The Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski has some decisions to make. His team is playing terrible football and he is back thinking about who the team’s starting quarterback will be.

Should the team have to go with Brandon Weeden as their starter, could the team finish the season with a record of 4-12? Just two weeks ago the Browns were thinking about a surprise appearance in the play-offs.

There was talk about this Cleveland Browns team contending for the AFC North. The Browns couldn’t play inspired football, and they couldn’t win the games that counted the most.

The decline starting with the loss to the Bengals and continued with the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team is flat and their is no inspiration left on this football team.

Chudzinski and Turner have both failed to get their guys up for the big games. Now, the team is faced with another quarterback decision. Jason Campbell obviously isn’t the answer, and Brandon Weeden isn’t even close to being an NFL starting quarterback.

The fans greeted Weeden with boos when he came in for an injured Campbell against the Steelers. Weeden did what Weeden does in every game, he threw a pick 6 and he missed wide open receivers throughout the game.

Who should the Cleveland Browns sign to be their back up quarterback? Some think bringing in Tim Tebow could give this team the spark they need to win football games.

Why not bring Tebow in? The team could pick him up and he could come to Cleveland and provide a spark that is for sure. The fans deserve a winner and the season is almost over. The team has 5 more games and fans don’t want to see all losses.

Chudzinski has to do something to lite a fire under his guys. Tim Tebow would provide the spark this team needs to compete in the NFL. We will find out today at noon, whether or not the Browns are going to sign another quarterback.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. Felix DeAngelis

    The time to bring in Tebow was during the bye week not now. Now it will be seen as shear desperation, as it actually is. I say tab McElroy off the Bengals proactive squad and go with him over Weeden.


    Tebow isn’t the answer BUT it might give people a reason to watch a couple more games.

  3. Don

    Ray Horton and Norv Turner were out coached. This game was not just pitiful it was disgusting. Campbell was sacked five times and the Browns defence never laid a hand on Rothenberger. The only Browns player that looked like he came to play the game was Haden and his game was nothing to brag about. This Browns team needs to be ashamed of their last 2 performances.

  4. ozymandais

    To be honest who is there available at QB atm only two people i can think of are Tebow and Jamarcus Russel

  5. BrianSipe

    Paragraph 3: “They was talk about”… you may want to edit this to the English language!

    Seriously though, not attacking your opinion, but Tebow as as bad as Weeden. What do we accomplish by bringing him in? Time to lose for draft position.

    • LG

      Thanks for the Edit. But it’s difficult to imagine Tebow being worse than Weeden. I watched Tebow beat the Steelers in Denver in OT…

  6. KBB

    Seriously – do we really care anymore? This year is shot and to try to provide some relevance for a few short weeks by adding Tebow is ridiculous. As a season ticket holder I’m done with this pathetic team. Lets face it, they are a shadow of the Cleveland Browns.

    • Stiv Marley

      KBB – As a fellow season ticket holder, I’m done too. Did you know if you were as fooled as I was and paid for that PSL, it is now worth nothing, as they no longer require you to buy a PSL. So, if the Browns are listening (reading, IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE TO BUY SEASON TICKETS TO THE “FACTORY OF SADNESS” the Cleveland Browns need to refund my PSL monies.

      • Anonymous

        Amen to that

  7. ForeverABrownsFan

    Sorry but there is hardly any hope, for the Browns to turn anything around.

    I say Hell No to Tebow and as far as the rest of the season is basically mute at this point. A losing season is just that, another losing season.

    Next year if they squander their 1st round picks, then the Front Office, hasn’t learned nothing. I don’t expect them to be stupid as past Front Office members have been.

    One thing for sure we need a QB for the most part and also a RB, WR and someone that will actually protect their QB.

    I say count this season like our past seasons because there is little hope for the Cleveland Browns to turn anything around due to injuries, missing components, and a franchise QB.

  8. Felix DeAngelis

    John Skelton or McElroy off Bengals proactive squad.

  9. jackrabbit21

    Let’s see. How well did Chud, Horton & Turner do last season (2012) with the other teams they coached before coming to the Browns? If you can answer that, you will know why the Browns have fallen, once again.

    • LG

      I do notice that Philip Rivers looks a lot better without Norv in San Diego so does Cam Newton without Chud….


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