McCoy knows how to leadPat Shumur has lost all respect by the people in Cleveland, the former Browns coaches and the media. The Cleveland Browns have a leadership problem on the field and the Browns could set a franchise record nobody wants this Sunday if they lose against the Cincinnati Bengals.   It’s time to put Colt McCoy in the game, it is time for the Browns to have a proven leader with the heart of a champion who will do what it takes to produce a win. Colt McCoy may not have the arm strength of Brandon Weeden, but lets face it, you don’t need a powerful arm to play in Pat Shurmur’s offense.

McCoy has heart and he can extend the plays with his movement on the field. The guy can run the football if he gets in trouble and he can lead his fellow Cleveland Browns teammates. The Browns have to avoid losing 12 games in a row, the team needs to change something to put a win on the board. It is clear by now to everyone who ever watched a football game the problem with the Browns losing last season wasn’t because of Colt McCoy. It is far past the time to make a change. Since the team isn’t getting rid of Shumur before Sunday, they should at least put McCoy on the field to see if they can get a win.

Weeden may be 29-years-old, he isn’t the leader the Browns offense needed and they need a win. The Cleveland Fans deserve it and the players on the team deserve it. Put Colt McCoy on the field and lets see what can happen….

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  1. Bobby D

    Stop with the McCoy drama.

    The Browns have scored ore points than 12 other teams in the nfl. It is not Weeden that is keeping tyhe browns from winning it is defense.

    27 points should win you a game. McCoy wasn’t the answer last year and isn’t one now. I used to love McCoy I bought my son his jersey (the expensive ones), my kid loves McCoy but he is 10 years old.

    Weeden is the QB we need right now, he will be a good QB for a few years.

    • LG

      Bobby D we need a win. At this point the team should do everything possible to win. If that includes trying colt then they should try it . The browns lack of winning last season cannot fall on McCoy you clearly see the team is about to set a record for losses we need to win…

    • marcusanthony

      LG wants a win no mater what? Are you stupid? Why win for what? To say, “oh we won a game”? Don’t take me wrong, a win, especially against the squeelers would be nice! But I want the first pick in the draft to keep bringing in more playmakers to this team. Colt McCoy is a backup QB. You stick with Weeden. Give him time. These kids are growing each game. Yes, a win is nice, but not necessary, we want the number one pick. Why lose it over a win or two? Go Browns.

  2. Becky Killion

    I totally agree.Shurmur is outages here.I would take Mangini back at this point.Colt deserves a shot.Weeden does seem like a leader nor does he seem ready for this maybe he could go back to baseball.

    • Becky Killion

      I DIDN’T say Shurmur is outrages I said he should be OUT OF HERE!!!

    • Cranky M

      This is one of the dumbest things i have ever read.
      The problem is not Weeden. It’s the receivers and the playcalling. Weeden is a rookie quarterback with the worst receiving corps in the NFL. In spite of that, their offense has actually played pretty well.
      McCoy, on the other hand, is totally incapable of throwing downfield, is inaccurate, and can’t go through his route progressions. Explain o me how he could possibly be the answer.

      Here is a little lesson, since all of the McCoy fans are apparently oblivious to how football works:
      All of those short passes that Weeden routinely completes and that people always complain about? Those are good passes. And guess what? McCoy could not complete those same passes. Know why? Because when McCoy is in the game, the defense is fully aware that he has an absurdly weak arm. As such, they stack the line, they jump the short routes, and they dare him to throw it deep. He cannot do it. So those short route are covered, and he’s too weak/inaccurate to hit the deep routes.
      When Weeden is in, the defense has to respect the deep pass, as they know he is capable of throwing deep and with accuracy. As such, they have to respect those deep routes and leave the short routes open. What is hard to understand about this? The offense would be a stagnant mess like it was last season when McCoy was in. He simply doesn’t have the physical tools to be an NFL QB. They have to run short routes, and the defense realizes it, so they cover those short routes. McCoy’s arm is too weak to make them pay for it.

      It’s amazing to me that anybody who saw McCoy play, and knows even the slightest bit about football, could not realize how terrible he truly is/was…

      • marty stys

        To cranky m:
        You obviously have no clue about football.You have to compare apples to apples. The offensive line this year protects the quarterback twice as long. Last year we had no running attack, this year it started slow but is improving. we replaced a couple of problem receivers. Colt has thrown 13 interceptions in 17 games. Weedon has thrown 9 in 5 games. colt has thrown 21 TD’s. Weedon has thrown 4 maybe. Colt plays with heart. Weedon doesn’t have a clue.Browns management said lack of maturity of Colt. That Weedon has more maturity. Management has no right to talk, given what they showed so far.

        • mike

          what’s worse under thrown or thrown to a defender weeden will throw an interseption to keep from being hit what a wuss maybe he should have stayed with’s not going to make any difference who plays quarterback in cleavland with the coaching and manegment problems the quarterback will be blamed and beat down and then they will go and draft another one to start all over again.

      • ABrown

        Cranky, to understand how football works, you first have to watch the games.

        And then when you want to talk about whether or not a quarterback throws and completes long passes or completes short passes, you learn to double check your opinions by learning where to find and how to read expanded game logs.

        In your imagination, Colt never completed a long pass and rarely completed a short pass.
        JUST NOT TRUE.

        Take long passes (over 15 yards in stat sheets).

        McCoy completed the same number of long passes per game as Weeden. The average length of those passes for both quarterbacks has been 27 yards.
        Over McCoy’s 21 games his long passes have ranged from 18 to 56 yards and Weeden’s have ranged from 18 to 62.

        The only difference is that Weeden has to throw almost twice as many long passes before he completes as many as McCoy.

        This means that McCoy has gotten much better more accurate results throwing passes just as long as Weeden.

        When you realize that McCoy usually had under 3 seconds to get these passes off while Weeden has between 4 and 5 seconds on every throw, McCoy’s ability to complete long passes is truly amazing — especially when you remember that it takes a receiver running flat out in track clothes at least 4.4 seconds to cover 40 yards.

  3. Javis

    Another Grossi is born, you use false grandiose statements to make it appear your statements have any merit. I have to ask, since you speak for the Cleveland Browns, its former coaches, its residents, and its media..who are you?

    A ridiculous piece of sensationalist media that should never have been printed.

    • LG

      LMAO who are you is the better question. Are you Shurmur’s agent?

  4. Denny Dice

    Smh at McCoy lovers!!!!!

    You love Captain Dink and Dunk and really believe he fits Shurmur style of Offense??? Have you seen how many times they have tried to stretch the field? Do you see in spite if drops Weeden avging over 250 yards a game? The browns are ranked 20th in scoring this year. But you still persist that McCoy should be playing over Weeden??? This is the NFL not Semi-Pro! McCoy is garbage NFL starting Qb. Period… Weeden the Qb now and hopefully the future!

    I have a headache reading these McCoy comments.

    • LG

      Denny Dice talk about SMH. you of all people should realize Shirmur has no freaking style .

  5. KC

    Brown fans you have to realize you have no leadership in either Shurmur or Weeden. Stop putting all the blame on McCoy and realize he had neither a coach worth anything nor offensive players to help him. However, what he did was promote leadership ability for a team that was going no where. Lets just see what he can do, who knows he might bring that win the Brown’s so desperately need.

    • Cranky M

      Please explain to me how McCoy provided leadership. By complaining and whining that Mangini was mean to him? By complaining and whining when they drafted Weeden? By complaining and whining when Weeden beat him out? Those don’t seem like the acts of a leader.

      Let’s also consider that a coaching staff renowned for identifying and nurturing QB’s gave up on McCoy after only one season. You don’t think these renowned QB gurus, who drafted him in the first place, would give up on him unless they realized he simply didn’t have what it takes, do you? Especially when admitting he is a lost cause makes them look bad, to boot. They would do everything in their power to give him a chance to succeed if they had even a glimmer of hope that he could so. Obviously, they do not have that glimmer of hope.

      What about the other 31 teams that let him fall to the 3rd round of the draft, and then refused to trade even a low-round draft pick for him? Do you not think that any of them know what they are doing?

      So 32 teams, including the one that drafted him and had the most to gain from him being successful, have all given up or passed on McCoy. Does that not tell you something? What more evidence do you need besides that, and how horrendous he was last season, to convince you that McCoy is NOT good enough to be a starting QB? Not even close, for that matter.

      • marty stys

        Cranky M

        Weedon beat out McCoy. What fairy book were you reading. Check the stats of preseason. Weedon didn’t even come close in stats or performance to Colt. Weedon wasn’t even close. Everbody knows why Colt was benched.Colt’s dad brought to attention how inept management was in not noticing a concussion. You have no clue how the NFL came down on the browns for being so stupid.National Tv game, and everbody seen that Colt was knocked silly except you and the browns.Did you even think that Colt didn’t call any plays. Our Shurmur was so talented he didn’t need an offense cordinator. He proved to the fans he could do it all. Wake up.

  6. Joel

    How in God’s name do you get paid to write on this website?

    “Put Colt McCoy on the field and lets see what can happen….”


    You write for a professional sports franchise; one of the most expensive sports franchises in the world. And this is the kind of article you want to represent your pro football knowledge-based opinions?

    Yes, we have lost 11 straight, but 6 of those were with Colt McCoy as our first string quarterback. How would putting an inaccurate, weak-armed QB who hasn’t started a regular season game in almost a year, help our football team? Colt was an amazing high school QB, decent at college level, but his skills do not translate to a NFL quarterback.

    Feel free to write whatever you want, LG, but can’t you post it somewhere where fans aren’t looking for real sports stories. I know I have critized your columns before, but wow. Post a column with facts, news, current developments… anything but this. Don’t you have a blog or something where you can post idiotic, time-wasting opinions?

    • Bob

      Hey Joel. Maybe it’s you that needs to get their facts straights before you start with the insults towards LG. You said, “Yes, we have lost 11 straight, but 6 of those were with Colt McCoy as our first string quarterback.” WRONG!!!! Colt did not play the last 3 games last year, Wallace did. Remember, McCoy had a concussion during the Pittsburgh game and did not finish it? So the lose in Pittsburgh could be a toss up of who the losing quarterback is. With that being said Colt fully owns 2 of the loses. That’s 2 (start to finish) of the 11 loses. As a real Browns fan, you would know that. I’m thinking you are an Oklahoma State fan or a relative of Weeden’s. Here’s the thing, Colt is a team player and a leader. Weeden is concerned with his EGO (straight from Weeden’s mouth BTW) and is probably just concerned with being the hero of the game with his big arm. Weeden is NOT a team player, he’s selfish. Remember a couple of weeks ago, he said he did a good job and then regretted what he said? Weeden is ranked 32 out of all quarterbacks and owns 5, soon to be 6 of the 11 losses. For a 29 year old, he is not the mature or experienced one here and he does not come off as too bright in front of the media.

      • Bob

        Meant “loss” and “losses” instead of lose and loses in areas of my post – My Bad.

  7. RICK

    Sell it LG maybe you will get your wish if you throw out enough propaganda. I will say these articles are humorous though. I don’t see how you can say Colt is a proven winner. Plus were do you get he is the great leader I thought he played last year. I must have missed those games

    • LG

      Rick at this point last year McCoy had 2 wins after 6 games he had 3 wins now let’s count how many weeden has.

  8. Jeremy

    Come on… Really? We are back to blaming it all on the lack of Colt? I mean, Really? LG, I think that you are grasping at this one.. After Weeden lights up the Bengals this weekend, you will finally see that he is the QB of the future for this team… I think that you may have said that Haslem likes McCoy… well he likes Hardesty, too, but there is no chance that they will make that switch either.
    Holmgrem may not seem to know what he is doing, but I think he knows whether a QB is better than another… And by the way, ESPN recently ranked Weeded as the #10 rookie so far this year, in front of every drafted WR. That is from a staff that loves to use us a punch line…

    • ABrown

      Jeremy, I think I saw that article. It listed 10 well known rookies and asked readers to rank the 10. 10th out of 10 is not really very good.

      I saw another article listing the top 50 rookies this year. Weeden was 50th.

      There’s a pattern here.

      • LG

        Nice to see someone gets it. 50th…Terrible just terrible….

  9. muttklingon

    McCoy? OR Weeden? Q.B.

  10. RICK

    If Colt last year pleased you with his few wins then he’s your man and the Browns leader. Don’t worry Haslem will be in soon and everything will be Rosie. LMAO Maybe the articles will get better when the players you want get in there. I hope so the Colt Mcoy articles are getting old, but keep on plugging for him and maybe he will get his chance.

    • LG

      It is far better than no wins at all Rick. Then the team dumped No R.B.’s lots of injuries and bad coaching…

  11. Jeff

    I agree with LG that Colt McCoy is a winner — and he left it out on the field for the Browns. He gave it his all, and for that he deserves our respect and admiration. However, Weedon is so clearly a superior QB, and he has displayed it on the field. He has made a few passes that only a few QB in the league can make… he has that type of talent. The only question is will he cut down on his critical mistakes… I think we will know by the end of the year. The reason our beloved Browns are 0-11 are varied, but the biggest most undeniable reason is this fact. From 1999-2008 drafts we currently have only 3 of those players on our roster. Three!!! To hammer to point further, only about three additional players of those draft are still on an active roster. For a franchise to be successful you must draft well, and retain key veterans to have any chance of success. I am not sold on Shurmur, or for that matter Weedon, but I do know we are beginning to turn the corner in terms of talent on the team… It hasnt shown on the field yet, but eventually it will. We finally are one the right track, if Weedon turns the corner it may be quicker than any Browns may realize. Go Browns

    • Denny Dice

      McCoy such a winner he 5-16 in 21 starts!!

      Then the guys clamoring for McCoy who also complain about Shurmur feel some how Shurmur play calling ability going to change once McCoy plays??? What are u smoking??

      Who McCoy beat last year?? Didn’t we avg 13.5 yards per game? Wasn’t McCoy avg 5.7 yds per pass?? Didn’t McCoy avg 170 yds per game last year in passing?

      Don’t we have the 20th ranked scoring Offense and 3rd most passing Offense?? But one guy who looks like Howdy Doody and is known by many as Captain Dink and Dunk going to change the Offense by using leadership that will make Pat Shurmur into Vince Lombardi and Feet for Hands Greg Little into Jerry Rice and our Defense the new Monster of the Midway????

      Get the “F” out of here!!!

      McCoy a turd always has been and 31 other teams agree he a avg Qb and at best a Career Backup!!!

      Next Topic ( geez )

      • Bob

        McCoy had 2 wins and 3 losses at this time last year. So in your world, last year when the Browns lost the majority of games, it was all McCoy’s fault. Wasn’t Shurmur the play caller then also? There were some losses last year due to bad play calling, drop passes, penalty after penalty and not to mention game deciding messed up field goals due to the ball being snapped poorly. Are you even a Browns’ fan? You should know that, if you do follow the Browns. Remember, the Browns receivers tied for the most drops last year and there were no reliable runningbacks or a protective offensive line. But, I guess it was ALL McCoy’s fault. FYI – Colt can throw 50+ yard passes. Look it up in his stats last year and from college. Also, Weeden does the same “dink and dunk” passes because Shurmur is calling the plays, just like Shurmur did for McCoy. This year,I bet you feel it’s Shurmur and Little and the other receivers fault. Right?

        You said, “McCoy a turd always has been and 31 other teams agree he a avg Qb and at best a Career Backup!!!” How do you know the other 31 teams agree? Do you work for the NFL? Are you Colt’s agent? Are you an Oklahoma State fan? Are you Weeden’s grandmother? If you are Weeden’s grandmother, tell him to watch out for American flag sacks, tell him that he can only throw once during a play, tell him that he is ranked last in the NFL as a quarterback and tell him to hire a media consultant to teach him what to say and not to say in front of a camera, since he appears not to be too bright.

        Here’s the thing, the main problem is HOLMGREN & SHURMUR. Weeden is a secondary problem and I don’t blame him completely because he was thrown into the fire and propped up to save Holmgren’s and Shurmur’s jobs. McCoy was just a scapegoat for last year and I think the new ownership already knows that, that’s why IMO I think Colt was never traded.

        • Denny Dice

          Bob??? The perverbiable LG blowhard and McCoy supporter obviously is a conspiracy theorist??!!

          Bob says the reason McCoy wasn’t traded was because Haslam had something to go with it???? Do you really believe that Bob?? You do know Mr.Haslam didn’t acquire about the Browns into several weeks after the draft!!!!!

          Lastly it was reported by many NFL Scouts and GM and Reporters that The Browns wanted a 5th rounder or higher for McCoy services. Indicating because be still here nobody was willing to give up anything other than a 6th or 7th rd pick.

          Also Bob your reason for defending McCoy with all the excuses based on Drops and no Run support and poor play calling can be used on Weeden behave

          Unlike me being a Weeden supporter I see the difference in his ability to stretch the field and score Tds regardless of Wins or Ints. The Browns are avging 21 points a game even after all the drops the flops the youth the lack of TRich on the field and so forth.

          Questioning my Browns faith is so ignorant on your part. I’m not the one not supporting out current starting Qb!!! You are Sir!!! I supported McCoy last year but knew he was a average Qb who became the lovable backup.

          All the reason you say why McCoy lost his job is all the reasons who you want Weeden to go to bench and start McCoy

          Calling the kettle black my friend shows your lack of football knowledge cause u blinded by the McCoy nonsense

          Good day

          • Bob

            The Browns are 0-5. Weeden is 0-5. That’s all that matters. I want the best for the Browns, but there is NO leadership with Weeden or Shurmur. Weeden can throw 500 yards a game, but he can’t close a game with a win even when the game is practically given to him, he throws interceptions, folds under pressure and…… he is last among quarterbacks in the rankings. LAST!!!

            Did you even read what I wrote? I did not put the main blame on your guy Weeden. I put it on the coach & the front office. Yes, I said, “I think the new ownership MAY already knows that (Colt a scapegoat), that’s why IMO I think Colt was never traded.” I am guessing that maybe the new ownership coming in may have asked for him not to be traded since is is still with the team. That’s it an opinion, a guess. I also THINK Weeden’s preseason performance may be another reason. My opinion, not a fact.

            You said as fact, “31 other teams agree he a avg Qb and at best a Career Backup!!!?” – How do you know that for sure? Did you interview all the other teams? Send a link stating 31 other teams agree. You also said, “Lastly it was reported by many NFL Scouts and GM and Reporters that The Browns wanted a 5th rounder …” – How do you know that the Browns did get takers, but saw Weeden was not doing well, especially in preseason? Did you get the call? You don’t know & I don’t know. But you should know that whatever is reported is what they want us to think & know. Some fact, some fluff & some bluff.

            Then you wrote in your last reply, “I supported McCoy last year but knew he was a average Qb who became the lovable backup.” But earlier you wrote, “McCoy a turd always has been… ” How can you support someone who has “always been a turd”, in your opinion? If McCoy is such a turd in your opinion, then why did they keep him?

            Here’s something for your enjoyment when Colt was under another Browns coach. This is how a quarterback handles pressure. – Can your boy do this? Enjoy.

  12. RB

    Colt McCoy, while in Cleveland, has never shown the ability to throw the ball deep.

    Colt McCoy, more times than not, would throw the ball behind the receiver which resulted in little to no yards after the catch.

    The Browns were only expected to win maybe 1 game through this point in the schedule, but they are a young team and inconsistancy comes with that.

    The leadership isn’t lacking. People are putting forth the effort needed to win. Why are the Browns winless? Lack of talent, lack of depth and lack of execution.

    The Browns are exactly where the experts expected them to be. It doesn’t mean the Browns are worse than last year.

    The Browns are better offensivley this year than they were last year.

    The Browns are the same or slightly worse defensively this year versus las year. When the Browns score more offensively, if forces the opponents to be more aggressive when on offensive. The reason we appeared to be decent agaisnt the pass last year is because teams didn’t need to pass against us. They would get the lead and then run the ball.
    It’s different this year. The weakness against the past was present last year. There just wasn’t a need to exploit that weakness. Running against the Browns was sufficient enough.

    McCoy is not the answer. A new head coach may not be the answer. I’m not looking forward to starting all over AGAIN. Maybe we just need to have the offensive coordinator calling the plays. Maybe a no huttle offense would help out now and then. Richardson needs to get more touches. Cribbs needs to get more touches. I believe the ratio of run to pass is too far out of wack.

    There are a number of things that can be done to improve things. Colt McCoy as the starting QB is not one of them.

  13. Anonymous

    Hey Cranky Tells us about Ryan Leaf because he had a strong arm too. So what did he lack?

  14. Bob Bower

    LG – You gotta stop beating this dead horse. We would have lost by more points with Colt in. I’m glad he’s our back-up but clearly Weeden is our QB. With good healthy receivers who can catch, this season would be much different. However Shurmurjerker has to go. Not a leader at all and a shit play caller. Jimmy will make it right I’m betting

    • LG

      You are certainly correct about Shurmur having to go Bob. Lets hope they don’t wait until the end of the season to do it…

  15. marty stys

    Cranky M;
    You have clue about football.Last year browns were dead last in offensive line protection. They average 2 seconds per play. This year is 4 seconds. Last year no running attack.Not had for thother team to have a defensive plan. This year a running attack that is getting better.Last year no receivers, this year some improvement. Colt thrown 13 int’s. Weedon thrown 9 in five games. Poor Colt had to use 18 games to get 13 int’s. Colt threw for 21 td’s. Weedon has thrown maybe 4. Management said colt’s inmaturity was the problem. We all know what we think about management’s decisions.

  16. Slydog

    This makes me puke….

    • LG

      Hey you had better take something for your stomach, the season could get worse….

  17. longhaul

    anybody that says weeden is a better qb than mccoy should really take there head out of the sand. when your 0 and 5 dont you think you should try something different?

    • LG

      You are damn right we should try something different…..

  18. Bob

    LG – I enjoyed your article. It’s nice to see a sports reporter in Cleveland writing what most of the Browns fans are thinking. I think the majority, but not all of McCoy hate comes from Oklahoma State fans. I’m sure this weekend, we’ll see a repeat of the last few games. Weeden will come out strong, then will fall apart under pressure. McCoy on the other hand, excels in pressure and is not afraid of being hit or afraid of running when there are no open receivers. McCoy is a leader and IMO, I wonder now if McCoy was never traded because Haslam did not want him traded and that he sees that McCoy was a scapegoat for last year. You thoughts?

    • LG

      Bob, thanks so very much for your kind words. I always try to write the truth….I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on the work I do….Again Thanks very much….

  19. ABrown

    Mentioning Colt McCoy certainly touches a nerve. Instead of going back and forth on who should start, let’s just look at Brandon Weeden.

    Around the league, here are some responses to Weeden’s play this week.

    “As for football reasons the Bengals will win, their quarterback is much less likely to lose
    the game”

    “For a moment, it looked like Brandon Weeden might actually get his first win. He had the Cleveland Browns up by 10 points early in the second quarter.
    Unfortunately, everything went downhill from there. Weeden once again struggled with turnovers, and that second-quarter lead turned into a rather large deficit quite quickly. With each game that passes, I have a harder and harder time picturing Weeden actually winning a game this year”

    “One area of concern is his struggle converting on third down. He just isn’t able to move the chains and consistently put the Browns in position to score points.”

    Weeden is regularly ranked at the bottom of the league in overall QB play and at the bottom of the list of rookie quarterbacks.

    His accuracy throwing down field more than 15 yards is always under 30% when most successful QBs, even rookies, complete around 50% of these throws.

    3rd downs are not good for Weeden. His conversion percentage ranges between 15 and 25 percent. And a number of those failed 3rd down plays result in interceptions. And more of his incomplete passes are bad throws instead of drops.

    At times, especially in scripted and well practiced plays, Weeden throws some beautiful passes, but his mistakes have been devastating to the win/loss column. And teams plan their defense around forcing the Browns to pass instead of run and the Head Coach gives them what they want.

    The Bengals game this week is a great opportunity for the Browns to finally get a win. In the first game we had a better mix of run and passthan in amy other game and converted on half of our 3rd downs. It looked like someone else was calling the plays.

    The Bengals have a bad secondary, are beaten up as a team, and Green is injured but likely to play. And the last time the Browns risked losing 12 in a row they pulled out a victory over the Bengals playing in Cleveland (1975).

    If we see a lot more of Trent Richardson and less of Brandon Weeden, we can see the Browns win this game.

    If we don’t win this one, those of you who don’t want to talk about McCoy should think about getting over it.

  20. KC

    All you Brown fans who think Weeden is your QB over Colt please remember Weeden is 29 yrs old. He is a rookie but an older rookie then the real rookie QB’s. They seem to be winning some games what is Weeden doing???? I still think he does not offer any leadership skills which all teams need. He needs to take charge, he looks like he doesn’t have much confidence in his ability. You look at the other rookie QB’s they believe in themselves and believe they are going to led their team to a victory. I am sorry I do not see this in Weeden. I am also getting tired of the same reason every game “well they are a very young team” others have young players and seem to win. Stop making excuses and find the right people to lead the Brown’s to some kind of a victory. One said we took Colt way down in the third round if we had not taken Weeden #22 were would he have landed in the draft?

    • Bob

      If you think about it, we gave up Julio Jones for Little and Weeden. And we were told as fans that Weeden was NFL ready because of his age. He was suppose to be more mature then your average rookie. Luck or RG3 are the most mature rookie Qbs this year. Why did they take Weeden? Was Colt a scapegoat for the current front office 2011 season so they took Weeden instead of a solid WR. Or maybe it’s because Brad McCoy called out Shurmur and the front office for almost killing his son. Weeden said this week that his ego has gotten in the way. Seems more egos instead of just Weeden’s ego may be at play here.

  21. JRO

    And this is all Weeden’s fault with receivers who wouldn’t start on almost every other team in the NFL?

    Weeden was brought in to throw for more yards and put up more points and he has done that. Yes, he has made some bad choices at times in situatons but these are rookie mistakes that can be overcome and he has kept the Browns in every game.

    And let’s not forget who the Browns have lost to. The Eagles, Ravens and Giants..all teams with Super Bowl talent and aspirtions this year. This has been a brutal schedule against some of the best defenses in football. Weeden has taken his share of hard hits and has not folded or been afraid to stand in the pocket so all this BS about his lack of leadership and toughness is without merit.

    How about this…let’s see some defense this weekend like we did in week one and I guarantee you there will be a win on Sunday.

    So suck it up Browns fans and stick with the youth movement. McCoy is a scrappy back up that won’t get you where you want to go. Weeden and company will.

  22. Denny Dice

    Hello???? U keep saying Weeden 0-5 and we need to try something different??

    Um some of us have said let Childress call the plays!!! Some of us have said give TRICH the ball more than 17 times a game. Hello!!! Some of us said the Defense needs to play like a top ten Defense as they did a year ago instead we ranked dead last in 2012. Maybe that would have something to do with why McCoy won 3 games in 2011. It surely wasn’t his aggressive play style. Tell me how’s my 3rd round Qbs won a Super Bowl over the last 5 years???

    I’m so tired of this half empty comments and reading McCoy lovers comments. Reality check ya not McCoy holds the clipboard

    End of story!

    • LG

      I’d go for that Denny Dice. I think the Browns should fire Shurmur 10 minutes before the Bengals game in Sunday. Then make Jauron the head coach and let Childress call the offense…Then go out and hire a great Head Coach…

      • Bob

        Correction – Browns won 4 games last year. All with McCoy. And McCoy is aggressive, he had to be when he had like 1-2 seconds of protection as he ran for his life. He ran the ball when the play called for it and when no one was open or because his protection failed. He also protects the ball very well. Weeden does not run and looks like a deer in the headlights as he stares down the receiver he is going to throw to.

        You said, “Tell me how’s my 3rd round Qbs won a Super Bowl over the last 5 years???” That’s right no 3rd round Qbs won a Super Bowl in the last 5 years. However, I’ll tell you a 6th rounder who won 3 Super Bowls out of 5 that he’s been in …. Tom Brady, who just may be one of the best Qbs of all time.

        • Denny Dice

          I’ve heard it all!!!

          Colt McCoy lovers think McCoy can be as good as Tom Brady cause Brady was a 6th rd pick and McCoy was a 3rd rd pick??? Tom Brady has size just enough speed and a very accurate and great deep ball!!

          Colt McCoy is a poor man version if Mike Pagel or a right handed Eric Zeir! ( remember those guys ? )

          Again there a reason nobody drafted McCoy. There a reason McCoy was hand picked by Holmgren and by the way most if not all McCoy fans or Weeden fans want Holmgren out!!!!!

          I’m so tired of reading false McCoy comments!!!

          Facts are he has avg skills and avg size which won’t win a Super Bowl and won’t scare opposing teams.

          Weeden had 5 games! 5 games!!! He has two 300 yard games and the Offense is avg 21 points a game.

          Weeden having the same problems McCoy had last year with lack of run support and drops from Wrs.

          The difference

          Weeden doesn’t have a top 10 defense as McCoy did last year

          Weeden is playing with 4 rookie starters on Offense and McCoy was playing with one in Greg Little

          Weeden has throw more ints but Weeden takes chances that has led to big plays which is a big reason we are avg 21 points a game

          McCoy is a backup. Except it!!!! He will never start a again in Cleveland!!! The only way it happens is if Weeden gets injured!!!

          Also I can pretty much safely say if Haslam cleans house Mr.McCoy wil be liking for a new team

          Lets just say we get the number one pick next year and we draft Geno Smith number 1 overall

          In that scenario the Browns are on the hook for 4 mil a year with Weeden and 600G’s for McCoy

          The cap issue alone will send McCoy packing

          And if anything Weeden would be a stop gap till Geno Smith is ready

          This is how the NFL Works not some fairy tell bull crap love affair of McCoy

          So if you McCoy lovers ever want to see ya boy start again I guess you better hope Weeden is injured and can’t play in 2013

          With out that scenario your idea is just some Madden video game crap!!!!

          Now you understand systematics of how a NFL franchise works

          Get off the McCoy wagon get on board with Weeden and ride


          • Bob

            Wow. I think you are Weeden’s Grandma. You need to take your meds. Now I see why you like Weeden, you are too easily rattled.

            FACT – The Browns are 0-5. Weeden is 0-5. That’s all that matters. I want the best for the Browns, but there is NO leadership with Weeden or Shurmur. Weeden can throw 500 yards a game, but he can’t close a game with a win even when the game is practically given to him, he throws interceptions, folds under pressure and…… he is last among quarterbacks in the rankings. Last!!! Last !!! Last!!! Worst!!! Worst!!! WORST !!!
            Can’t wait for Weeden’s & Shurmur’s tragic comedy tomorrow. 0-6 here we go. Hopefully, all American flags are kept off the field and Weeden does not throw any interceptions or try to throw twice in one play.

            Go Browns!!! No matter who is QB!

          • ABrown

            Denny, you’re long on opinion and short on facts, which you say you want.

            You believe that being a 1st round draft choice guarantees success. Not so, less than half succeed. You asked for the name of a 3rd round pick who had won a Super Bowl in the last 5 years.

            Bob answered your question with Tom Brady, a 6th round pick, whose Super Bowl success and Hall of Fame career demonstrates how ridiculous it is to believe that draft order predicts success.

            No one campared McCoy to Brady but there are some similarities, except for height. You mentioned accuracy, especially on long passes, and speed. McCoy is pretty similar in these areas, if you look at what can be measured. Look at my post below for the stats.

            You also mentioned McCoy’s height as a problem. McCoy, Joe Montana, and Brett Favre are roughly the same height. Drew Brees is almost 2 inches shorter than McCoy. Being between 6′ and 6’2′ doesn’t predict failure or success, but I’m pretty sure that defenses were all afraid of Montana, Brees, and Favre’s passing.

            One thing defenses aren’t afraid of this year from the Browns is Brandon Weeden’s passing. Defenses want Weeden to pass and they don’t want Richardson to run, because they believe that is the best formula for a Browns loss. And Shurmur obliges opposing defensive coordinators with the game plan they want.

            You also said Weeden lacks run support the same way McCoy did last year. Richardson vs. Hardesty. So you don’t think Richarson provides a better running threat? Really?

            Weeden has a strong arm and the much improved team this year has gained more yards per game, but had a terrible time converting on 3rd down and keeping drives alive long enough to score points before Weeden makes a mistake.

            McCoy has better accuracy (especially on long passes), better mobility, better speed, better ball security, better 3rd down conversions, better clutch play and better leadership — all of which result in more wins even with a much less talented team.

            You like Weeden for his strong points? That’s fine. But don’t tell me or anyone else that we can’t appreciate McCoy’s very real talents.

            The game tomorrow is a gift for the Browns right there for the taking. Let’s hope we can win this one.

  23. longhaul

    one sure way of getting some wins would be to get a coach that can utilize the talent that he has. instead of trying to cram his stupid plays down there throats. most good coaches can see a special talent and find a way to make that talent and player work to the teams favor. we have how many ex head coaches on the staff but yet how many of them had winning records? just saying

    • Denny Dice

      McCoy real talents??? Sure holding a clipboard? Boyish looks?? What is it ??

      Roughly same height as Favre or Montana?? That’s hilarious!!!

      McCoy barely 6′

      McCoy has no deep ball!! None Zilch NADA!

      And you try and over state my opinion your whole post is a bias McCoy lovers Rant!!!!

      Wtf are u talking about?? Are you Drunk???

      Nothing you said was facts its all B.S

      I have study the film on McCoy and can tell you his issues are

      When under deress McCoy has a habit if rolling out right

      McCoy can not fit passes in tight windows

      McCoy lacks no deep ball

      He avg 5.7 yds per pass last season

      McCoy threw 10 passes over 20 yards and completed only 2 and had 5 ints and in one game he threw two ints to Ed Reed!!! That were 20 yards or longer pass attempts

      McCoy M-O is dink and dunk and scramble

      He can’t handle pressure and is horrible under center

      If you paid attention during preseason McCoy ran 75% of his plays out of shotgun

      These are facts

      Oh u said McCoy had no run game last year??

      Obyanna avg 4.7 yds per carry

      What’s TRich avg????

      Weeden plays with a Defense unit ranked dead last in 2012

      McCoy played with a Defense unit ranked in top 5 last year

      See bud I can play your game but unload FACTS

      You post half truths


      Again and you can write this down call me out


      AND MCCOY WILL BE RELEASED IN 2013 and Weeden will be starter in 2013



      • LG

        Denny that’s funny. Everywhere I look they have McCoy listed at 6’1″ and 215lbs. I don’t know how you could miss this and say he is under 6 foot tall….

      • ABrown

        Denny, it’s not a “fact” if you just make it up. That’s what you’re doing here.

        What football reference source besides the Denny Book gave you these numbers about McCoy’s passing record??

        “McCoy threw 10 passes over 20 yards and completed only 2 and had 5 ints and in one game he threw two ints to Ed Reed!!! That were 20 yards or longer pass attempts”

        This is the NFL not the Fantasy Island Football. There are records of every player for the last century. I like Pro Football Reference, in particular, because it has so much information easily available.

        McCoy completed an average of 2 long passes in EVERY GAME he played. He threw a little more than twice that many for an excellent completion percentage.

        You are way over the top with your hatred and slander of McCoy and your personal attacks against anyone who disagrees with you.

        • marty stys

          ABrown, you have done your homework. I’ve seen the same facts. Denny can’t help he gets his facts from his backend.

          • ABrown

            Thanks Marty, you made me laugh.

  24. Facepaint Mike Bonnell

    Something I have found out about LG is, if the Browns don’t play the player or the way he thinks they should, he gripes like he know more about football than everyone in the Browns organization! I am not impressed with anything he says! I am not even impressed with his Cleveland Sports 360 program! I have talked to NE Ohio steeler fans who know more about football than LG! What a joke!

    • LG

      Hey Facepaint Mike, You must be happy with losing all the time….The way the Browns management does things is a joke. It is more like the good old boy network than it is about getting a coach who knew what he was doing. Otherwise Pat Shumur a guy who had a losing track record would not have been hired…..

      • mike

        basically holmgren hasn’t done just a whole lot since leaving greenbay and bret other than lining his own pockets.when hiring a coach you should hire someone who is as good or better than what you thought you were.

  25. Anonymous

    everybody remmber the cowdoys went 1-15 when jimmy johnson had rookie qb,rb,wr.

    • ABrown

      No, I don’t remember that because it didn’t happen. Irvin was drafted in 1988, Aikman in 1989, and Emmitt Smith in 1990.

      The 1989 season you refer to was a pre-rebuilding team with Herschel Walker as running back until he was traded to the Vikings about halfway thru the season and Irvin as a 2nd year receiver.

  26. longhaul

    facepaint mike. maybe if your steelers fans know so much more maybe you should join them. i can see there record is soooo good this year.

  27. ABrown

    Weeden just made a top 5 list in the NFL. He is one of the 5 Most Disappointing Starting Quarterbacks so far this year. Forget the 1st round draft pick argument. Less than half the quarterbacks drafted in the first round make it in the NFL.

    Some of you are impressed by Weeden’s ability to throw the long ball and move the team down the field. Those same people claim McCoy can’t throw a long pass. Facts are that they have both averaged 2 long passes per game during their time in the NFL. The average length of those passes is the same for McCoy and Weeden. The BOTH average 27 yards per long pass.

    Same number of completions, same average length, same range: for McCoy the range is 18 to 56 yards and for Weeden, the range is from 18 to 62 yards.

    The ONLY DIFFERENCE between the results of their passing is that Weeden had to attempt almost twice as many throws as McCoy did to get the same number of completions.

    Anyone who knows football would think about the huge difference in pass protection this year over last and bet that McCoy’s results would be even that much better than Weeden’s if he had the same kind of protection.

    For part of 2011, McCoy was being protected by a lineman so injured he was trying to play on one leg.

    The protection was terrible for a lot of reasons, but Colt McCoy never complained or “whined” as you new Browns fans suggest. The line was so loyal to McCoy because they knew what he was going through and admired how he handled himself.

    Members of that lines talked about their reactions to the Browns’ choice of QB with the 22nd pick of this year’s draft. They said they felt like they had been punched in the gut.
    McCoy was their leader and they respected him, and they knew what that pick meant.

    There were articles about the team’s reactions to McCoy’s first few games and his first start against the Steelers with only 6 days notice when he went into Pittsburg and threw for 281 yards and a TD, completing 70 percent of his passes, gaining 8.5 yards per attempt and a QB rating of 81.

    ESPN’s James Walker wrote about the game:

    “I’ve seen a lot of quarterback debuts up close as a former Cleveland Browns beat writer, and Colt McCoy’s first NFL start was the best of the group. Cleveland’s 16th starting QB since 1999, threw for 281 yards and one touchdown. . .McCoy took a pounding and made rookie mistakes, but he also showed toughness, leadership, and good accuracy.”

    His teammates had comments like these:

    “He’s taken on the leadership role and is not afraid to direct the huddle, get control of it. . . That’s what a quarterback has to do.” (Guard Eric Steinback)

    “It was hard to even tell this was his first game. He has a way about him. He has presence. He’s a natural born leader.” (TE Evan Moore)

    We all saw Brandon Weeden’s frist start and the reactions, but we didn’t hear anything like this.

    McCoy is a leader. He’s always been a leader, and he understands that being a leader is about the team, not about his own ego. And that’s why teams have always followed him, and that’s why his teams tend to win even when they might not win for anyone else.

  28. marty stys

    We the fans may argue colt or weedon. The main thing is what the coaching is.Why do we go thru so many quarterbacks? Don’t say bad luck.The browns never gave colt a chance. It was do as I say, I don’t care what you do.Any sport is a team effort.People say he has no leadership. A man that can help his team to win as many games as Texas did, has leadership.He was blackballed from playing because of the concussion, and only because of the concussion.The browns had many holes. They made starters that wouldn;t make a back-up on another team.Last year browns had the very worst offensive line.2 seconds and the line was broken. There isn’t and never was a quarterback that can run a team with 2 seconds of protection.That is why weedon was drafted,he is no way worth more than being a 4th round pick. If any of you got sacked and rush like colt did, we would cry.Has Colt ever said anything about the team, He repected each nd everyone.The teams the browns played didn’t have to prepare a game plan. Just rush the passer, there was no running game to respect. Why can’t you see the obvious. The coaching staff can’t coach much less teach.

    • ABrown

      Marty, 100% accurate!

  29. jonah

    I’m on to u lg. U r making these rediculous articles because u saw a need for uninformed browns fans to have an outlet for there madness. The same stratigy imposed by fox news and their idiotic uniformed audience. Ur dn the old rush trick. Just how much longer is this gonna go on for cause eventually people will realize ur not a true professional but a sports sensationalist. Or colts batty boy. And the thing is I really like colt but ur makin me hate him with ur rediculous nonstop articles bashing weedon. The kids played five games for god sake and broke the browns rookie record for passing twice! Please tell us all how many games that weedon has to win befor ugo on to ur next sensationalized idea. Sensationalism is the road to ruin in journalism. At first it works bu then it makes u look completely unprofessional.

    • LG

      Jonah I guess playing five games and setting a rookie record is better than winning a football game in the NFL according to you. How is this ever going to get the Browns into the play-offs?

    • ABrown

      Sometimes the truth hurts, Jonah. You can try to fight it by attacking the messenger, but that won’t make the problems we’re talking about any less troubling.

      Breaking records can be good, it depends on the records. Weeden is leading the league in interceptions. Not so good.

      Weeden is almost leading the league in pass attempts. But he’s no where near the best at number of pass completions. Again, not so good.

      People can like Weeden or like McCoy or like them both That’s ok, but I think you’re mistaken about who the uninformed fans are.

  30. ABrown

    LG, you always do a great job coming up with thought provoking articles, and that requires a lot of thought and a lot of work.

    Some people might say that we should all think the same way and never, ever disagree with how our favorite team is being managed.

    But looking at all sides of an issue is the best way to understand it. And your articles make us look more closely at the games and learn more about football past and present.

    Essentially, your articles help us enjoy the games even more.

    • LG

      ABrown, Thanks so very much for the Kind words. It is what I try to do. The Truth hurts a lot of people. The Problem is they just don’t get it the Way Pat Shurmur “Gets It”.

    • Denny Dice

      Truth hurts??

      Let me show you how that works

      McCoy holds the clipboard was beat out by a Rookie

      McCoy will never start again! Weeden would have to be injured for that to happen.

      McCoy makes 500G’s Weeden makes 4 mil

      2013 regardless if Browns draft a Qb next year Weeden will be the starter and McCoy will be released

      Weeden guaranteed 4mil over the next 3 years pretty much indicates that

      McCoy either will get another backup job or go home too Texas and coach whit his Dad

      All I’ve read is opinions and excuses about McCoy

      No Facts!!!! But ill give you some you can go look up

      McCoy 5-16 as a Starter

      20tds 20 ints in career

      McCoy avg 5.7 yds per pass in 2012

      McCoy had one 300 yard game in career

      McCoy was ranked 31 behind Tebow and Gabbert in Qb rankings last year

      McCoy attempted 10 passes over 20 yds last year and completed 2 and had 5 ints in those attempts

      These are Facts

      • LG

        Denny, you really hate Colt McCoy don’t ya? Maybe you could get professional help for that….

        • Denny Dice

          I don’t hate McCoy I just state the obvious

          He is what he is

          A Backup

          You guys sound like Holcomb and DA fans

          How that turn out??!

          Get over it and except it

          Weeden beat the Bungholes had 2 key td throws


          • LG

            Denny did you get a see you later card for Mike Homgren? He is gone so much for no changes….

          • Denny Dice


            Everyone knew Holmgren was out once Haslam took over. It was obvious by connecting the dots to Joe Banner

            The questions remain for Heckert and Shurmur

            Heckert has the real shot at staying

            But just to let you know

            McCoy won’t be wearing a Browns uniform next year

            Weeden will be the starter next year

            These two thing I know…
            Save this comment put it in a safe place

            Will be true cone next April

          • LG

            Denny you and Mr. Weeden aren’t considering one of those same sex marriages are you? We can only hope Shurmur is next to make the Exit!!!!

  31. Denny Dice

    Last fact

    McCoy never beat a AFC NORTH OPPONET


    Brandon Weeden will today!!!!!


    • LG

      I hope you’re right Denny after all it is his birthday. What a gift it would be if he could get a win…..But remember one FACT, the Bengals are tied at the top in Sacks…

      • Denny Dice

        Well Well Well

        Weeden 1-1 vs Bungholes

        McCoy 0-3 vs Bungholes



        • marty stys

          Denny, Vegas expected the browns to win. If you think the browns won because of Weedon you better watch the game again. You probley would of produce the same results. It was a team effort, defense and special teams.Check what Cribbs did that day. Weedon does not have it. Colt was blackballed and all of the NFL knows why. The biggest improvement has been the offensive line.Not because of Weedon or Colt. Last year a 2 second line.This year a 4 second line.It makes a huge difference.Shurmur will be gone, he approached the job as a idiot and remains as so. As long as shumur calls the plays he wants.McCoy can throw the long ball the play for along throw was never sent in. If you ever get to meet Kosar, ask him what happened in the hallway to the locker room after the miami game. He didn’t listen to the coach and was released. It wasn’t for diminish skills.

          • Anonymous

            Vegas picked the Browns to win??? Do u believe your lies??? Wtf!!??

            Then you said anyone could of performed like Weeden Sunday???

            I watched the game and he threw a 70 yard bomb in the wind to Gordon that traveled 50 yards against the wind!!!!!! Google it search it what ever u like

            McCoy can not make that throw!!! No way no how…

            Weeden threw 2 Tds in that game both tough throws that we’re made by having a strong arm

            Weeden was a big reason why we won

            And Colt McCoy was a huge reason why we were 5-16 in 21 starts with him and a huge reason why we avg 13.5 points a game

            Weeden on pace to surpass all of McCoy numbers in 16 games to McCoy 21

            Browns have a oppurtunity to win there next two games

            If the Defense can find consistency like they were last year this will greatly improve Weeden chances of winning

            Weeden might of been the problem game 1 vs Philly but over the last 5 games he has 7tds to 6 ints during that period and two 300 plus yards games

            Blind by McCoy boyish looks to realize how much better our Offense is with Weeden and the Browns are in pace to have more drops this year!!!! And WEEDEN still getting it done

          • Denny Dice


            Here the odds

            Yea The Browns were so favored


            And let’s see you throw a 70 yard bomb with winds coming at you?


          • LG

            Denny the ball didn’t travel 70 yards in the air…And Weeden was lucky Gordon made an adjustment to catch the ball….

          • Denny Dice

            Lg I never said it traveled 70 yards

            It went 50 and you can you tube it

            And the only adjustment was Gordon catching it with one hand in stride

            Ball was thrown in the wind and traveled 50 yards in the air

            There video and even Terry Pluto and Mary Kay mention this


            Stop discrediting what you don’t know

            McCoy could not make that throw

          • LG

            Denny Gordon slowed down to catch the ball too….What about all the throws into the linemen????

          • Denny Dice

            It was thrown into 30mph winds LG!!!!!


            I loved to see you attempt a 50 yard pass with 30 mph winds in your face and hit your Wr in his hands in stride


          • LG

            Denny get your facts straight the wind was 20 M.P.H. on Sunday. I am not saying Colt McCoy is a better Q.B. Than Weeden. I am saying after 6 games last year McCoy was 3-3. I am not on the Weeden band wagon yet. He may be too stupid to become a great NFL quarterback. It is taking him much longer to learn the plays than any other Q.B. the Browns ever had. Tell me I am wrong about that too Denny…Not a problem, I am used to you always telling me I am wrong. If Weeden was 2-4 right now I would feel better about him but he isn’t…

          • Denny Dice

            LG u are wrong!!!

            Weeden could be 2-4 or 3-3

            I mean Haden and Taylor a huge factor in the defense.

            Um we had a top 5 Defense last year and we are ranked 30th this year

            I say that plays a factor into it also.

            Your reaching every week and nit picking this Rookie Qb. It’s ok for you to use the Drop pass excuse for McCoy but not for Weeden???

            Weeden can’t play Defense and can not stop opposing teams from dropping 300 yards passing or 1000 more yards rushing on the Browns


            Weeden not been the problem that my whole point!!

            And I don’t know if Weeden is the future or going to get us to a SB. But I do know he better than McCoy and he better than every Qb since we return in 1999

            Weeden had 6 games

            Has 10 to go and it’s very possible The Browns put a few wins together

            It’s very possible Weeden throws for 4000 yards and over 20 TDS

            I don’t care about INT’s because he learning and I’ve seen many greats throw 20 or more ints in there first year

            U say WEEDEN not grasping the Offense?? Your 100% wrong. It’s the lack of quality Wrs not grasping Offense it’s a new RT tackle also learning a long with a rookie RB in TRich. They all in a learning curve and with this Win that taste might spark something. Might win 3 or more in a row. Very possible. This Offense primed

            Weeden drives this car and is not doing a bad job not having a vet Wr like Luck with Wayne or RG3 with Garçon or Moss or Russel Wislon with Rice

            Weeden has it way more difficult then all of them

            U can’t see that???

            Browns Defense plays like they did in week 1 we would be 3-3 right now
            By your account I think u think Weeden must throw 350 and 5 Tds every week to be a winner??? And he would have to the way this defense has been playing!!!!

            Don’t you get that???

            Your asking for a miracle when the kid has no supporting cast but he leads all Rookies in passing yards and has raised our avg per game in scoring from 13.6 with McCoy too 23.0 a game

            I mean what do you want from him???

            Point the finger at Shurmur or whatever front office guy you want but don’t blame Weeden


          • LG

            Yes Denny you are right. The Browns defense sucks at times this year. Look something we agree on. There are times it looks like the defense forgets to show up. As fare as I am concerned I’d say the Browns only played good defense in half the games so far this season.

          • LG

            Lets see Weeden stop throwing the ball into the linemen too…Have you been keeping count on that Denny?

          • Denny Dice

            Batted Balls???

            That your beef?? Really??

            After a division win??


            Starting Qb throws over 200 yards and throws to key Tds

            That’s your beef?


          • LG

            Denny they weren’t all batted ball and you know it. He did the same thing in N.Y…. Yeah he beat the Bengals lets see him beat the Steelers or the Ravens…. but come on the Bengals have the worse pass defense in the AFC North

          • Denny Dice

            Weeden batted balls didn’t cost us a victory in NY

            350 yards by Eli

            200 yards Ahmad Bradshaw

            3 Tds by Victor Cruz

            That’s what killed us vs NY

            And yep we won’t beat Baltimore or Pissburgh if our Defense doesn’t play well. If they revert back to same style as play as they did in NY then they not bearing anyone regardless who Qb

            Again Weeden not the problem and McCoy not the answer

          • LG

            Denny I didn’t say they costs us a victory in N.Y.. I am saying Weeden is having a bit of a problem throwing the ball over the linemen and sooner or later it is going to hurt him. He is suppose to have such an accurate arm but yet he can’t throw it over the linemaen at times. If these guys on the other teams defense start catch these balls it is going to hurt the team. He already has more INT’s than touchdowns he doesn’t need that number to grow…..

  32. jonah

    U didn’t answer my question LG! Again how many games must weedon win befor u get off colts jock! He got his first win today. I wonder what ur next article will b about. I’m sure u will find a way so to bash weedon. U will prolly write somethin bout his age. Guaranteed. But befor u even do let me counter ur arguments by saying this; weedon is twenty nine but does not have the normal 29 year old football a twenty nine year old mind inside a twenty six. Year olds body. body. This is only his third year in his adult life taking football hits. In my mind weedon is at least two years younger in football years as far as the wear and tear goes than his real age indicates.

    • LG

      Jonah did you watch today’s game? Yes Weeden got his first win and his 29th birthday was today too. So I gave him a break and tomorrow I’ll tell you how he played like crap and he is lucky the Browns defense decided it was time to show up. For a guy with a accurate arm he sure needs to find a way to throw the ball over the linemen. Otherwise he luck will run out…..Cuz that is what this win was today some luck and some good defense by the Browns…

      • Denny Dice

        Avg Qb Avg Skill set

        A Backup Qb

        5-16 in 21 starts and had a top ten defense playing behind him

        Also my facts are from the site above

        I don’t make nothing up

        McCoy deep ball completion percentage was the worse in the NFL in 2011

        Go look at his INTS

        Half were from under thrown deep balls

        I’m tired of the McCoy faithful

        Your boy days as a NFL Starter went awar when we drafted Weeden

        I laugh cause after this Season McCoy won’t be on the roster

        Another week goes by and your boy holds the clipboard

        I LOVE IT

        • ABrown

          Denny, it can be hard to read these stat sheets if you aren’t used to working with charts and graphs.

          I went to the site you mentioned and it has the normal win/loss, att/completion, completion percentage, and TD/INT stats. But it doesn’t have anything about the long passes. That’s harder to find because you have to go to game logs for each game on a site that actually gives them, look at a diagram of pass placement for att/comp for each game, count the att/comp and note yards, and work from there.

          That’s a lot of work, but if you ever did that for several quarterbacks, you would learn that McCoy had one of the BETTER completion rates in the league for long passes.

          Give it up. You can’t make stuff up and have it stand.

          When I navigated on the site you referenced to look at the leader boards for 2011, I found more information about McCoy that will give you indigestion.

          In 2011, Colt McCoy was in the TOP 10 in the NFL for 2 really good things: MOST PASSES COMPLETED PER GAME and MOST COME-FROM-BEHIND GAME-WINNING DRIVES.

          McCoy was 9th in the completion category.

          He was tied for 10th with Brady, Flacco, and Ryan for the game winning drives.

          McCoy played well in an almost impossible situation. If you don’t have the integrity to give him credit for that, then don’t say anything.

          • LG

            Denny doesn’t realize that you are a former College professor. He also doesn’t realize there are people such as you that have done countless hours of research to back up your comments.

          • Anonymous

            My apologies on the wrong thread

            Since u like graphs and charts and pies here ya go Professor!


            I am a ex College Athlete who also played Professional Baseball at the Rookie Ball level many moons ago. I can tell when a Athlete has the it factor.

            The difference between me and you guys arguements is this. Not once have a claimed Weeden the savior not once Do I need to make excuses for Weeden. My point is all I’ve read on this thread from McCoy fans is excuse and far fetch nonsense.

            Brandon Weeden is the superior talent over McCoy. McCoy if was drafted in same draft as Weeden would of been a 6th round pick in this draft.

            McCoy not better than Weeden, Russel Wilson , Nick Foles, Kurt Cousins

            All superior prospect to McCoy

            I’ve told you what McCoy issues are something you need to watch on film and can not get from Graphs and Charts. What u will get is McCoy in ability to stretch the field! His avg pass was 5.9

            Heck his only 300 passing game he threw 74 attempts! His completion percentage is horrible and yards per attempt were last! His QBR rating was 2nd to last to Blaine Gabbert!!!!

            Don’t bring up garage numbers when McCoy had a obvious inability to move the chains!!!

            Look at 3rd down numbers

            Look at pass attempts on 3rd and 5 or longer

            McCoy is what he is a dink and dunk Qb who is not a playmaker

            McCoy does not strike fear in opposing teams Defense

            Look at under center and shotgun plays

            McCoy is a horrible under center Qb and that why he will never excell as a NFL Caliber Qb

            LG and your Professor buddy can say ever you want but pretty much every other NFL team didn’t want McCoy in the draft 3 years ago and many local media like Bruce Drennan agree he is a backup

            Heck Steve Young John Gruden and even Deon Sanders have endorsed Weeden ability

            Sure it’s not in the win column

            But Weeden playing with rookies and the 30th ranked Defense in the league

            Weeden has changed this offense from a 13.5 points a game team to a 23.0 points a game

            If the Defense plays like they capable the wins will follow. Your blind to think McCoy could do better when we have seen what he can do.

            Numbers are there and Videos don’t lie!!!!

            Average Qb don’t last as NFL Franchsie Qbs

            Just ask Eric Zeir and Mike Pagel

  33. ABrown

    Anonymous you sound exactly like Denny.

    You say you don’t make excuses for Weeden, What are (1) he’s a rookie, (2) the team is young, (3) the receivers are no good, and (4) the defense is no good.

    I’m talking about number of wins, completion percentage on short and long passes, average length of passes, average frequency of passes, percentage of third down conversions, NFL top 10 lists, and what teammates say about McCoy in print. You call these “garage numbers” but they are the only real proof of what any quarterback does on the field.

    Feelings and intuitions about “it” can’t stand up against measurements on the field. The measures of the chains matter, not what you think you saw or the numbers you make up.

    Just praise your boy and make all the excuses for him that you want but stop this ridiculous lying about McCoy and stop attacking anyone who disagrees with you.


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