There is no doubt Carlos Carrasco, was have a bad night when Kevin Youkilis stepped to the plate. The question is whether or not, Carrasco, a guy that just returned from injury to serve a 5 game suspension, would have the balls to throw at Youkilis on purpose.

If he did throw at Youkilis purposely, he is not helping his team. The Indians need starting pitching. If Carrasco, gets suspended again, I think it will be longer than 5 games. To have him missing from the starting rotation, does the team no good.

The Indians, knew coming into the 2013 season, the starters were a question mark. The team should have found a way to fill this need during the off-season. While they added some great players to their defense, they left the need to great starting pitchers UN-met.

Losing Carrasco, is something the Indians can’t afford. All night he was throwing the ball 96-97 MPH, according to Francona, the one that hit Youkilis, was only delivered at 90 MPH. Francona maintains that Carrasco slipped. It did look like he slipped,but the slip took place after the ball left his hand.

So here we go folks, the Indians starting rotation¬† has one ace in Masterson. A guy who likes to hit people with the baseball in Carrasco. A guy that you don’t know what you’re going to get from with Jimenez, and a guy who looks like he is on his way up with McAllister.

Francona has his work cut out for himself with this starting rotation.  If he loses Carrasco to a suspension, he is really going to have a problem.


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