Who Will Haslam Hire As Head CoachAs soon as the Cleveland Browns finish the season head coach Pat Shurmur and G.M. Tom Heckert will be fired. Some are upset with the firing of Heckert while others are ready to have a party to celebrate the firing of Shurmur.

Now the question is who will the Browns hire as the next head coach? There have been several interesting rumors as to who the next head coach will be. A lot of fans don’t want someone who will start over again and take years to build a winner in Cleveland. I for one don’t think Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner want to wait a long time for a winning team wither. With that being said who do you think the Cleveland Browns will hire for the teams next head coach? Vote Now……


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  1. muttklingon

    well it that time. to look hard at are cleveland browns? even the new own jimmyhaslam 3″th knowns the. you can’t keep changing coachies Or quatorbacks. the team was starting to work together as a team?.

    • Anonymous

      Donal Duck!!!!

  2. Bob

    So, Shurmur put in the media he was “dealt a bad hand.” News to Shurmur – All new coaches are dealt a bad hand, that’s why they are new because the last coach blew it. Geez. Now we are suppose to feel sorry for this guy. Shurmur was handed the job by a buddy of his uncle’s. He had absolutely NO head coaching experience & no playoff experience as an Offensive Coach. Did you even coach high school football as a head coach Shurmur? Sorry, the people I feel sorry for are the Browns players & the fans.

    So Shurmur, let’s see, just about every Browns player was “dealt a bad hand” having to be coached under you, “a first time head coach” and your terrible play calling. Just ask your quarterbacks, runningbacks, etc… .

    • LG

      I feel sorry Bob……I feel sorry they didn’t have the balls to fire his sorry ass after his last season…….

  3. mike

    The jerk should have never been hired to begin with.had to be one of the worst assholes as far as how he treated certain players and players with injuries.stupid stupid play calling for any coach.i’m sure he will get hired somewhere because someone will need a waterboy.

  4. longhaul

    have to agree with you bob and lg. if he would of had a clue as to how to use the talent he had he would have had a few more wins. he thought his boy weeden was goingto do it all and make him look smart.we all know how that worked out. any coach that wanted to win would have changed things up somewhere through the season and used mccoy. his play calling will never be understood by many. we dont need another coach like that.arians i think would be a good choice.gruden and cowher are set with there tv deals. i would like to see our defensive coach stay i think that has been the only brite spot this year.

  5. RB

    Well, it’s official…Shurmur was fired.

  6. RB

    Nothing on Heckert yet.

  7. RB

    Heckert supposedly fired as well. What a shame.

    • LG

      Yes Heckert was fired too. I don’t think Heckert did the great job of getting the talent everyone thinks….Look at Alfred Morris…6th round 175th pick in 2012

  8. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    it’s easy to bash shurmur , but i think he did about as good as he could do … i don’t like many things he has done , but i don’t think he’s an idiot either. the lockout set him back a bit last year & this year he had the youngest squad in the nfl … heckert definitely put some nice talent in place, but they are still young & made many mistakes throughout the season.

    you can forget gruden, cowher & billick & you can add mcdaniel & bill o’brien to the list … i am leaning toward chip kelly & mcdaniel … many are going to say mcdaniel is an idiot or an OC only. again , another guy that is not stupid & will get a look.

    heckert will be gone as well … haslam & banner need to make hires that will be in cleveland for years to come … CONTINUITY !!!!

  9. tigersbrowns2

    and btw ,in regards to your article before this one , imo , all the conspiracy theories about mccoy are a freakin’ joke … end of subject.

    and as promised , weeden graded-out C+/D- in my evaluation. the gracious grading was mostly due to the fact he was a rookie. i was mostly disappointed in his accuracy & his footwork … i have never seen so many passes batted down at the line of scrimmage.

    weeden should NEVER have been named the starter. especially with such a young squad. they should’ve started the season with mccoy & adjust as the season went along. you have to wonder what the brass felt like after the debacle in the 1st game against the eagles. weeden would not have been the starter on any other nfl squad.

    due to the fact i trusted holmgren’s evaluation of weeden , i went along with the move … in fact , i wanted to see if weeden could bring a new dimension to this offense. and while he showed glimpses of it , it never was there on a consistent basis.

    at this point weeden AND mccoy are both backup qb material … the browns will have a new starting qb next year & it won’t be a rookie. i’d like to see them pursue alex smith or matt flynn.

    i have heard rumors that if mcdaniels is hired he would bring ryan mallet with him form new england … and mallet , of course , is an unproven commodity.

    • LG

      Like I said TB2, it is funny to me Colt Practiced once and then was deemed UN-fit to play…..I think it is B.S.

      • Autopilot


        The worst thing that Shurmur did in Cleveland this year was ruin 2 quarterbacks in both Weeden and McCoy. Both of them have been misused and are now “damaged goods” in Cleveland and, as you pointed out, are both no more than backup material.

        So, what does that mean for the future? Their best options are as you have said in either Flynn from Seattle or Smith from San Francisco. I don’t know if the Browns can actually pull the trigger and land either one. But, that would be their best option because there isn’t a sure-fire starting quarterback in the upcoming draft…at least not one worthy of a first-round selection.

        I still believe that the Browns have Nick Saban in their sights as their first option at head coach. As I’ve said previously, he will come at an incredibly high price of $8-10 million per + 100% control of player personnel. McDaniel is probably second on their list and would be available at a much more favorable price. However, the Browns don’t need another “newbie” head coach but need one with strong prior head coaching experience to lend stability and credibility to this team. And McDaniel doesn’t bring that to the table, obviously.

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi AUTOPILOT … good post.

          that’s probably why you hire a new coach BEFORE a new gm. because it will come down to control with the highly regarded coaches. i am dreading the thought of lombardi as gm.

  10. tigersbrowns2

    i see the mccoy backers gushing about his td drive against the broncos.
    yes, it was a nice drive & he showed some good athletic ability on some of his scrambles.

    i also watched him bounce 4 passes 3-4 yards short of the receiver … he bounced 3-in-a-row short at one point. while arm-strength is a little overrated sometimes , you can see some of his flaws as well … just like weeden.

    • LG

      I thought McCoy said he threw the passes that way to give his guys some rest….

  11. Autopilot


    The worst thing that Shurmur did was to burn 2 quarterbacks in both Weeden and McCoy. So, you are very much correct in your assessment that both of them will be no more than backups going forward. The question now is whether the Browns can pull the trigger on either Smith or Flynn. The next draft has no sure-fire quarterback who would be a significant upgrade from what they already have.

    I still think that the Browns’ first choice for coach will be Nick Saban. As I’ve said previously, he will come with an incredibly high price of $8-10 million per + 100% control of personnel. McDaniel will be their next choice, although I’m not sure that he will fit their needs. They need an experienced head coach who can bring a sense of stability to the team. A new, green head coach wil not bring that dimension to the position.

    • PointNorth

      Haslam fired Holmgren because he hired Shurmur, and he fired Heckert because he failed to get RGIII in the 2012 draft. Haslam fired Dick Juron because we had no pass rush, but no news yte about Rich Childress? Weeden NEVER should have been handed the starting position without a true competition for quarterback. No NFL team will ever get Nick Saban to leave Alabama! My first choice for a new head coach is Jon Gruden, Jay Gruden for his assistant.

      • LG

        We did you get your information about Jauron being let go? He wasn’t let go yet…As a matter of fact all the coaches in Cleveland are going to be able to stay if the NEW Head Coach wants them here….

    • Bob

      Nice points everyone, but I disagree with most of you saying McCoy & even Weeden being backups. I actually believe they both can be starters, if put in a system that brings out their strengths and have a good coach. Just look at Washington & RG 3 and even Denver when they had Tebow. Both Washington & Denver changed their systems to bring out their QB strengths.

      My thoughts on these two:

      1. McCoy – We don’t know what he could have done with his stronger arm this year. Remember he stated he was fully healed from his BCS Championship injury just this past July. Also, Holmgren said it took until the 2nd year to get a grasp on the WCO they were doing. Also, remember Brees was shut down in San Diego and then came back to win a Super Bowl with New Orleans.

      2. Weeden – If put in a system that brings out his strengths he could do better and possibly stop his “deer in the headlights” appearance and judgement. I am not a fan, but he was under pressure to succeed under the awful play calling and judgement of Shurmur. If there is one positive thing to say about Weeden, it is quite an accomplishment to have made the pros twice – MLB & NFL.

      It will be interesting to see how both Weeden & McCoy do without Shumur. Remember, the new coach will decide who fits in with what he wants to do. I think one should be kept for next year while other areas of the team are fixed first. Then go after a QB in 2014 if it does not work out. Bringing in another QB will be hard for the team as a whole after all the year to year changes that have turned the Browns into a team with very little respect and almost a joke in the league thanks to Lerner and his poor management. Personally, I think they will keep McCoy as their starte because of his mobility, leadership, experience, his lower salary $$$ & age. If no on McCoy, I believe he will be traded to get another important need for the team. I also don’t think McCoy will stick around after the way he was treated if he’s not starting. No matter how much he says in the media how much he likes Cleveland, he does have to think of his career.

    • Bob

      When I wrote “.. but he was under pressure to succeed under the awful play calling and judgement of Shurmur” – The pressure I feel he had was knowing if he didn’t succeed Shurmur/Holmgren/Heckert could lose their jobs. Weeden should have never been a 1st or even a 2nd round choice and most teams knew that. I blame Holmgren most because of what he said about taking 2 years to know their system.

      • Autopilot


        I didn’t mean that Weeden or McCoy couldn’t be starters in the NFL. I meant that their days as starters are probably over in Cleveland. It will be very difficult for either of them to overcome the stigma that this past season has put on them…that Weeden was a bust this year and that McCoy was perceived as such last year.

        So, they both need a fresh start. Can that be with Cleveland’s new coaching staff? Who knows? But, the cards are stacked against them in Cleveland.

        With the right situation, either could excel in the NFL. McCoy is very similar to Drew Brees who was nothing special and deemed backup material until he arrived in New Orleans. Weeden is more in the line of a Tony Romo sort who lives to take chances and has a strong arm.

    • Matthew

      Autopilot- Matt Flynn? Nick Saban? The Browns dont need a HC who is going to bail on us like he did with Miami, And Matt Flynn is Colt McCoy minus the athletic ability. I just dont see the Browns absorbing Flynn’s salary only to get a QB with less NFL starts than Weeden, and who has about the same amount of years left in his career.

  12. RB

    Most coaches that have come from the Belichick school all have one flaw. They are not Belichick. I pray McDaniels doesn’t end up here, because he has already demonstrated his ability in Denver, with a more talented team than what the Browns currently have.
    Saban is all about Saban. He couldn’t hack it in Miami and ran back to the NFL. I would rather the Browns give L Smith a shot. At least you know what you’re getting.

  13. RB

    ran back to college*

  14. Bob

    Jim Tressel’s name is out there too.

    • LG

      I hope it stays out there too Bob…..

      • Bob

        Not my choice either.

  15. autopilot

    Sorry about the double posts…. Wow, there sure are alot of out-of-work NFL coaches out there now. Retreading may be a good thing for the Browns with a new environment for a few of them.

  16. Matthew

    What would it take to get Bill Cower over here? I hear he has a some Cleveland ties, and would bring instant stability.

    • LG

      Not sure but I would love to see that happen


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