The inexperience of the Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur really shows with his decision to prematurely name Brandon Weeden the Browns starting quarterback last week. Even Bernie Kosar didn’t start in the NFL until game 8 of his rookie season. Then Kosar had a guy to help mentor him on the side lines by the name of Gary Damielson.  People can’t relate what it takes to make the transition from College Sports into the NFL. There are only a few that can come from College and achieve the same greatness they enjoyed in College sports. The speed of the game in the NFL is much quicker and the complexity of the plays make it that much harder to rush a guy into the heat of the battle, especially a quarterback.

Pat Shurmur of all guys should know this. He was hired as the Browns head coach last season, one of the reasons Browns President Mike Holmgren defended his decision to hire Shurmur was his ability to bring a long a young quarterback. If indeed Shurmur processes this quality, the fans in Cleveland have yet to see it. HE certainly didn’t do anything to bring Colt McCoy along last season and with his poor decision to rush Weeden into the heat of the battle, he once again is showing he lacks this ability.

Where were the guys that could help Brandon Weeden last night? You certainly didn’t see Seneca Wallace anywhere near Weeden on the sidelines when he was studying pictures. It was Weeden, a coach and Colt McCoy, yes McCoy has enough class to help a guy trying to transition into the NFL. That’s more than you can say for Wallace. Remember when the Cleveland Browns first drafted B.W.? If my memory serves me and I think it does, it was none other than Seneca Wallace that wanted to become Weedens mentor. You sure couldn’t see any of that happening in last nights pre-season game against the Detroit Lions.

Hey, I’ll be the first guy to admit I flew off the handle last night and published an article that wasn’t very flattering to the Cleveland Browns or Brandon Weeden. I would like to clear the air a little now. I am and always will be a Browns fan. I am however tried of seeing a team put on the field that looks as though they are poorly prepared. I don’t dislike Mr. Brandon Weeden, I wish the guy all the best in his attempt to turn the franchise I love around. He just isn’t ready to do this yet. He,like so many others that came before him need to be transitioned into the National Football League.

This is a league that houses the very best players in the world. One percent of men that play football might make it into the NFL. When you look around and see how many great college players there are each year, you realize there are only 1% of those guys that can make it into the NFL. Why you may wonder? These are the very best. When you have a guy that is a pass rusher, he is one of the very best available in the entire world, his specialty is coming after a quarterback. This is not college football, the guys in the NFL get paid large sums of money to play in this league.

To take a guy like Brandon Weeden and throw him out there before he is truly ready can do one of two things. The first is, cause injury that would side-line Weeden or possibly end his professional career before it ever gets started. The second is to ruin his confidence. The Cleveland Browns have taken other good college quarterbacks in the past that didn’t make it in the NFL. It could have been poor coaching or it could have been the inability of the Cleveland Browns offensive line to give protection for the quarterbacks, this is a topic for another time.

The topic at hand is Browns head coach rushing Weeden into the game before he is ready. Lost of people are saying,”look Weeden made two great passes” Hey he may have. On the other hand he threw nine and only made 3 completions. Is this the Brandon Weeden you really want to see? Of course not, we want to see a Weeden who can go into a game and move his team down the field and get them on the score board.

Right now, the Cleveland Browns themselves aren’t ready for Brandon Weeden. The team played very sloppy football last night and there are several things that need to be fixed before Brandon Weeden can succeed on the  Cleveland Browns. One of them is the O line the other is Weeden needs time to learn how to play in the NFL. For a quarterback it just doesn’t come in one training camp or even one game. Give Weeden half the season to get with the flow of the NFL. There is now reason Shurmur should be rushing him into the game now. Even if Weeden did start until week nine,if he won all of his games he would still double the wins the Browns had last season.  Give The Guy Time To Learn The Job…..




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