Since Jimmy Haslam III took ownership of the Cleveland Browns, they have been one of the most cap rich teams in the NFL. People were excited thinking about this billionaire coming into ownership of their beloved Cleveland sports team.

Then there was last season, while the Browns had a ton of cap space available, they did very little to spend it. The team brought in a few free agents and that was about the extent of using the cap space available to them.

Last season people thought the problem was Joe Banner and him not wanting to spend the cash. This season Banner has been fired and the Browns are still trying to cut cash out of the team’s budget.

When the team cut D’Qwell Jackson loose last week, people were concerned about the quality players the Browns were willing to part ways with.

Now the talk is letting go of defensive end Ahtyba Rubin. Rubin like Jackson is a productive defensive player. The Browns defense wasn’t good enough last season to stop the Browns from being beat late in the game.

Now with the team. willing to part ways with good defensive players, we are left wondering about Haslam’s liquid cash.

Because of all Haslam’s legal problems, his cash reserves could be at an all time low. He may not want to spend any more money that he has to. With that being said, we have to wonder about the quality of football that will be played in Cleveland during the 2014 season.

Sure you can argue about how much money the Browns get from the NFL. Unlike other sports, the NFL splits money evenly with all the teams. Nonetheless there is still a cost of being an NFL owner.

Can Haslam III afford to give Cleveland the very best the NFL has to offer or not? That is the question. Why are the Browns getting rid of good players, if he isn’t worried about the money?

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. AL

    I would say he’s saving or spending his money on attorneys to try to stay out of jail !

    • LG

      I would say your are 100% correct too…..

    • Ronald

      Yes, I’ll bet his attorneys fees are outa sight. Maybe he can’t afford owning a NFL franchise anymore. I hope the release of Jackson is not a sign of actions to come upon good players.

  2. GS

    I sure hope he is not another Art Modell. Even Art sank some money into the team when he was the owner. Another thing the Browns did not need is a big jumbotron. The money needs to go onto the field in the form of good players. Who is next to go, Brian Hoyer, Josh Gordon or Joe Thomas. And yes I am a Cleveland Browns fan

  3. Bobby D

    Really dq a great player? Not a game changer, not worth what he was due. Don’t give me any bs about being a team leader, if that’s the case where was he when Gordon got in to trouble, or bess? He failed there.

    Tell me one significant play Jackson had last year where it changed the momentum of the game even temporarily.

    • LG

      DQ wasn’t in charge of Bess Bobby D he was already screwed in the head when we got him from Miami.

      • Bobby D

        Any game changing plays? Nope not worth the money.

        • LG

          Bobby D not many on the Browns defense had game changing plays unless you want to count losing the lead with 2 minutes left in the game and then losing the game. But he was the leading tackler on the team and he was an emotional leader too.

  4. pete

    They’ve released 1 whole player so lets slow down a bit…also this team has been baad for awhile, a little house cleaning isnt a bad thing. They are trying to resign Mack, they’re trying to extend Haden…both of which are not cheap, and they will need new contracts for Cameron, Gordon soon and 10 new draft picks. Most of this team is operating on rookie salaries, we need that space to retain young guys. AND they are puttingin new scoreboards which Jimmy is paying a large portion of with his own money. Not to mention they have to spend 85% of the cap over a 4 year span…so even if they dont spend this year (which I doubt) they will have to spend the next 2 years yo get to that 85%. This isnt baseball…the Browns cant just operate with a Kasas City Royals like salary number. Can we at least see what they do in FA before panicking??

    • pete

      New contracts* not “no contracts for Cameron…”

    • LG

      Pete they got a ton of money from the NFL for the new score board and he probably still owes for the team too.

      • pete

        They got a loan from the NFL…which they have to pay back. They also paid Chyd 10 mill not to coach and paid Lombardi and Banner to leave…these are not mives a cash poor owner makes. Again, they’ve released one player and per NFL rules they HAVE to spend money….they have a young team on cheap salaries so their cap number u s gonna be low…it’ll go up once they start resigning and extending guys


    LG, you raise some very good questions/concerns indeed. I have been shouting from the rooftops that I don’t like the idea of a cheater owning our Browns. Now, Haslam’s alleged cheating and the incurred fines for such may damage our Browns. Aside from the PFJ investigation, PFJ (Haslam at the helm) had to pay out millions of dollars after being found to have price gouged poor folks who were trying to recover from TWO separate hurricanes. As far as I am concerned Haslam has a dirty track record. Now his record could dirty the Browns’ success going forward. I don’t like the man.

    • LG

      You and I are the crazy ones 54Cleveland, people think I an nuts and how could I say things like this about Haslam…….Funny how people can go through life with blinders on……

  6. Leo Dougherty

    Gutting those who don’t want to buy in? Seattle began doing that 3 seasons ago. Now look at them. No more laughing stock of football! (Just an observation, from a BROWNS fan, living in Seattle)

  7. RICK

    I don’t mind a little house cleaning. We can get a linebacker of that caliper cheaper and younger probably.

    • LG

      Guess we are going to find out Rick

  8. chris f.

    browns fan for 40 years. you all sound like politics as usual. to truly win in this league you need two leaders…quarterback and middle line backer. Hoyer and Jackson are exactly what the team needed the next 2 years. getting rid of Jackson is the worst move they could have made. they should have let overrated and over payed j.thomas go anywhere if money is a concern.

    • Scot

      Ya, cut the only consistent all-pro lineman we have. Good plan.

      • Ronald

        Right on Scot. He and Mack are needed to anchor that O-line. Now let’s shore up the rest of that line, especially the right side.

    • JIM V

      chris f. I totally agree with you. 60yrs. of watching football, (Browns Fan) I can’t believe what’s going on! Their building a team. But they keep pulling out the foundation!!! Watch what they do when a player like Gordan or other rising stars contracts are up! They’ll be gone! I’m sorry to you true Browns fans. The only whey it will change is when we stop filling that stadium!


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