constancy. A team that sent in their offensive unit led by a quarterback who knew how to read a defense. A quarterback who welcomed the defensive unit to blitz him. Yes sir folks, we are talking about old number 19. The man who had the team in the play-offs a couple of times. The man who could win football games year-after-year.

Now, you can get yourselves one of these great shirts by visiting the East L.A. Browns Fanz site and ordering one, or a dozen. If you are a Browns fan and you’re tired of watching the team switch quarterbacks year after year, only to find yourselves speedy money on jerseys that go out of style after a season or 2, then stop buying them.

Go back in time and honor number 19. While the Browns are trying to make up their minds,  who the starting quarterback is, you can wear the number of a winner on your chest. Because these shirts are specially designed for women, I’ll bet there are some mighty fine chests that will being displayed in these shirts too.

So, there is no reason you have to live in Cleveland and wait for the Browns to pick a winning quarterback before you put a winner across your chest. You don’t have to wait and see if  Weeden, Campbell or even Geno Smith are starting for Cleveland this season.

You can wear the number of a winner on your chest now. You can show your support for the team without spending a ton of money only to have to replace your jersey. Get to the site and order your shirt now, before they sell out. Show your support for the Browns, even though we don’t know who the quarterback is. Wear the good old number 19 now. He was the last consistent winner we had. So get to the East L.A. Site now, before it is too late.



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  1. Anonymous

    Another one of Larry`s stupid negative comments and Ideals! For get it!

    • LG

      Really don’t see what is so negative about bring a little glory to the last Browns winning quarterback. Something we don’t have now…..


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