For some fans a bad dream has come true, the Cleveland Browns officially named Mike Lombardi as the teams G.M.. When Lombardi was hired by the Browns, his title was vice president of player personnel . Things have changed since the team hired Lombardi on January 18th, he is now the team’s G.M.. The Browns added Ray Farmer to the front office staff and gave him the title of assistant G.M.. If you listen to the way Joe Banner describes Farmer’s duties you would think the team has little faith in their G.M. Lombardi.

Banner says that Farmer give the team a voice. He went on to say that Farmer is good at being a top-tier player evaluator in the NFL. He came from the Chiefs, how good can he be? The Browns are bringing in all kinds of people who have a track record of losing a lot of games in the NFL. Maybe they feel it is time for everyone to turn things around. The Browns certainly have a lot of losing season to turn around. Why not gather up a bunch of people who have been losing in the NFL and let them have a crack at winning too.

It is funny that the draft is just about a month and a half away and the Cleveland Browns are still bringing in people to help the team evaluate talent. Lombardi’s record as a talent evaluator in the NFL leave little to be desired.  With the addition of Farmer maybe the team can pull off some moves to bring a couple of guys that can help make a difference on the team. The defensive secondary could certainly use a couple of play makers, lets hope the New G.M. and Assistant G.M. can get the job done.

Come April 26th when the 2013 NFL draft takes place it is going to be interesting to see what move the team will make. This will be the first draft with the teams new ownership in place. Lets hope they did their homework and pick some great players to help the Browns get to winning in the NFL. We all know what kind of player evaluator Lombardi was on the NFL network. All he did was to upset all the Weeden lovers when he made his feelings known on National television.

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Readers Comments (28)

  1. Dan B.

    Lombardi is a buffoon. Anyone coming in can do better, the only reason he is on the team is to be a yes man for Banner. Even though Farmer has to be better than Lombardi, he is from the Chiefs and they were a train wreck, they did also have 5 Pro Bowlers on the team.

    • Kildawg

      They also had Scott Pioli as a GM and Romeo Crennel as a Head Coach. Injuries played a role as well but it boiled down to who was making decisions as well.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i agree another yes man for the orange Goblin Joe banner i hope the new world order in Clevland know what in the hell they are doing because I don’t!

  2. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … 2 things come to mind …

    farmer was brought in to smack lombardi upside his if he gets ready to do something really stupid … or , farmer may be grooming himself for lombardi’s job should lombardi lay an egg as gm.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      LOL, that is too funny TB2. He has to be already smacking him then,,,,

  3. RB

    LG, Kansas City actually had 6 pro bowlers on their team. To me that is an indication that someone knew what they were doing.

    • LG

      Agreed But it was 5 right

      • RB

        I stand corrected at 5.

  4. dan dyer

    There I was getting ready to turn the corner and think “maybe this LG isn’t so bad. He’s making some very good points in this article.” Then out of nowhere…you throw out another Weeden backhand!
    You state that we all know Lombardi’s record as a talent evaluator in the NFL leave little to be desired, but yet you credit him in numerous articles for his evaluations and feelings towards a certain back-up QB. You can’t have it both ways. Either he can evaluate talent or not. Don’t credit him in one article when he raves about someone you rave about, then call him out for his less than desirable evaluations in another.

    • LG

      Dan, I think the point is he has failed in the past at his evaluations and he doesn’t like Weeden. Whether he is right or wrong those are his statements…..

      • dan dyer

        LG-No, No, No…the POINT was that you wrote an article about the GM and you still found a way to BASH Weeden. Also you will bring up his failures, but constantly reference his evaluations of Weeden vs. McCoy when you want to make a point on McCoy being better. You can not have it both ways, it ruins your credibility.

        • LG

          Dan, I don’t think I said anything about McCoy in this article.

          • dan dyer

            And thats why I said you’ve credited him for his feelings and evaluations on McCoy in numerous articles. Never said you said anything about McCoy in this article, just that you use Lombardi to slight Weeden…other articles you’ve written you use Lombardi to boast McCoy.

          • LG

            Hey didn’t you ever hear Lombardi’s feelings on Weeden? They weren’t very favorable….

          • dan dyer

            Exactly, so don’t call his evaluations less than desirable, then use his evaluations to prove your point on Weeden. According to what you wrote in this article Lombardi is not a good evaluator of talent. So if that is true then why would his evaluation of Weeden have any merit?

          • LG

            Dan, you are missing the point. Whether or not we like his evaluations or not doesn’t matter. He still doesn’t like Weeden.. So with that being said, he could have a hard time with Weeden and what you think just doesn’t matter to Lombardi.

          • dan dyer

            …and what you thin of McCoy doesn’t matter. It is all going to fall on what Chud and Norv think of them, not Lombardi.

          • LG

            I think Lombardi going to insert his nose anyway.

          • dan dyer

            and i think that is why farmer was hired. they must realize that Lombardi wasn’t capable of the job on his own.

          • LG

            Funny how they hire people who can’t do the job. They make a ton of money for doing a bad job……LOL must be nice..

  5. johnnyv

    No matter what happens it won’t be good enough. LG will continue to chew on his cud and berate Weeden. BTW LG you were ripping on Weeden’s off season activity like you know what’s going on, then its revealed that he’s been working with Chris Weinke in Florida. Did you report that? Did you consider he needed about 6-8 weeks to heal from a challenging season with a horrendous coaching?

    So you think 4-5 weeks isnt enough for a professional to complete his talent evaluation?

    An excellent writer like Terry Pluto doesnt need sensationalized content (or headlines) to get people to read. Report it right, report it good and for Pete’s sake end the perpetual stat skewed whitch hunts. Perhaps a remedial journalism class is in order.

    • LG

      Hey just started working with Weinke it isn’t like he spent his whole off season doing so…..

      • johnnyv

        To my point – 8 weeks off to recharge your batteries isn’t unusual. Anyone thats played the game knows how beat up you get. And it’s a longer season and a whole differnt ball game. I’m not saying he’s the man but the Browns are absolutely in a far better position now to coach him and decide if he is.

        Regarding Lombardi – i’m not a fan but he’s not a moron either. Hiring Farmer isn’t a bad thing. Surrounding yourself with the right people is vital.

        • LG

          I hear ya. The thing is he don’t work that hard when he is not playing anyway. Just go back and check him out in College, better yet read what his old QB coach had to say about him….

      • Dan B.

        OMG, are you kidding me…I know you are but what am I?… sound like a 5 year old with that last comment.

        • LG

          Man wouldn’t it be great if we could just go back to 5-years-old and restart?

  6. Matt

    Sounds like it is going to be another SNAFU to me.. I think they are flailing, can’t sign no one and Banner is up a creek…
    C’mon Jimmy you gotta keep these guys in line or you just blew a BIILLION DOLLARS on a losing bet…

    • LG

      Matt, One thing about the Browns people seem to forget is thy make a ton of money even when they lose…


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