John Pagano as the Browns Defensive Coordinator The Cleveland Browns haven’t officially released any details on whether or not they have met with Norv Turner over the weekend. It is expected that Turner will become the Browns offensive coordinator under new head coach Rob Chudzinski. In other coaching news, the Browns are expected to release defensive coordinator Dick Jauron, fans were hoping the Browns would retain Jauron as the D.C.. Jauron did a good job with the teams defense, one weak point was the Browns in-ability to stop the run. Chudzinski was to interview the Browns current coaching rooster last week, no word has come down about any of the teams current coaches or their future with the team.

Reports are also surfacing about Chud hiring John Pagano bother of the Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano. Chud and Pagano worked together in San Diego where Pagano was the Linebackers coach. Multiple sources are reporting that Chud is targeting John Pagano as the Browns defensive coordinator. The hiring of Pagano may not be as easy as Chud thinks, the Chargers refused to grant permission to the Chiefs new head coach Andy Reid to interview Pagano for the Chiefs defensive coordinator. John Pagano remains under contract with the Chargers but things could change quickly once the Chargers hire a head coach.

If Chudzinski hires Turner, that will be a great addition of one of the NFL’s better play callers. Turner’s vacation might be hampering the hire but sources expect the announcement soon.  There should be plenty of action coming out of Browns headquarters this week. The team still is hunting for a new G.M.

One more note of interest is the fact that John Pagano is The longest-tenured assistant on the Chargers’ coaching staff.




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Readers Comments (2)

  1. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … do you think they turned-down the chiefs because they are divisional rivals , or will the browns get the same treatment ??

    are you hearing the rumors i’m hearing about chud bringing derek anderson back to cleveland ?? i’m glad chud understands the qb position needs to be upgraded , but DA ??

  2. Leon II

    I wouldn’t expect anything to happen with John Pagano until the Chargers hire a Head Coach and he makes a choice on Defensive Coordinator. You don’t let the DC of the 9th best defensive unit in the league walk away unless the new HC wants someone different. Same as us refusing to allow Chris Tabor to interview until Chud has made his decision about him.

    As for DA, the rumors started with him on Twitter and were picked up by MKC first. Since then they have just become increasingly overblown. The primary basis for the discussion has been Chud’s familiarity and success with him in Cleveland in 2007 and that he is comparable QB to Weeden. Some think that he might serve as a mentor while keeping pressure on Weeden to perform better given their similarities. Carolina won’t rehire him that much is pretty clear.


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