Just click the article title to cast your vote. Do you think Hue Jackson the man who has a record of 1-28 should stay as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns? I mean look at the N.Y. Giants, when they fired their general manager, they let the head coach go at the same time.

Only in Cleveland, would you have an owner who hires a new G.M. then makes the statement that Jackson will be back as the team's head coach in 2018.

It's like putting John Dorsey in handcuffs, in my humble opinion. Sure Hue is a nice, likeable guy. But nice guys don't win NFL football games, and Jackson's record as the head coach prove it.

Hue is in over his head. He can't get this team to win a game when they had a lead with only 49 seconds left on the clock. He continues to make bad decisions and his lack of controlling game-time situations only adds to the loss column.

Dorsey knows NFL football, and comes into a bad situation in Cleveland. Haslam should have stayed silent when it came to who would be the head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 2018.

It was hilarious during the Browns press conference, when  a reporter asked Jimmy Haslam III, what if it is a problem with the ownership of the Browns. Everyone got a good chuckle, but it very well could be an ownership problem in Cleveland.

Saying Hue Jackson is going to be the head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 2018, pretty much proves that point.

Should Jackson return? Cast your vote now!!!!

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