When the Cleveland Browns came back into the NFL in 1999, there was a group of guys running the team that actually seemed to care about football. Then came the death of Al Lerner and ever since the Browns front office has been filled with Inexplicable jackassery.

You would be hard pressed to find another professional sports team with this kind of jackassery in their front office. It seemed to start when the team was taken over by Lerner’s son who didn’t seem to know anything about running an NFL football team.

Near the end of his tenure, he thought he was doing the right thing by bringing in Mike Holmgren to run the team. That is win most of the Inexplicable jackassery started. Holmgren wasted 2 first round draft picks in the 2012 NFL draft.

Think about what you just read, not even 2 years later and the Cleveland Browns have nothing to show for 2 first round picks in the 2012 draft. Some NFL front offices would kill for the chance to have 2 first round draft picks.

Yet, Holmgren forced Heckert to draft Weeden and we may never know who’s idea it was to take Richardson with the 3rd over-all pick on the draft. Less than 2 years later and the Browns are back to rebuilding, with nothing to show.

If the Inexplicable jackassery wasn’t bad enough in the Holmgren regime. The team was sold and the new owner Jimmy Haslam III brought in Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi into the front office.

This move only escalated the Inexplicable jackass. that took place in the Holmgrem regime. Banner wanted so much control over the football team that no respectable coach wanted anything to do with the organization.

Michael Lombardi had a record of being so bad as an NFL GM, the fans almost rebelled the minute they got news of his hiring.  You talk about Inexplicable jackassery, this front office put the exclamation point on this phrase.

Now that Jimmy Haslam III came to his senses and fired these two buffoons, the fans have to wonder if the end has come to the 15 years of Inexplicable jackassery?

Haslam placed a guy in the GM position that actually knows a few things about football. Ray Farmer played in the NFL. He was a good football player and he is also a good front office guy too.

Will this be the season the Browns actually get back to the purpose Al Learner had in mind? Winning football games, that is what this team was meant to do. Learner was building a winner in Cleveland before his death.

He couldn’t help the fact he died from brain cancer early on during the building process. He did however give the Browns fans some wins before he died. He knew Cleveland deserved a winner and he wanted to deliver one.

Al Learner had to be rolling over in his grave witnessing all the Inexplicable jackassery  that has taken place in his Cleveland Browns front office over the years. With Farmer in charge and the team having a boat load of early round draft picks on hand, let hope the end of this Inexplicable jackassery  has arrived this season.

Enough is enough and for Browns fans everywhere, we have had enough. Lets hope Farmer can plant the seeds and build Cleveland a winner.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Andrew

    Like the article!

    • LG

      Thanks Andrew

  2. JIM V

    AMEN LG…Time will tell! I still would love to know why Weedon is still here???

  3. Ronald

    Good article LG.

    I’m not a Banner or Lombardi fan at all. I’m glad they are gone, but I just can’t see Banner being the power freak he is made to be. I’ve read it all over the internet, but I just don’t see that. This accusation just never seems to be backed up so that I can fully believe it. Just my opinion.

    Time will tell what Farmer’s actions pan out to. This next few weeks will tell a lot.

  4. chris f.

    lets hope. farmer already said he wants a running guarterback. this is not what we need. lets hope that mr. football is not in our sights. he is too slow,too small, and to arrogant. pro defensive lineman will catch him from behind. he will be injured in his first year and some team will have a big contract and an even bigger medical bill.


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