I have been told by many Browns fans to be patient, hang in there and just wait till next year. Now I am being told what an all time stud Brandon Weeden is. I think part of the problem has to be the Cleveland fans lost there favorite team in 1995 and they were so happy to finally get the team back in 1999 that they  settle for mediocrity. Sure the Cleveland Browns have just won 2 games in a row and I can’t even remember the last time that happened, it goes to show you just how much I wanted to clog my brain with mediocrity, I didn’t so I am not even going to look up the stat. You see folks, I am not willing to just settle for mediocrity, I want a winning football team. After all these are professional athletes playing in the National Football League and they make millions of dollars to play this game.

This season the fans are really settling for mediocrity, they have Brandon Weeden at quarterback and even though he is mediocre at best, the fans have bought into him hook,line and sinker. I know, I am not a Browns fan right? I have only been rooting for Cleveland Browns football for about 46 years, I use to make every home game of every season and I still make it a point to make sure my life’s schedule is rearranged to enable myself to see every play of every game every week. But because I write article that tell the truth about the mediocrity  Browns fans have come to accept as the normal, I have been labeled not a Browns fan by the same people that settle for this mediocrity  week in and week out and from year to year too.

Will this being said, nothing is further than the truth, I am a Browns fan and will continue to be a Browns fan until the day the Good Lord carries me home. I just think we shouldn’t have to settle for this mediocrity . We deserve better, we earned the right by supporting this team year in and year out. So with the disclaimer out of the way lets talk about Mr. Brandon Weedens total Quarterback Rating. If you use this as a barometer, Weeden flat out stinks. I now more of the not a Browns fan thing right? Just hold on we will start to talk stats and stats don’t lie.

Weeden is ranked number 33 out of the 34 quarterbacks ranked in this table (T.Q.R.). Weeden is the worse quarterback taken in the NFL’s 2012 draft. Now I can really hear all ya saying how anti Browns I am. But you are not listening the facts. I am a Browns fan and will be till I die. The problem is I am a Browns fan that doesn’t like settling for mediocrity.

As I said Weeden is ranked 33 out of 34 guys who play Q.B. in the NFL. Weeden’s total pass QBR is 26.1. You get graded on a scale of 1-100 and Weeden has 26.1 you have got to be kidding me. We fans in Cleveland see a guy who goes out on the field and throws a couple of long ball and we all go crazy. When you stop and take a close look at it and you see the Browns are 4-8 you can clearly see the fans are settling for more mediocrity. I saw Weeden on the news tonight and when he was asked how he managed to get the ball to his tight end more in the last game his reply was he just realized they were there. He said he didn’t have them in college and his has some good ones here on the Browns.

I almost feel out of my chair laughing that it would take a professional athlete who makes millions a year 12 weeks to realize how to throw to the Browns tight ends. Hey just take a look at Weeden’s stats by clicking here to compare him to the other 32 guys above him and you will start to understand that we as Browns fans have settled for mediocrity . Well not me not LG baby, I think it has been a long time since we had a winning football team and I want one. And not one with just 4 wins after 13 weeks of football…. If you disagree with the stats please click the post title and leave your reply below. I would be interested in knowing how you can argue with these stats….Please leave your comments…..

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  1. Anonymous

    This article was obviously written by a know it all jerk. How dare you judge the Browns fans in such a manner that we are below you. Something tells me we have a Weeden hater and you are not big enough to post your name at the end of the article. Hm, something tells me LG wrote this and is too chicken to say so. You have all the right in the world to dislike our QB but no need to ridicule him day in and day out. Get a life! Oh and what a scheme to try to sell something out of this.

    • LG

      I could only guess who this is. As far as if it is LG who wrote it you are damn right. As far as being a chicken why didn’t you post your name when you left this comment? You know what they say don’t ya lady? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t walk around naked….

  2. Facepaint Mike Bonnell

    We Brownsfans are not settling for mediocrity,we just realize that when we are at the bottom we can’t get to the top in one leap! It is rare anyways that a team do that! It usually takes many steps to get to the top! In order to get to the top you first have to reach the middle of the pack! The Cleveland Browns organization has been messed up since we came back! No stability in owners (Al, Randy, Jimmy Haslem),CEO, GM, coaches,or players! When Mike Holmgren Came in as President him and Heckert stabilized the organization! They have been getting the entire organization headed in the right direction! We have some good young talent on this team! Granted we don’t know if they are all going to be superstars, but we have some players that could very well be! (Richardson, Gordon, Haden, Taylor, Ruben, TJ Ward! I know even Greg Little has stepped up his game in the last few games! I don’t think he has dropped any in the last 3 or 4 games! Hopefully we have another good draft, as well as, continue to have good drafts for years to come, and pick up some key free agents this next season! I think we are there! Brandon Weeden has to just manage the game and not be a superstar! Brandon’s stats aren’t as true as you think they are! Even though he has tried to make passes in lanes that weren’t there and have had INT’s, he has thrown a lot of balls away instead of taking many sacks! Some of his INT’s early in the season went thru receivers hands! Ones that should have been caught! Those passes go as INT’s and weren’t Weedens fault, so numbers don’t always tell the whole story! None the less, Go Browns! Do us fans proud and compete to win!

  3. Anonymous

    And yet weeden is still better than McCoy.

    McCoys QBR= sucking big hairy balls.

    • LG

      I think McCoy was rated twice as high as Weeden in TQR

  4. Leon II

    Let’s be honest. Right now there are three major types of Browns fans: those who have lost all patience and are frustrated with waiting for a winning season, those who are cautiously optimistic that we may have turned the corner, and those who are wildly optimistic that a Super Bowl victory is on the horizon. All three of these, and even those who don’t fit neatly into any of the three ARE ALL STILL BROWNS FANS. What unites Browns fans more so then I think any other organization is their loyalty to the team regardless of adversity and past disappointment, not whether you are frustrated, cautious, or wildly optimistic. To call someone “not a Browns fan” because of your opinion about “X” is just ridiculous. Why shouldn’t some of us be frustrated given the state of the franchise since 1999 and decades of disappointment? Why shouldn’t some of us be cautiously optimistic given the fact that we have begun to bring in talent through the draft but are concerned that another revamping may be in the wind with the new ownership? Why shouldn’t some of us be wildly optimistic given all of the positive signs in not only young talent but an owner who really seems to want to build a winning franchise. I don’t always agree with LG, as a matter of fact he and I often vehemently disagree, but there is one thing I don’t question – his enduring loyalty to the Browns no matter what.

    • LG

      Well said Leon….

    • tigersbrowns2

      EXCELLENT post LEON …

  5. ABrown

    LG, you’re being MORE THAN KIND in describing Weeden’s rank on the ESPN Total Quarterback Rating system as MEDIOCRE. Mediocre on a 1 to 100 scale would be somewhere between 45 and 50. That’s twice as high as Weeden’s score.

    Weeden is 33rd out of 34 in a 32 QB league. He only beats out John Skelton who was benched many games ago. Weeden ranks BEHIND Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel, Kevin Kolb, and Blaine Gabbert.

    Most of these lowest ranking QBs have already been benched like Skelton and most of them are on teams with substandard offensive lines. Only Weeden in this group plays behind an excellent offensive line, one that currently ranks 5th in the league in fewest sacks allowed.

    So what might be other excuses? He’s a rookie? No that really won’t work because the other 3 rookies that started with Weeden rank 4th, 6th, 11th, and 20th.

    Maybe it’s because he’s playing with several other rookies. No, the No 6 QB on this list has just as many rookies playing with him on Offense.

    Maybe not many weapons? That’s true of several of these guys. But Weeden has the No 1 rated RB out of college this year who currently ranks in the top half of the league despite injuries and whom defenses describe and one of the hardest running backs in the league to tackle. And while Weeden has young wide receivers, they are big, fast, and very talented, and one of them is tied for 1st in the league in a receiving category. So he has some weapons, maybe not the best in the league, but much better than the worst.

    He probably has the worst coach in the league, but Colt McCoy, another Shurmur victim, rated almost twice as high as Weeden, although he rated higher with a different coach in 2010 than he did in 2011, with Shurmur as coach and Pashos as right tackle — fewer weapons and much less O-line protection than Weeden has in 2012.

    It’s not because of one bad game. Half of Weeden’s games were rated lower than his current very low season rating. There’s no really good excuse. Weeden’s quarterback ranking is just low.

    • LG

      You can’t say the Weeden fans agree, they think he is the greatest thing to ever happen to the Browns….LOL no wonder we settle for less…..

  6. Marty

    Stats tell the story.I followed the browns for many years.I am not impressed by any game this year.Yes, there is some highlights.Weedon should of never been drafted that high.Overpaid. Yes, he has his moments, but he still is not an accurate QB. For once, its been a long time since the browns have been healthly this late in the year.While I still think Richardson will be great, there something missing for him to break out. More of a push of the offense line and less hestitence on Trent’s part.Josh Gordon has me impressed.He has the speed and he is a fast learner.I don’t hate Weedon, but he’s more of a dud than a stud in the game.

  7. Leon II

    The important question to me is not where Weeden ranks right now but where he will rank in the future and how we proceed. The wildly optimistic will see him as a Bradsahw-esque QB who will struggle this year but who has “it” to lead us to a Super Bowl in the next three so we continue to ride that horse regardless of struggles, the lost patience pessimist has seen enough in his struggles to declare him as a bust and think we should move on, while the cautious optimists see signs of concern but also some promise thinking he MAY pan out as at least slightly better then mediocre so we re-evaluate in the off season.

    The most likely scenario that we Browns fans can reasonably expect is the last. Shurmur has made it clear that barring injury or interference from above he will start Weeden this season. JH3 and Banner have made it clear that they are going take a hands off approach for now and sit back and evaluate for now. Their changes will occur at the at the end of the year and into the off season.

    Given how new owning a team is for JH3 and unfamiliar both are with the Browns organization in its totality I personally think this is the best approach. It speaks highly of their acceptance of a “we haven’t even had the time to fully learn what we don’t know about this organization yet” attitude which I’m hoping indicates that their decisions will be careful movements building on what we have, not starting over from scratch. We have had too much of new regimes coming in blowing everything up before they have fully evaluated what we have that works. In the end these new regimes have tended to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Every time that happens we are set back years which perpetuates the cycle of losing. Regardless of what Weeden pans out to be I’m more concerned with how JH3 and Banner plan on proceeding.

  8. Jeremy

    Stats tell the story, right? So who is better? McCoy showed his MEDIOCRITY for 21 starts, so he isn’t the guy. According to the stat of his TQBR being twice Weedens after 12 starts, he still sucks. So what is our option? Go with a guy that looks like a back-up after having his 21 starts (which may happen if Chip Kelly is brought in next year because he fits the mobile QB offense he employs), or go with the guy with the stronger arm with the potential to be good? In this offense, Weeden is the guy for the job, IMHO.

  9. Ryan Ruchty

    LG I think you really hit it on the head for this one. I have been a Browns fan for 30 years and I am so sick and tired of not having a winning season. I am not settling for Brandon Weeden until he can actually prove that he is worth something. I am not sold on Greg Little or Gordon. They need to make some major moves this off season at wide receiver. They also need to get another Corner because Sheldon and Skrine are terrible!

    • LG

      Ryan, I totally am in agreement about picking a great corner, that is something we should have addressed in the last draft….

  10. Marty

    Ryan, your definitely right about a corner,we been toasted too many timesat that position.Skrine is a back-up to a back-up.Sheldon was very good at one time, but his best days are behind him.Jeremy, you say weedon has a stronger arm than McCoy. There is no proof of that. There is proof that Colt’s arm is just as strong and more accurite. The browns had many problems in 2011, Colt was not one of them.Pashos couldn’t play pee wee football. I like a receiver that has breakaway speed. I see that in Gordon, he just has to learn how to imtimidate to draw flags against the defense. LG is on top when he writes an article. He writes what he sees and what should be so obvious to others.I know LG knows more about Colt and the management of the browns. He knows there is limitations in free speech. Weedon will never make this team, the team will always have to carry him as excess baggage.

    • Jeremy

      Marty.. Seriously? Colt has as strong an arm as Weeden, and more accurate? What kind of silly statement is that? Did you watch any of the games last year… regardless of excuses about shortened off-season, no WR’s and 4th string running back, Colt’s arm never wowed us. Never. He doesn’t have the arm strength that most starter type QB’s have. I thought he was a gritty, hard working guy that played smart enough to overcome that short coming, though. I don’t hate McCoy, but Weeden can throw the ball 35 yards on a rope, and McCoy just isn’t that kind of guy. If LG is being objective in his analysis, then I am being downright gentlmenly. Accuracy can be argued, but it all depends on the routes they are throwing to. Either way, I like the direction the Browns are heading, and I have said at the beginning of the season that this team would be judged by how they finish the last 8 games. So as it is, Weeden will start the last 4 unless he is injured, so judge him on the whole season, just like the Cleveland Brass will… Is McCoy honestly your starter for next season and beyond?

      • ABrown

        Trying to evaluate quarterbacks occupies a lot of time and energy. LG, has called out attention to a serious innovation in the ESPN QBR. Here’s a link to an article that helps to understand the QBR and also compares Luck Griffin. It’s well worth your time:

        Luck vs. Griffin, a Statistical Comparison

        Which rookie quarterback is better? Fortunately, there’s a way to fill in the rather large gap between perception and production.

        • ABrown

          Jeremy, McCoy would be a much better starter next year than Weeden. He not only has the intangibles that make a great quarterback — toughness, football IQ, leadership, work ethic, poise under pressure, and ability to raise the his level of play when the game is on the line, but he also has the measurables in performance. He is more athletic, a more accurate passer, and has had better production throwing the long ball.

        • ABrown

          And the article will give all you Weeden supporters a better idea of how how poorly Weeden stacks up to other QBs around the league and how lowly he is regarded.

          Part of the evidence the old passer rating isn’t working is that Weeden ranks anywhere close to Luck on that scale.

      • Bob


        You said, “but Weeden can throw the ball 35 yards on a rope, and McCoy just isn’t that kind of guy.”

        Really? McCoy was injured in the BCS National title game in 2010. That’s why he was selected in the 3rd round of the draft. That arm/shoulder injury did not get fully healed until this past summer. Shurmer never allowed Browns fans to see a fully healed McCoy, so if the Browns send McCoy away, I bet some other team will benefit from a McCoy at full strength.

        FYI – This is what McCoy did in college I am guessing he could have done the same now fully healed, if Shurmer didn’t throw him under the bus to save his job.

        • Bob

          There are deep accurate throws in that video by the way.

      • Anonymous

        Jeremy, I remember in preseason, when it was hard not to see McCoy would do a better job leading this team and our resident talent guru was praising McCoy, the fans who wanted Weeden said we have to start him even if he isn’t good because we drafted him in the first round.

        We were told to wait for the first regular season game and we’d see the real story.

        We watched the 1st regular season game and Weeden distinguished himself with the worst rookie start in the last 40 or 50 years.

        Then we were told to wait until we got a few weeks into the season, and Weeden led the lead in INT and was at the bottom of the league in QB ratings. Meanwhile, other rookies were doing well.

        Now we are in the second half of the season and the team has won as many games as last year against competition with a collective losing record, but Weeden still ranks at the bottom of the NFL, the other rookies at getting their teams in position for the playoffs, national sports commentators don’t even list Weeden when they talk about this year’s rookies, and the Cleveland fans who think Weeden is great, tell us to wait for the end of the season — at least give him the chance to get a win from a team tied for the bottom of the league.

        Then, we hear, we’ll see how good Weeden is. But he still ranks at the bottom of the league.

        I think anyone who’s waiting to see anything special from Brandon Weeden will wait a long time.

        • LG

          No that is the Truth and from someone who undoubtedly understands exactly what is taken place here….We said…

    • blackflag

      jeremy, i actually like what marty says. on a different LG article someone posted an interesting stat: McCoy had an average of 1.9s of pocket time in 2011 to throw a pass; Weeden is averaging 4.9s of pocket time.

      2 seconds. big deal right? the average sprinter can cover 20 yards in under 2 seconds so yeah it is a big deal. if McCoy (1) has less time for WR’s to get down field, then the deep throws will never develop and (2) when he does have the time, how often will those deep routes be open. Now I am not going to get into all the mathematical algorithms needed to compute this little stat. I will just suffice to say the % of plays where McCoy had the pocket time, had an open receiver, and then threw the ball and it wasn’t dropped (lest we forget the browns WR’s led the league in ’11 in dropped passes)….well that is an awfully small percentage.

      i thought weeds was a mediocre qb but was cutting him a break as a rook but a qbr that low! wow. glad holmgren is gone. hope shurmur follows him but please keep heckert. by all accounts he did not want weeden and has made awesome picks elswhere.

      • ABrown

        Definitely Blackflag. Well put.

    • RICK

      MARTY, Your arm strength theory doesn’t make sense how can you prove it one way but not the other and I’m sure management knows.

      • ABrown

        Rick, what good is a strong arm if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn if it’s more than 15 yards away, if as many of your long passes are caught by the other team as by your own, and you are so inaccurate that the best way to get a long completion with you is to set up a play where you only have to throw to an area of the field and have a receiver who is talented enough to get open, track the ball, and run under it.

        The better kind of arm strength is what you see with Luck, Griffin, Wilson, and even Tannehill that is very much like McCoy’s. These guys have all completed more passes that travel more than 20 yards through the air than Weeden. And instead of completing only 25%, as Weeden does, Luck, Griffin, Wilson, Tannehill, and McCoy complete 40 to 50% of those passes.

  11. Ryan Ruchty

    Please tell me your thoughts on a new coach! I am so sick of Pat Shurmer and his crazy calls that hurt this ball team. I still don’t understand why we have Brad Childress if Pat is going to call the plays. It makes no sense. here is a guy making millions of dollars to sit there and watch the offense. I do an amazing job at doing that from my couch. Another thing that really irritates the hell out of me is the fact they don’t use Travis Benjamin more. This guy can absolutely fly!

    • LG

      Lets take the easy one first. They should have Travis returning kicks and punts, unfortunately Cribbs looks like he is winding down. As far as a new coach goes we need one. Shurmur doesn’t belong there. A lot of people think Gruden but I say he is way over rated. Some are talking Chip Kelly and I for one think it woudl be a great move. Bring in a new guy with great new ideas. We all watched as Gruden ruined one team in Florida we really don’t need him. I would like to see a new coach that would keep Dick Jauron…Our defense is what has won us 4 games this season…

      • Bob

        LG – I agree with your Chip Kelly statement.

        New Coach? I was listening to a sports radio show in another state about a month ago. They were talking about who should replace another NFL coach. The wise host asked if there was ever a NFL coach who won a Super Bowl and then went on later to coach another NFL team to a Super Bowl? The answer was NO. Now, I did not research that to see if was true, but I believe it may be. ABrown may know. My point? Just like you need players that are hungry and have heart, you need that from a coach also. Therefore, I believe now that the best choice & match to coach the Browns is a hungry, successful NCAA coach who worked his way through the ranks. It would be a perfect match with a young team like the Browns. One of the Kelly brothers, Urban Meyer (who may want to coach Ohio State to a title first) or even Nick Saban (who did coach in the NFL before, but did not coach a Super Bowl winner).

        That’s what San Francisco did with bringing in Harbaugh. Harbaugh was successful as Stanford’s head coach. Ask Andrew Luck. Browns fans need to compare Shurmer & Harbaugh, who both started last year as NFL coaches with teams that needed lots of help. Harbaugh is a much better coach. Was Shurmer ever a head coach, even for a high school team? I don’t think so. Sorry Uncle Holmgren. Some may not like Harbaugh, but he’s a hungry coach with heart. He’s also a coach who WAS an NFL QB, which speaks volumes. In my opinion as a sports fan, it appears that Harbaugh just chose the QB that would make the team not just better, but the BEST they can be. This is the NFL, the Pros, not training time. NFL is a business. Big time $$$ is at stake. Kaepernick is the BEST for the 49ers right now as their QB. He also has good media presence so far. He’s intriguing, has heart and the team and fans respond to his energy. He also has the whole tattoo thing going on, which brings the attention, then the media, then the fans, then the $$$. This year’s “Tebowing” attention perhaps.

        Browns fans need to ask, is Weeden the best QB they have under Shurmer? Does Weeden bring the same energy and heart that Kaepernick, Wilson, Luck or RG 3 bring? How’s Weeden’s media presence? Was the Browns year sacrificed for a 29 year old rookie QB? Cribbs said in an interview recently that McCoy would have had more wins. McCoy is well respected by his team. I believe McCoy is even one of the Browns union reps, which does mean something behind all the Weeden prop up. How do the rest of the Browns players respond to Weeden over McCoy?

        Lastly, the Browns fans also need to compare the Browns & Texans as LG has mentioned before, since both of these teams re-entered or entered the league roughly at the same time.

        • LG

          The Browns came back into the NFL 3 years before the Houston team did, yet they are winning and as you said they have a coach who played Q.B. in the NFL….

          • ABrown

            Excellent post, Bob!

      • tigersbrowns2

        c’mon LG … “the defense is what won us 4 games” … are you going to tell us this is an objective statement from a journalist ??

        i’m pretty sure it takes a team effort to win or lose any game. that statement is dripping with “mccoy got the shaft / i don’t like weeden” undertones.

        it is always “the defense won the game” or “weeden lost the game” …

        • LG

          Are you blind? Don’t you watch the games? When the Browns beat Cincy how many points were scored by the Browns defense? Last week with a Shelden Browns interception the Browns secured the victory otherwise the team was in the self destruct mode and not only that other teams were able to run all over the Raiders not the Browns. When we beat the steelers they turned the ball over 8 times you think if Ben was there Weeden would have beat them? and lastly the chargers game if the chargers receiver makes the catch he dropped in the end zone we lose. The Browns defense held the Chargers to 6 points..

          • tigersbrowns2

            … and if the offense doesn’t score any points in these games , we don’t win no matter how good the defense played.

          • RICK

            LG, You forgot to mention after the interception we drove the ball down the field over 90 yards to eat up the clock and secure the win. I believe rhat is offence and defence and that’s what win games. (you know team effort)

          • LG

            you are right RIck it was one of the best drives the Browns ever had with Weeden on the filed wasn’t it? Didn’t Montario help on the drive too…?

        • ABrown

          TB2, you read the local press and expect objectivity from a journalist?

          That’s why the stats some people are so aftraid of are important because they can be verified.

          This year’s team has struggled all year to convert on third down and sustain drives. We rank at the bottom of the league with Weeden.

          When the defense gets a turnover and gives it to the offense in scoring territory, and because the offense doesn’t even gain a yard, let alone 10 in 3 tries, Dawson kicks a field goal. Are you saying the defense didn’t deserve a lot of credit for that score? Objectively?

  12. Ryan Ruchty

    yeah Cribbs is winding down which sucks. I think that you are on to something with Chip Kelly. I also agree that Dick Jauron needs to stay. He has this ball club almost to the point they need to be at. Gruden doesn’t want to coach in Cleveland. I bet he would go to NY if anything.

    • LG

      I hope so we don’t need John Gruden to come here, I think he is very over-rated…

      • Bob

        …. because he’s a great media personality, entertaining and well liked. Dungy built the Buccs by the way. I agree no Gruden.

        • LG

          Agree on both items

        • ABrown

          I know a player who was on the Tampa Bay team when Gruden coached. The players didn’t have a lot of faith in him. It was still Dungy’s team. We need someone better.

  13. ABrown

    In judging QBs, you don’t always get what you think you are seeing. When I looked at expanded box scores for passes thrown 20 yards or more, I found that McCoy has completed MORE of those than Weeden, for a higher completion percentage — 40% for McCoy and 25% for Weeden.

    At Advanced NFL Stats, I looked at some of the work behind the QBR — Air Yards specifically — and the attempt to separate out what plays and parts of plays the QB is most responsible for.

    In the yards gained per pass, there are yards that come from the QB (air yards) and yards that come from the receiver (yards after the catch). Generally, you want QBs to throw longer passes in the air accurately.

    Even in 2011, McCoy was averaging MORE yards in the air on every pass attempt than Weeden is this year. McCoy has 3.2 Air Yards per Attempt, but Weeden has only 2.8 true passing yards per attempt. (a .4 difference in this measure is significant)

    Last week, we saw Weeden throwing very short passes most of the day, but the yards for each pass was inflated by how many yards the receiver gained once he caught the ball. “The YAC belong to the receiver.”

    Air yards are a direct measure of QB skill. Only 43.3 % of Weeden’s passing yards are directly from him. But 55% of McCoy’s passing yards are his own.

    Here’s how it works out:

    “QBs that tend to check down a lot or rely on RB screens get a lot of YAC. These types of plays do not require a very skilled QB.

    QBs who don’t get lots of YAC are those with stronger arms. They throw downfield passes and out routes that don’t tend to generate YAC.”

    Another example: “Eli ranks third in Air Y/A (4.7 yards) which is why the Giants found themselves returning to the Super Bowl for the 2nd time in 5 years.”

    Source: “Who Gets Credit for YAC?” Brian Burke, Advanced NFL Stats.

    Coming back to McCoy and Weeden, they both average right at 18% of their pass attempts being 15 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. But there is a major difference in how many of those attempts are completed.

    Let’s give both quarterbacks 200 attempts. 18% or 36 passes are aimed downfield. Of those 36 attempts, Weeden completes 9, but McCoy completes 14. That’s a big difference.

    In defense of both QBs, Pat Shurmur’s predictable and uninspired offense puts both players at a disadvantage. He must go.

    But the impressions we have of the QBs are not accurate.

    Fans think of Weeden standing calmly in the pocket with all the time in the world and we believe we see him throwing long passes all day, but we aren’t really seeing that.

    Who could not remember the disastrous image of McCoy at the end of 2011, desperately trying to make a play with the offensive line collapsing from the right just a second or two after he gets the ball. The Browns ranked 32nd in the league in rushing and pretty much abandoned the run, and coach Shurmur had McCoy passing on just about every play — talk about predictable.

    So you remember McCoy, off balance, his passing mechanics lost in the shuffle, barely outside the grasp of defensive linemen, running for his life and trying to make a play.

    Put the league MVP in that picture and tell you believe you wouldn’t see a few off speed, wobbly passes coming out of that football train wreck.

    Both QBs will continue to have their fans, but, whether you like McCoy or not, there is proof beyond question that he can make the throws and has done so more often than Weeden in their NFL careers to this point.

    And for whatever reason, Weeden hasn’t lived up to his PR campaign by completing lots of long passes.

    Weeden is not as good a passer as advertised and McCoy is not as bad.

    I am convinced that neither player has had the coaching he needs to play his best football. MEDIOCRE COACHING gets MEDIOCRE RESULTS.

    • RICK

      ABrown, once again you throw your stats out there and you don’t have any for this year in the regular season. Your comparing the past with the present and besides what makes you think your opinion is going to change what the management decides to do.Stats never won a ball game a lot of games are won regardless of the stats because it is a team effort with human emotions which the stats can’t figure out because they are not machines.Stats can be figured all day to suite an opinion in either case but it does’t win a game, the players do. The game is more complex than stats. If all that mattered was the stats you could pick the winning teams every year and never miss.

      • Anonymous

        If there were stats that looked good for Weeden, you’d be using them. It’s just hard to find those.

  14. RB

    Though I am not a fan of Shurmur’s, I believe there is more than a 50% chance that he will return as coach next year. The Brown’s are playing better, and a new coach to be 2 steps backwards for the team. I’m not sure how it will play out.

    I believe the best available DB is where we should focus our draft pick on. We don’t have a 2nd rounder so we will have to get it done in the first round. If none are available I would have to say go for the best pass rusher in the available.

    Not gonna say much on the Weeden thing. We’ll never agree. Earlier in the season you said winning is the only thing that mattered, and then you talked about passer rating. The Brown will more than likely win more games this year than last year and Weeden could very well surpass McCoy’s passer rating.

    It’s obvious that there are people on different sides – those who believe Weeden is not the answer, those who believe McCoy is not the answer and some who believe neither one are the answer.

    Or we could approach next year differently:

    I don’t see any relief at the QB position in the upcoming draft, so the only plausible solution is to trade the first round picks in 2013 and 2014 to San Fran for Alex Smith.

    Then we go after the best defensive back and best pass rusher in free agency.

  15. Marty

    Jeremy, Colt had zip on the ball and far more accurate as was seen in the preseason.Weedon overthrows,throws behind the intended receivers route. your’re judging the distanse colt threw in 2011.He did not call any of the plays.Shurmur called them. Jeremy, how far can you run in 1.9 seconds. That is time that was allowed to get rid of the football in 2011.If Colt was able to get a pass off in 1.9 sec., Who was going to get that far. When a QB gets hit many times during a games, bruises don’t go away in a couple of hours. Week after week a human being will get gun shy. I admit passes got blocked on the line of scrimmage. If you would of notice the defense was in front of Colt.The offensive line is much improved. I’ll even say more inproved than any other area of the browns.

    • ABrown

      Exactly right, Marty! The offensive line is the biggest change in the team. We also have a better running game and more talented receivers. Like Weeden’s scouting report said, he has to have a strong offensive team around him in order to function.

      But we rank 20th in passing yards per game this year, the same rank McCoy’s yards per game would have give us last year.

      It looks like we got better in every area but quarterback.

  16. Roderick

    Look Brandon Weeded has not has the experience at QB as the other draft picks he has started QB in college not High school as the other’s he was a pitcher.He didn’t learn to read defenses untill college or have a understanding the reads so give the man a chance.I know about his age & time table ppl put on him is unrealitic i am a Browns fan for life I played the game of organized football so i know & understand the difficulty’s that comes with the game.Far as the team is concerned it truely does has a chance there all kid’s learning the game defense is easier to learn than the offense the defense under achieved the early part of the season & the offensey struggled because they was in a process of accepting there responsibilitys thrown in the fire so just chill relax & stop being so hard on yo own team & degrading & demeaning yo own house meaning the browns we finally have a future & it’s finally bright unlike the othe years.All we need now a cb,de,lb’s & tighten up on the run blocking

    • ABrown

      Weeden didn’t just discover football a couple of years ago. He started at quarterback all through high school in Edmond, Oklahoma and played in the state playoffs.

      He spent 5 years on the football team at Oklahoma State where he red-shirted and spent 2 years as a backup before starting in the last 2 years.

      The biggest barrier to doing well in the NFL is dragging his feet about learning the play book and expecting to have everything he needs for the next game laid out for him each week in practice. Much like Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell, Weeden hasn’t fallen in love with the mental side of the game like the other rookies this year who are excelling. With an inflated sense of entitlement, Weeden has chosen the path to mediocrity in his preparation.

      • LG

        Just goes to show you these Weeden excuse makers will make stuff up to defend their guy….SMH

  17. Anonymous

    Why are you evening comparing what Colt did last year half the teams he played last year where bad teams! All 4 of his wins where against the 4 worst teams in the league! So just for get it. You don’t like Weeden mostly because you did not want him in the first place but why don’t you compare his play against team and compair that with other QB’s against that same team. Weeden did batter against Pittsburg then RGIII, Flacco, Dalton, Cassel and E. Manning, against Oakland he did better then Daltion and P.Manning, Against Cincinnati he did better than RGIII and Tannehill, against the Colts he played better then Luck. He got the lead in the 4th with under a minute left, he had the lead in the 4th against Baltimore. Every other coach with rookie QBs have altered their offense to sute their QB and simplified it that has not been the case with Weeden, the other rookies have had vett. receivers not Weeden. They also said that with Weeden the receivers would get better guess what they have. You have to remember every other rookie QB has gone to teams where there was hope to start with the Colts the year before where in the play offs and the year before that the best record they where winners. The Redskins had a lot of talent they just needed a spark. The Seahawks have a great D and a running game they have also been in the play offs. Cleveland is much tougher they have had a loosing history for a while and that takes time to turn around they also have a lot of young players. The stats don’t give the whole story they don’t take into the fact of who you are playing or the weather or even if your run game is working. Take away his first game and his bad weather game and things look a lot better. It can take time to learn your receivers you also don’t know if some of the problems he has had can be related to young recivers not running their routs correctly, they may also not be going at the same speed that they practice look at P. Manning he has had his problems with all new receivers remember they where able to win with poor QBs last year all they needed was a good QB to go deep in the play offs. E. Manning and Mat Ryan have had 5 pick days, about half the QBs have 11 or more picks.Your are unhappy I know but if you can’t wait for the team to get better you will have to find an other team it will not happen this year but next year you will see some a much better team

    • LG

      DId you watch the Pittsburgh game? They turned the ball over 8 times. If you can’t beat a team that turns the ball over 8 times you really have problems. The Browns defense hit the heck out of the steelers running backs and took that game awya with turn-overs lets see how Weeden does the next time he faces the steelers….

      • ABrown

        Anon. Weeden’s first 4 wins were against teams with a losing percentage of .428. McCoy beat teams with a winning record of.517 in his first 4 games.

        Those receivers you say got better with Weeden, they just got different. Gordon and Benjamin replaced Robiske and Stuckey.

  18. tongue_it

    I have said time and time again that Weeden should not have started as QB. I do not settle for mediocrity, I voice my opinons here like the next fan. I believe that if McCoy would have started this yr and stayed healthy we would be in the hunt of the playoffs.

    I dont have no say so who our stupid coach starts as QB, and I have rejected this since preseason.

    I to want this team to do well and reach the playoffs every year but unfortunately it’s not my decision.

    I have been a Browns fan since ’69 i’m 48 yrs old and still patiently waiting for them to win a Super Bowl.

    Cleveland has always had problems w/ coaches and QB’s over the years and I hope that the right changes are made at seasons end to move this team in the right direction.

    now I don’t take this piece personally because I don’t group mayself as one of those fans you have mentioned in your article. However I do see your point about some i’ve seen post here that they are sold on Weeden and I sure as hell am not.

    • LG

      I feel the same pain as you. One day we will make it to the big show….

  19. RICK

    LG, You can whine all year about the QB situation but Weeden will probably break a lot of Browns rookie records. I know he’s not your guy
    but it looks like he’s the QB for this year. Compare all you want but MCoy
    hasen’t played this year and your comparing the past with playing different teams. Looks like your making the stats fit your situation. Stats are to give somebody something to talk about and nothing more. You get so wrapped up with your stats that you can’t see the growth of the team.

    • LG

      Where are all the wins RIck? That is how I measure growth baby…..

      • RICK

        LG, We have as many wins this year as all of last year with four games play with more rookies playing this year and contributing. I believe you are early to judge without knowing the final outcome. When it plays out then you can judge and ridicule.

      • MIKE

        HA , once again a dumb comment. You measure growth by wins? So than please explain this ……Weeden threw for 264 yards and two TDs against the Colts………and if im not mistaken it was a WR (Gordon) who dropped the PERFECTLY thrown pass by Weeden which would have put Weeden over 300 yards and made it 3 TDS and they would have won ……… if you in fact do measure growth by wins……..explain to me your theory? Because they did lose…..and it defiantly was NOT Weedens fault….I guess what im trying to say is……you cannot mesaure growth by wins……..not when your talking about a sport like football……….you absolutely cannot measure growth by wins when your speaking about ONE person…………now measuring growth by wins for a whole TEAM…….yes you can do that.

        • LG

          If it is such a dumb comment why does Weeden’s head coach in the NFL continue to say it????

          • Mike

            Shurmurs a HORRIBLE head coach. That same coach who is saying that, is gonna be let go at the end of the season .

          • LG

            Are you sure they gonna let him go? Don’t get my hopes up for nothing….

        • ABrown

          Mike and Rick, I think you Weeden supporters don’t want to measure anything at all, because whenever you measure, Weeden doesn’t look good.

          Whenever you look at something verifiable, you lose the argument. Better to make up ways that Weeden could have played better this year if he were just a better quarterback.

          • ABrown

            Rick and Mike, you keep attacking statistics and measurements like they are responsible for Weeden’s bad performance.

            That’s like a carpenter cursing his tape measure because he learns he dosn’t have enough length in a 2-by-4 to finish a job.

  20. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … good article.

    once again , weeden supporters are not calling him a “stud” as you mentioned above … we just believe he is the better option at this time.

    browns fans settling for mediocrity ?? … mediocrity is pretty damn good right now as we have been terrible since our return in 1999. the talent is now in place … with another good draft the browns SHOULD be in the thick-of-it for years to come. haslam will settle on a coach that needs to be here for years to come.

    why are the steelers & others so successful ?? … continuity … the steelers have had 3 head coaches since 1969 … hopefully haslam has brought this thinking with him from pittsburgh. ’cause we’ve already tried “the 49er way” & “the patriot way” since 1999 … all of this constant changing in ownership , gm’s , coaches & philosophies has crippled this franchise.

    i’m glad jimmy haslam is in charge now … he is the best thing to happen to the browns since our return in 1999.

    better days are coming.

    have a good one …

    • ABrown

      But not continuous mediocrity, TB2. We have to get a coach and qb that are good enough to stick with.

      In San Francisco in the late 70′s they were on the verge of putting that kind of greatness in place with Walsh and Montana, but before they were in place the new owner went through 4 head coaches in 2 years. Then he hired Walsh.

      We don’t have our Walsh yet, and this team’s best candidate for the next Montana is on the bench.

  21. isitnextyear

    This is the LG we all know and love, back to the Weeden bashing and I assume for an encore you will be disecting Shurmer again. I do not care if a quarterback can throw for 500 yards a game, if he turns it over he is going to kill your team. If Weeden can understand who is on his team he can be a very serviceable. We need to get back to the shut down smash mouth defense days of old, build a lead and let the running backs punish the other team. Last thought, can Hillis be any more of a loser, way to go from hero to villain, SMH.

    • LG

      If you have seen some of my Hillis articles you would see I never thought as him as a hero the only good year he had Lawrence VIckers busting guys out the way. No Vickers Hillis sucked….

  22. tigersbrowns2

    don’t take it personal , my good man … but you , ABROWN & others let your dislike for weeden , or your thinking that mccoy got the shaft , blind your objectivity.

    does weeden do anything well ?? do you guys have anything positive to say about him ??

    • LG

      Listen Tigersbrown2 Weeden didn’t do anything wrong the Browns did by projecting him as a guy with a highly accurate arm that was going to come into Cleveland and win football games. The problem is that Weeden is stuck in the Middle and he doesn’t have the highly accurate arm we were led to believe he had. As far as liking or disliking him that shouldn’t even be brought into play here….I neither like him or dislike him. I have just simply stated the facts and that is where we stand. If Weeden can’t handle the press he doesn’t belong in the lime light…. His T.Q.R. is at eh least 10 spots worse than McCoy’s was last season & Colt had a worse team in every aspect offensively. I don’t care if last season’s Q.B. was John Doe the only reason McCoy keeps being brought up is because that is the metric we use to compare….

      • tigersbrowns2

        the question was … does he do anything well & do you have anything possitive to say about the man ??

        • LG

          Hey I guess you missed last game article win I gave him credit for showing some guts….Also he does do some things well, he makes some of the very best excuses and he also can throw a long pass every once in a while too….He hasn’t shown me he is a constant winner yet and I don;t see him as a positive team leader yet either….With that being said I don’t think you are going to get too many things he does well out of me…He has to prove himself first…

          • RICK

            LG, And MCoy has a winning record in the NFL? You said it was all about the wins. If MCoy had a winning record they wouldn’t have gotten another QB. (oh thats right would of, should of, could of) Comparing the past and the present with two different QBs is just crazy. The more accurate way would be to compare to the same year but we can’t do that since Colt hasen’t passed yet so your still living in the past with bad comparisons.I am not a Weeden fan but I think this plan could work out.The difference between our thoughts is I’m alright with Colt starting but you’re not with Weeden. I just think he gets ridiculed too much is why I comment on the Weeden and MCoy controversy. I believe we are heading in the right direction. That my opinion and we all have one.

          • LG

            Rick, how can you compare last season’s team to this season’s team? McCoy did better under Mangini

    • ABrown

      TB2, tell me this one thing. Commentators on the NFL network and the Sunday football shows talk about what a great year this is for rookie quarterbacks. But when they list the rookies, they list Luck, Griffin, and Wilson.

      Why is that?

  23. MIKE

    This is for LG –

    First of all i would like to say YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. You say you fell out of your chair laughing so hard when you heard Weeden talk about his tight ends? I almost fell out of my chair when i read your senseless article. Seriously , all you talked about was his QBR and thats all. Have you looked up his actual stats? He has less INT’S than Andrew luck …….he has 6 more TD’s than Ryan Tannehill……he has less INT’S than RIVERS , PALMER , ROMO , AND BREES…..and all you talk about is QBR……….You sound like a typical fan that knows NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL and is just some guy who caught his first glimpse of an nfl game on TV. He is a ROOKIE. Why dont you look up PEYTON MANNING ELI MANNING and many more great QB’s rookie seasons…..they werent all that great either and look at them now…………and its not all about the QB buddy…….WR have ALOT to do with things too. But i dont see you mentioning that? I mean seriously man , this guy is a rookie in the nfl and your acting he should of stepped right in to being amazing…… is the nfl yanno? Its not powder puff football. He’s on pace to throw for 3500 and 16 tds this year. Do all of us REAL BROWNS FANS a favor and shut up. Please.

    • LG

      Andrew Luck has thrown a lot more passes than Weeden too….Or doesn’t that matter to a Weeden excuse maker who continues to try and compare Luck to Weeden…Look at the win totals

    • isitnextyear

      Did everyone notice that when the Browns win the negativity goes away on these threads, when they lose, everyone needs to be fired. Do I agree with everything Shurmer does? No, but I am also sitting on my comfy couch watching the game. Do I think Weeden is the greatest quarterback ever? No, but he also is in his FIRST year. I think the Browns are headed in the right direction, trim a little more fat, and add a few key players, let these rookies gain experience and they are going to take off, The true problem lies with these negative articles and negative press. Do we settle for mediocrity? This year yes! We have been a bottom feader since returning, instead of continually bashing the team we should be talking about the positives (and that is in no reference to Haden’s drug test). Get behind this team! Get on the bandwagon now before it’s too late! Someone needs to help LG, he doesn’t see it, nor could he jump high enough to get on the wagon anyway. Move back to Pittsburgh LG.

      • LG

        Never lived in Pittsburgh at all….

      • ABrown

        Get on the bandwagon? I think that’s what the article is about. Why get on the bandwagon is it is going in the wrong direction?

        Browns fans are always being told to just be happy with ranking at the bottom of the league and keep buying tickets. That’s not the way winning teams work.

        This year we got suckered on a draft pick and we were told we had to start him because management made the mistake of picking him in the first round. We picked him in the first round, so he starts, even if he loses the phoney QB competition hands down and our talent expert saw there was a problem.

        Winning teams have REAL QB competitions because they put the best players on the field, no matter where they were drafted or what kind of contract they signed.

        Seattle signed Flynn to a multi-million dollar contract expecting him to be their starter. But when preseason started, their 3rd round rookie looked good. They gave him more playing time, compared all the QBs, and decided to play the guy who would give them the best chance to win.

        The Browns would have started Flynn and kept Wilson on the bench. If Flynn faltered during the season, the Browns would have doggedly stuck with him and not even looked at whether Wilson could do better, and settled for 4 or 5 wins with a strong defense but limited offense.

        Under current leadership, the Browns, in Seattle’s place, would watch the playoffs from home and talk about how much better things would be next year if we could draft a first round QB. . .

        There are a lot of Cleveland fans who hate mediocrity, but we’ve had powerful training to not complain and be happy with what we get, and what we get is often mediocre at best.

        LG, this is an excellent idea for an article. Everyone who loves football will enjoy learning more about improved rating systems like the ESPN Total QB Rating system and new ways of understanding more of what we see in a game.

        It’s a good measure of how on target you are when you see all the emotional name-calling and complaints. Good work!

        • LG

          This article certainly has hit a nerve and people have no good arguments when you see the numbers presented like this. Bob posted the link to the TQR and he used the word Mediocrity so when I saw the word I knew that was the word I have been looking for all season and I ran with it…… Not bad for starting out with one word…LOL no you come up with one word and I’ll run with that too…

  24. RICK

    Would someone tell me if we are not completing more long passes why does our receiving YPC seem to be higher. It doesn’t make sense if your dump theories are correct and if it is the YAC thing who cares yards are yards however they come

  25. KC

    I think Brown fans need to stop comparing Weeden and McCoy, this is getting ridiculous now. The season is just about over so all those hoping McCoy would have started forget it. All your comparisons really do not matter. I believe the Browns will keep the coach and Weeden for next year. No matter how you feel whether LG believes fans have become mediocre the truth is both will be here next year. Hopefully, McCoy will be traded and this will finally stop the comparison. The Brown’s have improved in some places and I do believe the defense have won games for the Browns. The offense does need more improvement including the QB. I believe Weeeden will get better, however, I do believe he is just an average QB and will never be ranked as a good or great QB. All you Brown fans be pleased that you see improvement but I hope you do not believe this core of coach and QB will take you to playoffs.

    • Leon II

      The stats are indicators of what might have been different but they aren’t facts that it would have been different. They are interesting points to debate but that is all they are – debatable. My favorite quote is that stats are like bikinis – what they reveal is interesting, but what they conceal is vital. Yes they give us a probability of what could occur but they don’t guarantee what would have occurred.

      I wanted McCoy to start this year but he didn’t. So I will never know if he could have been better this year then last. I will also never know if he would have been no better or worse. I didn’t want Weeden at 22 but he was taken there. I will never get to know whether drafting a CB or an OG in that slot as I had hoped would have had a positive impact on the team. I will also never know if they would have been a bust and a wasted pick. The list goes on and on of what I wish had happened, what actually happened, and the reality that we don’t know what would have been different.

      In the end I sit here wishing this season had resulted in more wins and hoping next year there will be. I think that is a sentiment that is shared by ALL Browns fans no matter what your opinion is on anything else.

      • RICK

        Leon, I agree with you on this. (thats my would of, could of, should of, I’ve been talking about)Stats make for an interesting talk but that is all.

      • ABrown

        Leon, good post. I don’t see stats as a prediction, at all. But they are a good measure of what did happen and can help correct false memories. And they are much better for evaluating performance than an emotional response.

  26. Brian

    One question to you on this , Would you take Andrew Luck right now?

    • LG

      It one heart beat

  27. RICK

    LG, Now you are going back two years? So that means he got worse last year, that doesn’t make sense. You’re really stretching now LOL

    • LG

      Shurmur mad it worse

  28. RICK

    LG, So now your saying that Shurur made him worse, sounds rediculus to me but whatever you believe I guess. I smell a conspirocy going on in Cleveland.

    • LG

      Rick McCoy had much better stats under mangini. Plus the Browns should have won at the very least 7 games last season. 2 long snaps blew 2 games and bad clock management blew one for sure maybe 2….

      • ABrown

        Rick, now you’re going to tell us Shurmur is a great coach?

        You’re right LG, there were far more problems than that, like special teams that gave up 2 touchdowns on returns in one game, pathetic time management, play calls for short passes to the middle of the field from the 50 when only 40 seconds were left and we needed a TD. Or the time our defense was standing around talking when the other team snapped the ball and scored a TD. There was also the replacement right tackle who had been in the NFL for 8 or 9 years and only started 3 games before the Browns got suckered into picking him up after the 2nd game, Or the receivers who led the league in drops, dropping roughly 20% of the passes McCoy threw and Shurmur didn’t have the guts or coaching skill to improve their skills and insist on better play, so they went on with that into 2012 until Shurmur feared it would hurt his job security.

        The whole team played worse with Shurmur.

        In 2010, we beat two of the best teams in the NFL back to back and had one more win than last year or probably this year.

        • LG

          It is amazing that nobody remembers last season. Shurmur did what he wanted, he blamed it all on Colt McCoy and everyone fell for it….Unbelievable….

  29. RB

    I doubt Smith or Barkley will be available when the Browns pick in the upcoming draft. So what do they do?

    I’m guessing they’ll keep Shurmur. I’m guessing we’ll keep the QB’s we have.

    We might try to trade a low round draft pick for maybe Rivers or Sanchez, because I’m guessing both will be available. We could possibly have them for a 5th rounder. Not sure they’ll be much of an improvement.

    • LG

      Why would we want Sanchez? You think it is just a Rex Ryan problem and Sanchez can win???

  30. RB

    Sanchez didn’t so bad in the past. Not sure if I want Sanchez or not. My guess is a change of scenary will do him good. His past successes are better than anything the Browns have seen in quite some time.

    I guess it comes down on whether they feel we have a viable QB or not. If they don’t feel either Weeden or McCoy are the answer, the draft really doesn’t offer anything that’s an improvement over what we currently have.

    That leaves us little choice – stay the course let either Weeden or McCoy give it another go, or go for someone elses qb. I am not sold on McCoy, but neither am I sold on Weeden. As someone else hinted in different words, I feel Weeden is the lesser of the 2 evils.

    And for people who say McCoy’s should wasn’t healed until this year. According to McCoy’s camp, his shoulder was at 100% in March of 2010.

  31. David

    Hello, LG. First time commenter here. Love your articles. As far as settling for mediocrity, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ll even go a step further, and this one isn’t about Weeden but about Shurmur. After just winning 2 back to back games(one against a Pittsburgh 3rd string QB, and another against a very week Oakland team), now I’ve heard quite a bit of fans say that they need to keep Shurmur for next year. And these might be the same fans that would have been screaming for his job had outcomes been different. What’s your opinion on this? Again, love your articles.

    • LG

      David, thanks so much for the compliment. I work hard at this and it is nice to hear you love the work. I think you are right on the money. These people are falling for this hook line and sinker. there is no way in hell I would keep Shurmur next year. They tried to lose the game in Oakland and I’ll tell ya right now had Pittsburgh not turned the ball over so many times they may have lost that game too. It will be real interesting to see what happens this week against Kansas City. The Browns will be facing a very tough Chiefs defense and this defense is the key reason Roehlisberger was MIA when the Browns played the Steelers. This Sunday if the O-Line can’t protect Weeden the Browns may have some problems. I can’t believe how fans thinks this team is so much better than they are. Sure they look tough but you got to put wins in the books. Then I have to hear how many passes the team drops. You know what, The Broncos dropped more passes than the Browns have and they cliched the AFC West already. Lets hope and pray there is no Pat Shumur in Cleveland the day after the Season ends…..

      • David

        Thanks for replying to my comment so quickly. I will second you on praying for no more Shurmur the day after the season is over.

        • LG

          Thank you very much for visiting the site and leaving your comments too. I do this for the fans,,,,,

  32. David

    Oh, one final thing: Will you have the same opinion on Shurmur, if for the sake of argument, the Browns win out the season and make it to 8-8? Again, for the sake of argument?

  33. Marty

    I followed LG just this year. He is knowledable and brings out was should be said. I blame management for just about everything.I wasn’t impressed with shumur and I don’t understand why was he ever considered for the job. I followed Colt in college, teams respected him. When Shurmur blamed McCoy for all of 2011. I can’t see why any of cleveland’s fans fell for that. It’s the biggest cop out I’ve seen.Pat can’t admit a mistake. How can anyone respect him. Weedon was a waste of a draft pick, does anyone believe he deserves a large paycheck.The great accurate and mature QB leading us to the playoffs. I still don’t see a good QB. The team makes weedon look better than what he actually is. Who could possibly believe he makes the team look better than they actually are. I rather see ABrown as QB than weedon.

    • ABrown

      Great post, Marty! And thanks for the vote of confidence. I may be old enough to be Weeden’s mother, but I’m more mobile and after raising cattle most of my life I know I’m not afraid to take a hit. I got kicked in the jaw by a 600lb feeder calf one time when I was working cattle, but I didn’t check out. My first thought was I was glad I didn’t have a glass jaw. I kept right on working, pushed him on up into the squeeze chute and finished vaccinating him.

      It’s pretty bad when your starting QB ranks at the bottom of the league on every QB measure, looks like a sissy to opposing defenses, and isn’t as tough as a typical grandmother.

      Why is there anyone who thinks Brandon Weeden is our best option this year or any year moving forward?


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