Will Nick Sabin Be Hired In Cleveland The Cleveland Browns are back to searching for a new head coach after it was learned that Chip Kelly will remain at Oregon. Last Friday it was reported that Kelly would be the Browns next head coach. That was before Kelly decided to keep his meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Browns were stood up at their dinner meeting that never took place with Kelly on Saturday night because Kelly was still meeting with the Eagles who seemed to be keeping him from their former employee Joe Banner. The Browns would leave the desert without a deal with Chip Kelly and it is now back to the drawing board in the search for the Browns next head coach the teams 6th full-time head coach since returning to the league in 1999.

Before the NFL regular season ended, there were multiple reports about the Browns being interested in Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban. The Browns were reportedly set to offer Saban a 10 year deal that was worth a 100 million dollars.   Sabin had since said he was not interested in returning to the NFL, a place he visited for a brief time with the Miami Dolphins before jumping ship and heading back into the NCAA coaching ranks.

Could this all be a smoke screen? Could the Browns and Saban really come together and make a deal as soon as the National Championship game is over tonight? I guess we will soon find out. The Browns have a lot of choices on the table. Now that the Indianapolis Colts were eliminated from the play offs the Cleveland Browns are free to talk to Bruce Arians who would be a top choice for many NFL teams. Arians coached for the Browns as an offensive coordinator and helped take the team to their only play-off appearance since returning to the NFL. Could the Browns be interested in Arians, if the team is smart they would be.

Rumor has it Arians won’t come cheap. The Colts are believed to have up the pot when it come to Bruce Arians. They don’t want to lose him to another team especially after how sick the Colts head coach Pagano was this season. Arians stepped in and ran the Colts right into the NFL play-offs in Pagano’s absence.

Some people have talked about the Browns going after Lovie Smith who was fired by the Chicago Bears after spending years as the team’s head coach. One thing we do know is the Cleveland Browns will have a lot of options as their search continues today. Who the next coach of the Cleveland Browns will be still is a mystery the Cleveland fans would like an answer to soon.

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. longhaul

    im glad we didnt get kelly was not ever really impressed with him.i truely think that bruce arians is our best fit.

  2. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … happy Monday.

    i know this isn’t an english class , but fyi it’s s-a-b-a-n.

    did kelly actually stand-up the browns & never meet with them ??
    wow !! … and i was pretty certain kelly was gonna be the guy.

    • LG

      Kelly was to have a second meeting on Saturday with the browns and he never made it becasue he was tied up with the eagles…

      • Autopilot

        I think Kelly over-played his hand in the interview process with the Browns and Eagles. It looks like he was playing each team against the other and they both wised up and he wound up with nothing.

        I cannot believe that he would turn down a salary that probably would have been in the $5 million range when he only makes about $2.5 million at Oregon. So, his tactics probably backfired on him as he tried to get the Browns and Eagles into a bidding war for his services. When they weren’t taken for fools, he was left with nothing except to go back to Oregon…and hope for a pay increase from them for his efforts.

  3. ABrown

    I was optimistic about Kelly, but didn’t really know much about him. Now I know that he has teased NFL teams two years in a row to get a sweeter deal at Oregon and stroke his ego.

    Cleveland made a good faith effort, and we found out what we needed to know. Kelly isn’t the man we thought he would be.

  4. Big Duke

    So it sounds like the Browns have lots of options for a possible head coach. They better not wait too long by trying to find the BBD – bigger better deal or all the other teams with fired coaches will get those and Browns will be left with choosing between Romeo Crennel and Mike Holmgren.

  5. RB

    Give me Lovie as head coach and Turner from San Diego as offensive coordinator.

  6. Autopilot

    I’ve been saying for a while that it looked like that Haslam had his eye on Saban. After tonight, we’ll know for sure whether that is the case.

    The possibility of hiring Kelly made for good drama but it was apparent whenever he walked away from their first meeting that it might not happen. Saban will not come cheaply and Kelly may have been on their list only because they could have gotten him for much less than the price that Saban will demand.

    Now that their options to make a “big splash” are quickly running out, Saban will be in a much more enviable position to get what he wants (assuming that he is even interested in the Browns). The fact that the Browns are going to interview Marc Trestman is a possible sign of desperation. He has had success in the CFL but didn’t have much of it in the NFL.

    • LG

      If you look back one of the first articles I did on a new coach was about 100 million reasons Saban could come to the Browns that was before they even fired Shurmur….

  7. Bob

    I would like Saban. Would be a great catch. But I think the Browns should really consider Lovie Smith. He did get the Bears to the Super Bowl once.

  8. sharmom

    whom ever they get, it will be a bumpy ride, fans are so eager for a winning team again. Dog pound isn’t very patient and shouldn’t be. Not to Mr Haslam, full steam ahead we are ready for a winner and you will have the best fan base there is if we see promise.

  9. RB

    I really don’t want Saban. He gave up after 2 years in Miami, and the Cleveland project will probably take long than that.

    Lovie and Arians would be my first choices.

    My first choice for the Draft, regardless of the coach, is Moore, the DE out of A&M.

  10. Tom Wynne

    LG, LG, LG…hope you had great holidays…i was going to post earlier about how the Browns knew RBG III was frail and wouldn’t hold up to contact when they picked the more durable Weeden(LOL)…now that you’re laughing at that…the browns have as much chance of landing Nick Saban as i have being the Brown’s starting fullback(I’m 5’10, 218 lbs, very slow, and sort of old)…by the way…read Marc Trestman’s wikipedia…seems he might be able to jump start our inept offense.

    • Tom Wynne

      by the way, LG…I see you’ve been getting some flack over your opinions. Now, I NEVER agree with you…but I DO tune in everyday to see what zaniness you might throw out. That’s what makes this whole process fun…keep up the cards and letters(LOL)


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