James Harrison hard hits against BrownsThere is something about the Browns, Steelers game that turns The Pittsburgh Steeler line backer James Harrison into a maniac. He almost killed three of the Cleveland Browns players on three separate occasions. Some say Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi has never been the same after he suffered a head injury at the hands of Harrison.  Then there  was the Josh Cribbs hit, Cribs played with Harrison at Kent State University, that didn’t matter to Harrison at all. Then there is the Colt McCoy hit, this hit by James Harrison led to an N.F.L. investigation as to how teams handle head Injuries. The Browns had NFL officials crawling around like F.B.I. agents investigating why Shumur played McCoy after he suffered the vicious helmet to helmet hit by James Harrison.

The question is who will Harrison go after this Sunday? The Steelers Browns game always produces some of the Biggest Hits of the football season. Will it be Brandon Weeden who falls at the hands of Harrison? How about Greg Little? Someone is bound to take a hit by the Steelers hit man. The guy is nuts and he plays the Browns like he is trying to hurt someone with his hard hits. Sure hard hits are part of the game, the thing is Harrison brings a whole new meaning to hard hits. This guy is out of control when it comes to playing football against the Cleveland Browns.

Lets hope this Sunday the Cleveland Browns have a solution to the Harrison hits. Lets hope the Browns can figure out a way to slow this maniac down and keep him from adding one more Cleveland Browns player to his list of hard hits….


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Joel McClurg

    If he goes helmet to helmet again on one of our players, I’m hoping he’ll get a serious fine, not some 20K pittance.Twenty thousand dollars for an athlete who makes millions doesn’t send any real message. Maybe a 200 thousand dollar fine would wake him up. It’s obvious that 20K isn’t enough, he’s paid it three times!

  2. muttklingon

    we Weeden will face James Harrison too. !

    • LG

      DO you think he will survive?

  3. Bob

    And 10 years from now Harrison will sue the NFL because he has dementia, severe headaches or suicidal thoughts.


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