This Sunday when the 4-8 Cleveland Browns travel to New England to take on the 9-3 Patriots, head coach Rob Chudzinski has the difficult task of naming a starting quarterback.

With concussions to both Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden, the Browns were forced once again to go out and shop for a quarterback. Surprisingly, the team signed Caleb Hanie.

Hanie hasn’t taken a snap in an NFL game since 2011. His numbers suck and it makes me scratch my head as to what the Browns were thinking. Just a week earlier the team signed trick shot artist, Alex Tanney.

Hanie tried out for the team at the same time the Browns signed Tanney. Tanney was the guy they picked and he should be the guy they start in the game against the Patriots.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First he has a strong arm and he is supposed to be a very accurate quarterback. Second, he is hungry to show the NFL what he can do. The kid would put his heart into this game and he would be a better choice than Hanie.

Hanie doesn’t bring much to the team, his numbers suck and he isn’t better than Weeden. Hanie has a career rating of 41.6. He has thrown 3 career touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Tanney is unproven and he should be given the chance to show the team what he can do. Of course if the Browns medical staff clears Campbell to play, none of this matters unless the Patriots knock him out of the game.

It is going to be interesting to see who Chud starts this Sunday. Stay tuned to Cleveland Sports 360, I’m sure we will hear something today about who will play QB for the Browns.

Leave your comments below and tell us who you would start this Sunday.

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Readers Comments (17)

  1. RICK

    Give Tanney a shot. What the hell does it matter now. Lets see what he’s got for the future.

    • LG


  2. luke49

    If Campbell or Weeden pass the protocols , I start one of them. We really don’t know enough to start one of the others. Tanney may be highly accurate, but take 6 to 10 seconds to pick up his receiver and get a pass away. That will never work, our oline cannot sustain the pocket long enough for a really effective passing game, unfortunately they don’t run block well either. There is a reason Tanney was still on a scout team, but if he looks good in practice and he gets the ball out fast enough then I would give him a shot. If that is the case I think Chud will give him a shot. If he doesn’t , we will have a pretty good idea why. It is highly unlikely Hanie even gets a chance unless the others go down. However they have to have at least a warm body to put out there for cannon fodder.

    • LG

      No one in Dallas is going to pass up Romo.

      • luke49

        There are a lot of teams that have been in the market for a backup QB, and the Browns are the first to pick him up? With typical Browns good luck what can he be? Really good , I hope, but…….

        • LG

          Hanie isn’t that good and no one knows if Tanney is going to be good or not. With that being said I would play Tanney….Why not? What is there to lose? He might be good….

  3. Felix DeAngelis

    Let’s see what kind of skill set Tanney has in a real regualr season game. No one was expecting the Browns to win this game regardless of who we had at QB. Hanie has already had his shot in the NFL and was deemed too mediocre to stay in the league. Hanie is fine for an emergency situation. Tanney will at the very least get some experience without the pressure to win that comes with a normal game.

  4. G

    Tanney Time! I don’t think Mr Hanie
    was brought in to start this week (Though I’m sure no one in Hooterville will miss him). Even if Campbell is cleared to play, the risk/reward on his health at this point might not be worth it. Bring him in if need be, but 1st let’s see what Mr Trick Shot has up his sleeve.

  5. Jim Kirk

    Great read Larry … thanx !

  6. BGJ

    I believe it will be Tanney, Hanie is just insurance in case no one else is available to back up Tanney. Not many other QBs out their at this point. Would love to see what Tanney can do and not like we have anything to lose at this point.

  7. AL

    Ok with the Hannie , Tanney team and Campbell as a maybe ,as soon as Weeden ‘s vision is good enough to see his locker I’d have him clear it out for someone else ,maybe the trick shot guy can throw all Weedens stuff into his car from there hahaha !

    • LG


  8. JIM V

    How about the guy NE knows the least about! That could be interesting!

  9. j coop

    The Browns should start Otto Graham or Milt Plum.

  10. Randy

    They had Brian Hoyer, who many teams passed on buried on the depth chart, so why not give Tanney, who many teams passed on, a chance? We have already seen Hanie can’t do and that is be an NFL QB.

  11. Dave W

    I say let Tanney have a shot and see how hungry he is to show what he can do. If Campbell is cleared keep him as backup just in case but give him more time to heal. Hanie would be a mistake of disastrous proportions even worse than Weeden. As far as Weeden is concerned I wouldn’t let him take snaps for Billy to kick field goals. All the defense has to do is yell “BOO” and he forgets where his receivers are. I think he’s flippin color blind. I would have fired him at halftime last Sunday. If I had a direct line to the coaches we would have onle gave up 7 points instead of 13 at the end of the 1st half Sunday so please listen to us now coach Rob!

  12. JIM V

    I vote for Tanny. NE knows really nothing about him. It would only make sense, that is if he can get rid of the ball in a couple of seconds. The only thing I don’t know, is he mobile? He would diffidently be better than WEEdlost!


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