When Pat Shurmur talked about the injured Browns players after Sunday’s practice, he would not talk about the injuries Scott Fujita and Travis Benjamin suffered. Why Not? What does Shurmur have to gain by hiding injuries? Is this a gamesmanship short of like what Belichick would pull? Does Pat Shurmur think he is the New Belichick in the NFL? It is clear to see Travis Benjamin has what it takes to be a game changer in the NFL, the guys speed is great. If he is injured and can’t play the public should be able to find out the extent of his injuries.

If the Browns line-backer Fujita is hurt the public should be able to know the extent of his injuries too. The Cleveland defense already has line-backer problems with Chirs Gocong’s injury that too him out for the season. What does Shurmur have to gain holding back on the extent of the injuries to these two guys?

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  1. RICK

    I think Shumur knows his team a little better than you. He doesnt have to explain his reasons to you. Let him coach his way before you judge him with your negativity. You guys have been bashing the Browns ever since they didnt draft the guys that you wanted

    • LG

      Rick, I think along with many others Pat Shurmur is in way over his head. He has no business being a head coach in the NFL he is not ready for prime time yet….Sorry pal, lots of experts see it that way too….

    • LG

      Rick, you can write me a great positive article about The Cleveland Browns and e-mail it to me. I will publish it for you…I will even give you the credit for writing it.. Send it to when you have it done….Include your name so I can give ya a bye line….

      • Rick

        Sorry but your not an expert on football or wait maybe you should be running the team since your so knowledgeable

        • LG

          I’ll guarantee you if I did run this team we finish last year at least 7-9 …Sorry I don’t meet your expectations Rick. Thanks for reading and thanks for the replies…..Already told you, write the positives and I’ll publish it for ya…Some people don’t like truths…

          • RICK

            Truth is they havent played a regular game yet and everybody knows whats up sorry but they have more hearts than they have had for awhile and i guess we will see this year (when it means something)


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