Brandon Weeden NFL RushCoaches are coming forward from the college ranks, they are saying Brandon Weeden the Browns second pick in the NFL draft may not be able to handle the pressure of the NFL pass rush. The Cleveland Browns may have picked a guy that could panic when the pocket starts to collapse. Colt McCoy faced an awful lot of pressure last year and the NFL teams that will play the Browns this season know the Browns offensive line may have some trouble against the pass. In the College ranks Weeden seemed to have some trouble when he faced lots of pressure.

The Cleveland Browns had their quarterbacks sacked 39 times last season. Remember Brandon Weeden left minor league baseball due to shoulder issues. If Weeden take a lot of hits one has to wonder if his NFL career will yield many years of service, Weeden is already 28 years old.  Colt McCoy may be the guy the Cleveland Browns turn to if Weeden has trouble handling the pressures of NFL football. The game if much faster in the NFL than it was on college. Making the transition might not be as easy as Weeden and the Cleveland Browns think. Now that reports are coming out from coaches that faced Weeden in College, you can bank on the fact the teams the Cleveland Browns face this season will be bringing it to Weeden and the Browns. Lets just hope this guy can take the hits that are coming. Believe me they are coming….

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  1. Brandon W

    This is incredibly poorly written. Besides all the grammatical errors, the facts are just not there. Who are all these coaches that are coming forward? This has been published nowhere that coaches are saying that. Colt McCoy will in all likelihood not even be on the team. He is not plan B. The Browns’ O-Line has trouble against the pass? I don’t even know what that means. Why would Yardbarker link to this garbage?

  2. Lol

    I love how Cleveland had the #7 ranked Oline going into last season, they lose Steinbach, and were horrible.
    Look at the tape. McCoy got sacked because he had the ball for far too long. Of his sacks, about 4 of them were the Olines fault (many more were on the RB not knowing who to pick up bc the guy just joins the team and is forced into the game.)
    So Steinbach is replaced by Pinkeston, who did a great job last year, and Pashoes is replaced by Schwartz.
    That should keep Cleveland as a top 10 Oline. Add in the fact that they have a full offseason to learn the blocking scheme, the RB is a much better blocker, and the QB has a full offseason…add in a new O coordinater, and yea…should be a totally different team.

  3. lglegl

    This is a non story everytime Tom Brady loses a game it is because he is forced to make less than perfect passes under pressue. So no matter if you are Tom Brady or Brandon Weeden you will only go as far as the team around you.

  4. Tom Wynne

    article written by Colt McCoy’s father…


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