I have been told by many Browns fans to be patient, hang in there and just wait till next year. Now I am being told what an all time stud Brandon Weeden is. I think part of the problem has to be the Cleveland fans lost there favorite team in 1995 and they were so happy to finally get the team back in 1999 that they  settle for mediocrity. Sure the Cleveland Browns have just won 2 games in a row and I can't even remember the last time that happened, it goes to show you just how much I wanted to clog my brain with mediocrity, I didn't so I am not even going to look up the stat. You see folks, I am not willing to just settle for mediocrity, I want a winning football team. After all these are professional athletes playing in the National Football League and they make millions of dollars to play this game.

This season the fans are really settling for mediocrity, they have Brandon Weeden at quarterback and even though he is mediocre at best, the fans have bought into him hook,line and sinker. I know, I am not a Browns fan right? I have only been rooting for Cleveland Browns football for about 46 years, I use to make every home game of every season and I still make it a point to make sure my life's schedule is rearranged to enable myself to see every play of every game every week. But because I write article that tell the truth about the mediocrity  Browns fans have come to accept as the normal, I have been labeled not a Browns fan by the same people that settle for this mediocrity  week in and week out and from year to year too.

Will this being said, nothing is further than the truth, I am a Browns fan and will continue to be a Browns fan until the day the Good Lord carries me home. I just think we shouldn't have to settle for this mediocrity . We deserve better, we earned the right by supporting this team year in and year out. So with the disclaimer out of the way lets talk about Mr. Brandon Weedens total Quarterback Rating. If you use this as a barometer, Weeden flat out stinks. I now more of the not a Browns fan thing right? Just hold on we will start to talk stats and stats don't lie.

Weeden is ranked number 33 out of the 34 quarterbacks ranked in this table (T.Q.R.). Weeden is the worse quarterback taken in the NFL's 2012 draft. Now I can really hear all ya saying how anti Browns I am. But you are not listening the facts. I am a Browns fan and will be till I die. The problem is I am a Browns fan that doesn't like settling for mediocrity.

As I said Weeden is ranked 33 out of 34 guys who play Q.B. in the NFL. Weeden's total pass QBR is 26.1. You get graded on a scale of 1-100 and Weeden has 26.1 you have got to be kidding me. We fans in Cleveland see a guy who goes out on the field and throws a couple of long ball and we all go crazy. When you stop and take a close look at it and you see the Browns are 4-8 you can clearly see the fans are settling for more mediocrity. I saw Weeden on the news tonight and when he was asked how he managed to get the ball to his tight end more in the last game his reply was he just realized they were there. He said he didn't have them in college and his has some good ones here on the Browns.

I almost feel out of my chair laughing that it would take a professional athlete who makes millions a year 12 weeks to realize how to throw to the Browns tight ends. Hey just take a look at Weeden's stats by clicking here to compare him to the other 32 guys above him and you will start to understand that we as Browns fans have settled for mediocrity . Well not me not LG baby, I think it has been a long time since we had a winning football team and I want one. And not one with just 4 wins after 13 weeks of football.... If you disagree with the stats please click the post title and leave your reply below. I would be interested in knowing how you can argue with these stats....Please leave your comments.....

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