Lets face the facts folks, the Cleveland Browns are stuck with a soon to be 30-year-old quarterback in Brandon Weeden, who should have never been taken in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft, and Rob Chudzinski isn’t completely satisfied with him. Otherwise Chud wouldn’t be so hesitant to name Weeden as the Browns starting quarterback for the up-coming 2013 NFL season.

Weeden may have a strong-arm, but Chudzinski, who has worked with a number of NFL quarterbacks over the years isn’t sold on Weeden’s football I.Q.. Weeden has always struggled trying to understand the complexities of football. While he was at Oklahoma State, the offense had to be over-simplified in order for Weeden to get it.

Last season with the Cleveland Browns, the offense had to be over simplified for Weeden to understand it. Chudzinski may not want to curtail the Cleveland offense that Norv Turner will lead, to fit into Weeden’s mental capacity.

Weeden, doesn’t get the complexities of a NFL offense. Having a strong-arm is one thing, understanding how to beat another teams defense is entirely something else. Weeden struggles in the football classroom. He doesn’t get it and he doesn’t work hard enough to get it.

The Browns have another choice coming into the 2013 season. They brought Jason Campbell into Cleveland for more than just driving Weeden to become better. They brought him in because of his NFL experience.   The guy gets the complexities of the NFL. He understands how to read a team’s defense and his experience could make him the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback for the 2013 season.

If Weeden wants to be the starter this season, he is going to have to put on a demonstration, that he gets it. I don’t think his football I.Q. is going to let that happen. He has some high hurdles to jump over to prove he deserves the chance to start in the 2013 season.

Chudzinski gets it and he is going to force Weeden to put in the work this season. If Weeden doesn’t excel, both on the field and in the classroom, he won’t be the starting quarterback for the 2013 Cleveland Browns.



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Readers Comments (5)

  1. dan dyer

    Aren’t you one of the voices that was calling for a fair competition? That is just what Chud is giving us. While Chud will not say that Weeden is the starter, he is giving him the best opportunity to win the job. Weeden is taking the snaps with the 1st team and it will be his job to win or lose.
    Do you have some inside information on what Chud thinks about Weeden? I don’t believe that he has ever said that “he isn’t sold on Weeden’s football IQ.” That is just your opinion on the situation and not what Chud has ever said about Weeden so don’t make it seem that way.
    Also you were quoted in a previous article as calling Campbell’s career thus far “mediocre at best.” What has changed since then to make him a serious threat to beat out Weeden? This again is a demostration by you of writing two completely different versions of your opinions to support an unsupportable statement.
    Finally, I do agree with your thoughts that Chud wants a winner. Proof of that was trading away McCoy.

    • LG

      Dan, mediocre is the Cleveland Browns. They have been less than mediocre for most of the last 14 years. What did they have 2 seasons with more wins than losses? mediocre may even be too good to describe this team. It is time for the Browns to stand up and win some football games. All you have to do is look at Weeden’s college career and listen to how his past QB coach described his football classroom abilities to know he doesn’t have the football IQ.

      • dan dyer

        So that is not anything Chud has ever said about Weeden?
        And the college QB coach is the same one that raved about Geno Smith and we are now seeing what NFL teams think about him. College success or failures do not make your pro career.

        • LG

          The pro teams don’t think Geno Smith is a bad quarterback, they may think he is a bad leader and doesn’t pay attention to the coaches at least on his team visits. He was paying more attention to his cell phone than anything else.

  2. marty

    I seen enough of weedon to know he doesn’t have the leadership qualities. I can’t judge Jason Cambell because I haven’t followed or seen enough of him playing.They drafted Weedon for the wrong reasons in 2012. To save face. It was very possible discussed drafting the QB from West Virginia. They knew the Browns definitely needed help in the secondary. They drafted a pass rusher to satisfy the pass rush and help the corners.Maybe by setting up with more draft picks they are looking long range for a QB if Jason isn’t the answer. Weedon doesn’t have the qualities to play the game.Strong arm but not accurite.


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