The Browns need to pick up a corner back and a line backer in free agency to help them make an impact while switching their defense over to a 3-4. The Browns have plenty of dry powder in their bank account. Now it is time to make some moves that will help the team get  the players they need to win in the NFL.

The very first move should be to get a shut down corner to play opposite if Joe Haden. We know the Browns secondary is a problem and teams have exploited the problems very well last season. Now the Browns have a list full of Corner-Backs, knowing which one to choose it the problem.

Free Agency is loaded with some good corners and one that sticks out to me is Sean Smith, he is big, he is durable and he can cover. The guy only missed one game in the 4 seasons he has played in the NFL. He is a big guy that can cover well and he can make you pay for catching the ball.

At 6’3″ and 218 pound he would give the Browns something they lack at the corner position. Height, the guy could be a great addition to the team, but the Browns would have to act fast. Other teams that are reportedly looking at Smith include the Chiefs and the Raiders.

If the Browns could pick up Smith on the free agent market, they would certainly be making a move that would help solidify their defensive secondary coming into the 2013 season. Now the question is, will they make a move?

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  1. muttklingon

    the Browns should kep joe hadden& pick up SeanSmith from the raidr !thunk about it?

  2. Leon II

    I hope we go for one of the top corners in free agency. Most have Sean Smith at the top of the list but his inconsistency worries me. Will he lay down once he gets paid or will he step and play at the level he is paid?. The same can be said for Talib but with him you add in the off field issues. Houston is more consistent but not as dominant as you might want. That leaves Keenan Lewis and Brent Grimes to round out the top 5 (in no particular order in my opinion). Grimes is coming off injury and we have no clue if he can return to original form. He could be gotten relatively cheap with a contract that includes less guaranteed and more incentive money. Lewis though is very enticing though. He is still a developing player who will likely be signed at a decent price but will still be trying to prove he is worth a very hefty third. After those five I like Greg Toler from Arizona as someone with the potential to build on for the same reason as Lewis. I like prefer to see free agents signed that are still trying to prove something instead of getting paid for what they have done for someone else in the past.

    • LG


  3. Sarge77

    Are they going to make a splash? Yea right in the toilet bowl….Had a shot at Percy, now look like Wallace is going somewhere else. The Browns are not serious, the current owner and admin want you to think they are but in the end, they will sign a bunch of over the hill has beens. I also heard rumors that they were looking at Matt Cassel…..really!!! Why would you replace any of our current QB’s with that loser…..unbelievable.

    • Bob

      Agreed Sarge 77 & Bobby D. Since the whole Chip Kelly Dog & Pony show, I will never get my hopes up again with this team until I see it on the field during regular season. Promises of big changes & big splashes are nothing but false hopes.

      I understand this is a business. So why doesn’t this team actually make a big splash when they said they would? BIG SPLASHES = BIG TICKET SALES & MERCHANDISE SALES. Baffling. This team has taken it’s fans for granted too long. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings, but I did expect something by now.

    • dan dyer

      Sarge77-You answered your own question about Cassel in you statement…RUMORS. They are flying all over the place these days.
      Now about Percy, personally I don’t want that pre-madonna on any team I root for. He is a basket full of personalities! I would’ve liked to seen Wallace and Gordon line up opposite of each other but he is reportedly getting a deal worth 12 million a year. We have far worse needs to be spending that $$$ on a WR. If we go blowing money like that on FA then we will be in the same salary cap despare as the steelers and ravens in a few years. Now is the time to be smart, those two teams are in serious financial trouble and if we play it smart we can take advantage of their misfortunes and take control of the division.

  4. Bobby D

    Amen sarge77. The current owners have failed every step of the way.

    1 couldn’t get the coach they wanted.
    2 Lombardi, and his promo.
    3 do away with psls. Pay those of us with psls.
    4 no free agent splash.

    Crap owner who can only manage a truck stop that daddy gave him. I’ll take the old owner who would spend the money no questions asked. He just had bad advice.

    • LG

      Bobby D are you throwing in the towel already on the new ownership?

      • Bobby D

        Iamstill waiting for them to actually do something they actually say they will.

        • LG

          Well, I guess we will have to wait and see. But I am starting to think you’re right Bobby D.

        • Bob

          He is right LG.

          • LG

            Bob, maybe you should write an article and submit it for publishing….Please

    • Leon II

      @Bobby D

      1. How sure are we that the Browns were sold on Chip Kelly and how much of that was sport writer and agent (Kelly’s) hype? I sure wasn’t sold on Kelly and considering he hired Shurmur and Bill Davis to be his OC and DC respectively I can’t say I’m impressed with him so far. Maybe he will be the next Bill Walsh but so far I’m seeing more Steve Spurrier.
      2. Lombardi, well I can’t say I liked the hire but I have to say he grew considerably as an analyst for the NFL. We will see how much, I hope it is enough but he can be fired as easy as he was hired.
      3. PSLS – I see your point but I don’t think that truly ranks as a top 4 criticisms of the regime.
      4. How can you say no free agent splash when no team can sign a player until tomorrow at 4. Okay we have missed out on a few big names in the pre-signing tampering period. But look at who they were. We lost out on Alex Smith but I wasn’t sold on him as any more then a stop gap. Mike Wallace is a head case and not exactly the veteran example you want on a team filled with young players. Percy (Crystal Goblet) Harvin – head case and injury prone. None of those who have unofficially been locked up by other teams, except maybe Smith, are players we should really have been hoping for as fans anyway.

      Personally, I like what the new regime has done so far, except for the Lombardi hire. So far I will take the new regime over the soccer fan who only knew how to open his check book but who had no clue about the game of football. He may have gotten bad advice but it was his choice in regards to who he chose to get advice from.

      • LG

        Leon II, each time I read anything and I see the hiring of Shurmur I laugh my a$$ off…..What an Idiot….Both of them….

    • dan dyer

      No free agent splash???? you do realize that free agency doesn’t start until 4:00 pm on tuesday!!! Why is everybody so down on 2013 already? We arguably hired the best new staff out of all the teams that have new hires. We have great young talent on both sides of the ball. The 2 prominant teams in our division are crumbling before our eyes. The future is bright boys, embrace it!

  5. marty

    It seems that not one blue chip player wants to play for Cleveland. I hold steadfast a corner is our biggest need. A pass rusher that feels no pain and has four arms. James Harrison is symbol of bad example of what football shouldn’t be.Bolden from the Ravens would fill a need. Weedon sent out to the trash can.

    • LG

      Marty, there is no doubt about it. A corner should come first…

  6. ABrown

    Paul Kruger just agreed to terms with the Browns, 3:40pm central time.

    Hopefully, this is the first of several splashes and it sounds like the contract is not as high as expected.

    • LG

      I did an article this afternoon that said they would make the splash by 4est….Looks like I was right.

      • ABrown

        As usual, LG. Good work!

        • LG

          You’re too Kind ABrown, BTW Leon II just did a nice article…


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