For Cleveland Browns fans, it just keeps getting worse. The team benched Weeden heading into Kansas City and started Jason Campbell. Chudzinski said he was going with the players that gave his Browns the best chance to win.

He was right. Jason Campbell played a fantastic game. he led the team to 17 points and it looked like the Browns were going to hand the Chiefs their first loss of the 2013 season. That was until the team placed Davone Bess into the game to return punts, due to an injury to their regular punt returner.

Bess had one of his worse days as a Cleveland Brown. Strike that. This had to be the worst day of Davone Bess’s career. He cost the Browns a shot at a win. He cost the team a chance to hand the Kansas City Chiefs their first loss of the season.

The Cleveland Browns lost the game and it is amazing that every loss the Browns have this season can be tracked to the poor performances of just two guys. First it was Weeden who lost every start he made this season with his incompetence, and today it was the incompetence of Davone Bess.

Bess is supposed to be a sure handed receiver. He dropped just about everything that was thrown his way today. One of the biggest mistake was when Bess fumbled a punt return giving the ball back to the Chiefs.

The Bess fumble took away a chance to launch a game winning drive. The momentum was on Cleveland’s side and it was throughout the second half of the game. The more things went Cleveland’s way, the more Bess screwed it up.

It almost makes you think he was getting paid to throw the game. That is how bad his performance was today. It could only happen in Cleveland. Where else would you bring in a guy because of his reputation of sure-hands and his ability completely slips away?

Only in Cleveland.

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Readers Comments (22)

  1. Chad

    He was tied for 7th in the league before the game in dropped passed. Reminds me of G. Little last year. I disapproved of the trade in the off season. Miami let him go to easily.

    • LG

      I agree

    • Don

      Trade Bess by tomorrows deadline for what ever you can get.
      Bess has more games where he dropped passes than games in which he caught any. Bess is not a rookie. Set him on the bench alongside of Weeden.

      • Anonymous

        I agree

  2. marty

    I couldn’t believe Chud just didn”t bench him earlier. He fumbled a return without being touched. He dropped passes that should of been caught. When he had a chance to make amends, catching the ball to make a first down–he failed.Your paid to produce, that’s why they get paid to produce. Football players should be paid by their performance. There is no excuse of playing that bad, bench him for awhile, not pay him.Jason kept the game interesting.

  3. David

    LG, I once again agree. Davone Bess ought to be ashamed of himself. Not only did he fumble that punt return, but he had the stupidity of doing it near the 50-yard line which gave the Chefs possession of the ball again and excellent field position. Bess, this is unacceptable. It’s too bad Travis Benjamin got hurt. Hope he’ll be OK.

  4. That Dude

    Dumb article!

    • LG

      Dumb Comment too so we are even I guess

  5. Mike S.

    Joe Thomas cost Cleveland over 20 yards in penalties which otherwise were 1st downs!!! Devon Bess is more like Devon BUST!! 3 KEY dropped passes AND a fumble??? Campbell played his heart out. flawless effort 294 passing yards…. 2 TD’s 0 INT’s!!! Trade rumors about trading Josh ” Flash” Gordon???? Why? He’s ur biggest weapon!! If we’re talking about CASH value, I’d get rid of Joe Thomas AND Devon Best & KEEP Campbell & Gordon. I wish ppl would stop the Cleveland Conspiracy and keep ur eyes on the prize. We all know Teddy Bridgewater is going to Jacksonville in April. I’d love to see McCarron or Manziel go to Cleveland. 

    s a writer myself, I won’t critique. So I’ll just add…

    • LG

      Thanks man much appreciated…. Feel free to send us an article at any time we would be glad to publish them for you.

    • MT

      You’re a moron. Joe Thomas is the anchor to the O line.

      Trade Bess!!!

  6. RICK

    Thats what a QB is suppose to look like. He had a higher ranking than Smith. Campbell was too mobile for the Chief’s pass rush. Good game from Campbell but terrible from Bess. Maybe it’s time for someone else to get a shot at that position for awhile.

  7. Swarming Defense

    Doesn’t matter who is at QB looks like the Browns are the Cubs of the NFL.

  8. michaelsaloiye

    Do not follow all old same mistakes!!!!
    Keep Cameron, Gordon, let them know they
    are not being traded. Bess needs to be
    TRADED now before he drops another ball.
    Weeden can go after the season.

  9. Johnny B

    I don’t why this writer is included in the Yardbarker network. He constantly uses bad stats, is the most biased person in the network and has no clue about the game. This excerpt will sum it up for you: “The Cleveland Browns lost the game and it is amazing that every loss the Browns have this season can be tracked to the poor performances of just two guys. First it was Weeden who lost every start he made this season with his incompetence, and today it was the incompetence of Davone Bess.”

    Really? Just two guys? Intriguing. So Craig Robertson hasn’t been abysmal in every game vs the pass? The right side of the line wasn’t atrocious in Weeden’s first two starts, allowing guys in the backfield on nearly every play. The Browns’ secondary wasn’t torched by Brian Hartline for 117 yards in the opener? Trent Richardson couldn’t run the ball to save his life in the first two games? I could go on and on with players that, along with Weeden, cost the Browns losses. The fact that your bias and hatred for Weeden rings out in nearly every article you write just shows why you will never advance past your awful blog.

    • LG

      What are you kidding me? Are you one of the Weeden worshipers? Hey as far as the writing you want to correct, I took some time and went to the link you gave me. Thanks but what is the bid deal? They said;
      There are some newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times and The New Yorker, that still use “insure” in both instances, but it’s fairly archaic to do so. Most publications differentiate the two.

      • Johnny B

        Did you not read my post? I said, “along with Weeden”. Unlike you, I recognize that it is on more than one player. Weeden didn’t cut it as the Browns QB and now his chance is gone until Campbell gets hurt. The fact of the matter is Weeden shit the bed with his chance to be a starting QB in the league. But to blame every loss on him shows that you truly have no understanding other than spouting off at the mouth about sports from behind your keyboard at home.

        • LG

          The 4 losses the team took when he started should have been wins. If Campbell or Hoyer had the defensive effort weeden had those would be wins. We threw 4 games away starting that bum weeden….He is a giant baby who gets scared and throws the ball away..No freaking wonder he failed at baseball he probably thought he would get hit with the ball off the bat and never hit the strike zone…..

          • Johnny B

            Do you seriously read what you write? “If Campbell or Hoyer had the defensive effort Weeden had those would be wins”. Really now? Defensive Effort in Weeden’s starts: Detroit game–31 points, 8-for-14 on third down, 366 total yards. Green Bay–31 points, 7-of-13 on third down, 357 total yards. Miami game–23 points, 8-of-16 on third down, 275 total yards. Baltimore game–14 points, 8-of-16 on third down, 296 total yards.
            Hoyer/Campbell starts: Minnesota–27 points, 8-of-17 on third down, 329 total yards. Cincy–6 points, 4-of-14 on third down, 266 total yards. Buffalo–24 points, 5-of-16 on third down, 343 yards (SHOULD BE A WEEDEN GAME SINCE HE PLAYED MAJORITY). Kansas City–23 points, 10-of-19 on third down, 331 yards.

            If you look at the STATS (I know you don’t like to, you like to make up your own), Weeden actually had significantly worse defensive play than the other two did. If you factor in the Buffalo numbers, he absolutely had much worse defensive play than Hoyer/Campbell.

            The fact of the matter is that you are just a Weeden hater and not a real football writer. You focus all your effort on bashing him because you have nothing intelligent to say. It’s a shame, because with all that passion you could actually learn how to write, research and come up with some decent stuff.

            Good luck to you with all that hatred built up inside.

          • LG

            Look how well the Defense performed against the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens. Those 2 games should have been wins. Yes the defense suffered against the Lions but how long can you expect them to stay out there. As far as Hatred goes, I don’t hate anyone, I just tell it like it is and Weeden was a waste of a first round pick should have never taken a 28-year-old guy who is afraid to play the game.

    • TR

      Completely agree with Johnny on this one.

  10. marty

    To be a good team, you have to be balanced. During that detroit game their receivers are very fast.It’s harder to play defense then offense.When you’re running a route you know what your going to do. Defense has to stay with his man and watch for the ball. Cleveland defense was getting no rest. The offense was completely inept.Who is the blame. Weedon


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