When the Cleveland Browns traded for Dion Lewis from the Eagles, head coach Rob Chudzinski said, “Dion is a back who runs with very good quickness and vision,” “He is a promising young player who will add depth, which is extremely important at that position.”

With that being said, you have to wonder where that leaves Montario Hardesty. The Browns could be willing to trade Hardesty, or they will keep 4 backs on the roster this season. They signed back-up Chris Ogbonnaya to a new deal and they have their former number one pick T-Rich.

Cleveland already made statements about running the shoes off of Richardson in the up-coming season and with Lewis coming to the Browns, it sounds like Chud already thinks he is going to be the number 2 guy.

If the Cleveland Browns do plan to run the ball more often, they could be worried about the durability of T-Rich and they could have brought in Lewis to make sure they have enough running backs to make it through the 2013 season.

Lewis broke a lot of the records Tony Dorsett set at the at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a small back at 5’8″ and 195 lbs. He has the explosive-ness that gets him through the line quickly and he could be a weapon for the Browns like Ray Rice is in N.Y..

Last season it seemed like the teams the Browns faced new when Cleveland was going to run the football. Maybe this year they can mask the run play a little better to set up some good plays. If Lewis takes over the number 2 spot, we have to wonder if the team will keep Hardesty.

Montario’s career hasn’t been what it could have been in Cleveland with the time missed with injuries. Last season Hardesty came into camp healthy and managed to make it through the season healthy. When the Browns used Hardesty, he had a good showing.

It is going to be an interesting camp for the Browns this season. With the new guys, the new coaches and the new offensive system it will be interesting to see if Hardesty fits in to the plans.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. RB

    I think Hardesty is safe. It’s just more depth for the Browns and the cost was minimal. A good move.

  2. timmy

    Wow!!! someone writes about you being racist on foxsports and walla a positive article about a black player. As a black man I see through your smoke screen! I’m going to get a hold of yardbarker about this issue.

    • LG

      First of all Timmy, you go right ahead and get a hold of yardbarker. Secondly, you have no idea what you are talking about. Some of my closet friends happen to be black people. I run a internet radio station and have black people doing shows there. You you and everybody else can take your racist comments and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. You get it? Good…..

      And here is one more fact for you Timmy, I am hardly ever on FOX Sports, so I had no idea about any Racist comments. The only one being racist here is you throwing you black man statement out there……

      • timmy

        Proved you wrong on the comment you won’t post huh?

        • LG

          You haven’t proved anything and if you keep up your crap you will be barred from leaving any comments. You have a real problem my friend. I don’t post comments with garbage language on this site. That is why your comment didn’t post. There is no comment on this site that contains the word you used. I am allowed to search them all and to confirm what I am saying to be the truth I did a search twice and found none. So you are incorrect Sir.

  3. Leon II

    I didn’t see the Gocong cut coming so I’m not going to lie and say I think Hardesty is 100% safe either. I would be surprised if Lewis isn’t used primarily on special teams as a returner. But to justify a roster spot he will also need to have a role in the offense as well. He is a speedster with good hands, not a power runner, so that gives us an idea of how he might fit.

    If all four are kept, and as of now I’m thinking they will, it should make for an interesting RB corps. Clearly T-Rich will be the featured back but keeping all four could cut into the number of touches he sees on the field. Hardesty would appear to be able to play the power run game, Ogbonnaya the out of the backfield receiving threat, and Lewis the speed threat (something we used Benjamin for last year). It should make for some very exciting options out of the backfield that keeps opposing teams guessing exactly what the offense will do.

  4. Bob

    I think Hardesty will be gone/traded before the season starts. The Browns are cleaning house. Remember they secured Campbell before trading away McCoy.

    • LG

      That is what I am worried about too. I think Hardesty has a lot of game he hasn’t been able to show yet. It would be a shame to get rid of him.


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