Why is Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden backing down on his request to leave the Browns? Just days after the NFL ran a featured article telling the world how sources close to the soon to be 31-year-old quarterback wanted out of Cleveland, Weeden himself is trying to back-peddle.

Why, you wonder? Perhaps it due to the fact that no one with any sense would want to trade anything player of any value for him. Weeden is not mentally tough enough to play NFL football.

He is one of the worst first round picks in Browns history, and teams can watch hours of game film of Weeden making a fool out of himself on the football field.

Weeden regressed during the 2013 season. The Browns hired Norv Turner whose claim to fame in the NFL was making his offenses friendly to his quarterbacks.

Weeden failed miserably trying to adapt to an offense that was built to showcase Weeden’s strengths. After seeing how terrible his performance was during the 2013 NFL season, the Browns bench him and Norv Turner started to make comments about Weeden’s lack of abilities.

Brandon Weeden should have looked before he leaped, with his comments about wanting out of Cleveland. There is no trade value for a guy who is about to turn 31-years-old just weeks after the 2014 NFL season starts.

Weeden talks about just wanting to play football, and win games. He was given every opportunity to play football and win games and proved he is incapable of winning.

His poor decision-making process, not only runs deep on the field, he also makes poor decisions off the field. He should have thought about what he was saying when he was making his demands about wanting out of Cleveland.

The writing has been on the wall, since last season. Weeden is finished in Cleveland and the Cleveland Browns may grant his wish and just release him as soon as they are able to.

Weeden could end up on the outside, looking in to the NFL. Who wants a guy who has no ability to adapt in the NFL? Most Cleveland fans don’t want to see Brandon Weeden in a Browns uniform this season.

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