Liz GormanIn the Lingerie Football League one thing a player never does is speak out against any of the League’s policies, when they do that player is cast aside and not allowed to return. Mitchel Mortaza runs the league with an iron fist. When a player talks about the way things are down, Mortaza can’t stand it. That is not the case when it comes to the LFL’s golden Girl Liz Gorman.

For some reason Mortaza lets Gorman get away with things no other player has ever been able to do. Gorman has talked about the way the lasies in the LFL have to dress in order to play in the Lingerie Football League. That normally is taboo, a no no, something that would send Mitchell Mortaza over the edge in the past. Players would be told if you don’t like the uniforms leave. If you alter the Uniforms your fired and if you speak out to outside sources you would be kick out right away.

Somehow, someway Liz Gorman and Mitchell Mortaza havd formed a bit of a different relationship through the years. Gorman seems to be the Chosen one, Mortaza seems to take this ladies side and Gorman seems to be able to excel herself using the LFL as sort of a platform to launch her into other projects. When talking to other players around the league, some say Mortaza enjoys spending time with Liz Gorman. When Mortaza visits Florida for the games some say he spends special time with Gorman. They seem to meet more often than others in the LFL and they have even spent lots of time in cars outside of the venues after the games. Maybe they do their best work when behind the wheel, they probably are coming up with plans how to keep the LFL on the move.

While I must admit Liz Gorman is great looking lady, I still am left wondering why Mortaza would let her get away with voicing her opinions when others who were just as great looking as Gorman have been ousted for doing the very same things. What is it about the relationship between Liz Gorman and Mitchell Mortaza that lets her get away with making statements to the press?  Gorman has been very vocal when it comes to the LFL uniforms and how your skin gets split open due to the fact you are so exposed while wearing the LFL uniform.

Here is an interview Gorman did where she voices her opinion, just click here to read it.  While some players are very worried about saying anything about Mortza’s LFL, Gorman seems to be very comfortable about making such statements. Gorman continues to be able to play in the league and some say Mortaza even helps her with her career. Why do you think Mortaza allows Gorman to make statements and everyone else who does so gets cast aside. Check out this Video about a former LFL player who says speaking against Mortaza’s LFL is not wise just Click here….

Hey be sure to click below and leave your feedback as to why Mortaza lets Liz Gorman Continue to play in the LFL, we would be interested to hear what others think….

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. GuessWhoItIs

    This one is easy. Liz Gorman is the one player that Mitch feels he cant replace in 5 minutes. She sells tons of tickets, and is the “Face” of the LFL.

    And This little fact pretty much doomed Orlando. They are a huge threat to Tampa and Gorman. And would have been for years. So he shut the team down. No way in hell they are going into playoff weekend without Gorman there “selling” tickets. Mark my words, teams that become a threat to knock The “Face of the League” out of the playoffs, for any length of time, will be shut down.

    And she makes all kinds of noises about leaving the LFL. She sees the writing on the wall. The LFL is going the be the next “FaceBook”. Things will go great as long as people work for free. But try and make any $$ of of it, and its all over.

    Liz and Mitch are in a mutual Beneficial “Users” Relationship. They are using each other. As soon as one or the other is no longer needed. It will be over.

  2. added comenter

    I have to agree with the response. In fact lets go further and ask why Mitch’s long time gal pal Heather moved back to Los Angeles after the Fantasy Game and Liz Gorman is mentioned and pictured in all ads now?

    I played for a team that was “suspended” too. But they are never SUSPENDED, our team never came back. There is never a “trade” or a “rookie” “free agent” lol. This is just a way to compare the LINGERIE team to a real football team. Hard hitting REAL football??? Would any mens team play in shorts (underwear) never. The LFL girls are not even professional athletes because they dont get paid so those adjectives wont work for someone who knows Mortaza. We were suppose to be paid from gate proceeds but I missed my check somehow? Trades? This is just girls who move in order to stay with the league (you can wait tables or strip in any city). So more teams suspended this year? No surprise.But the reviewer was rite saying Orlando wont sell as many tickets as Tampa so Tampa had to win that game and they did. I cant say what went on in Orlando but I can say what went on in Miami and Dallas, and that is probably the same. Orlando just talked too much and Mitch could not shut them up. Afterall some of those girls were REAL athletes and a couple were also the “faces of the league” too.
    It is all perception created by Mr Mortaza.Most of these girls just want their fame and to be in the “beautiful girls club” like Playboy bunnies.

    As for Liz Gorman, Good luck to her for getting what she can out of this and sucking it and Mitch (no punt)for everything she can, while she can.She will have a reality show soon. Watch these crazy companies give her one.

  3. added comenter

    For real? everyone knows about Liz and Mitch? Go to any Tampa-fantasy-lfl game or photo shoot. This is a shock? really? OLd news sorry

  4. GuessWhoItIs

    “As for Liz Gorman, Good luck to her for getting what she can out of this and sucking it and Mitch (no punt)for everything she can, while she can.She will have a reality show soon. Watch these crazy companies give her one.”

    No truer words have ever been spoken. If one single girl gets anything out of this league, it will be a huge victory.


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