Montario Hardesty & Brandon JacksonHead Coach Pat Shurmur has two guy that could add to the Cleveland Browns backfield, both Montario Hardesty and Brandon Jackson have experience in the NFL and could contribute to the Browns running or receiving game. Why they are not involved is anyone's guess. Shurmur had high praises for both guys coming out of training camp. We saw Hardesty have some good runs in the preseason and he did fumble the ball a couple of times, still that is not enough to hold him out of all 4 games the Browns have played. Even with Richardson in the Browns backfield they could at least put Hardesty in the game with him as a decoy if nothing else. I'll bet he could even provide some key block to help T-Rich open some holes.

Then we see Brandon Jackson's talents being wasted. Jackson was only used in the Browns season opener. He caught 2 balls and has a 10 yard per catch average. Why would you not use a guy who can average 10 yards per catch out of the back-field? Shurmur must like losing football games. He has guys that can contribute to the Browns offense and he refuses to use them. Both guys Hardesty and Jackson have experience and have seen some of the teams the Browns play before.

Coach Pat Shurmur has to find a way to get these guys involved in the Browns offense, why would he keep them then not use them in the games. Hardesy has no touches in the 4 games the Browns have lost this season. Brandon Jackson has 2 touches and they were successful touches. It makes no sense at all why Shurmur would not play both of these guys. Each guy could contribute something positive to the Browns offense and positive things is what the team needs, especially when you are off to a 0-4 start. Shurmur has to do something different to turn this season around.

If he doesn't the Browns will be lucky to win a game. Why he is not using guys that have NFL experience is beyond reason.


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