The Cleveland Browns come into the 2013 season with 4 quarterbacks now on their roster. It is hard to imagine there will still be 4 quarterbacks on the Cleveland Browns roster when the season starts.

With that being said, which guy is not going to be here once the regular season starts. The Browns new coaching staff and front office went out and signed Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer. I’d say those 2 guys have a strong chance of being on the team once the season gets under way.

That leaves 2 guys with question marks, the first is the obvious choice. It is difficult to imagine the Browns keeping Thad Lewis on the team. The current decision-makers didn’t bring Lewis to Cleveland and he is left over from the Pat Shurmur days.

The second is Brandon Weeden. It is just as difficult to imagine the team getting rid of Weeden before the season starts. The Browns decision-makers didn’t pick Weeden to be on this team, they kind of inherited him much in the same way they are stuck with Lewis.

When the Browns brought in Hoyer last week, people sensed some urgency in the team’s search for a clear leader for the team’s offense this season. Is Hoyer that guy? He hasn’t been able to do it since coming into the NFL and it is difficult to imagine him suddenly taking over the head single calling position with the Cleveland Browns.

This leaves the question of which guy the Browns release before the season starts. With this front office anything can happen. They are giving Weeden a shot to show what he can do so it doesn’t look like they are going to get rid of him. But I have learned never to say never.

The odd man out, probably will be Thad Lewis. Unless the Browns keep him on the team’s practice squad, I can’t see him being on this team once the regular season gets under way. The team probably starts the regular season with 3 quarterbacks on their roster and that won’t include Thad Lewis.



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Readers Comments (15)

  1. RICK

    All four have a chance and they have different styles so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

    • LG

      Who you think gets the start?

  2. RICK

    I think Weeden or Campbell will get the nod.It Should be fun and interesting to see how this developes though.

  3. Ross

    If only they would have kept McCoy around there would be no chance Weeden would be sticking around. Give me a break. Weeden will be your opening day starter. Campbell backing him up. Hoyer is a career back up, he’s the same caliber player as McCoy. Thad Lewis will be gone.

    • LG

      Who brought McCoy into this?

      • Ross

        I was just surprised you left him out…thought I’d help you out.

        • LG

          LOL to funny Ross…..Watch him have some kind of break through in S.F.. that is Cleveland Luck….

  4. skippyjoe

    get rid of worthless weedon and lewis.. we need tebow good draw!!!!

  5. RK5

    LG how about a wager on who starts week 1 for the browns? Ill put up cash in Weedens favor(Ill let you suggest amount) and you put up never writing about the browns ever again in favor of JC or BH. Can we work out a Deal?

    • LG

      Why don’t we bet who finishes the season?

      • RK5

        You are talking about him not making the roster, so you can’t think he will be week 1 starter.

        • LG

          Hey ya never know in the NFL do ya?

          • dan dyer

            Typical LG–run your chops until you are called out, then you back down, make excuses, and never stand behind what you constantly write about. Does it smell like chicken in here?

          • LG

            What are you talking about Dan? I stand behind what I write…..

          • dan dyer

            then take the man up on his bet!!!

            And how can you stand behind what you write when you change your stories to back whatever point you what to make…ie Jason Campbell


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