In the end of the preseason it was Seneca Wallace who would get the axe in Cleveland, perhaps it was unwillingness to be a team player that cost him his 3 million dollar a year back up job. Or could it be when he was called upon to start in Colt McCoy’s absence last season he couldn’t post a win? Wallace had the nerve not only to not help his team mates become better football players he went on the air ways and talked about his unwillingness to do so. Not the brightest bulb in the pack was he.

With team president Mike Holmgren being so fond of Wallace some thought he would be a fixture in Cleveland as long as Holmgren was at the helm, little did people know when training camp started that the Cleveland Browns would be sold, not only is Wallace out of work for now, Holmgren could soon be joining him in the exit line. Wallace has ten years in the league, he showed he could still come into a game and lead his team down the field, he could land with a team before it is all said and done, one thing that could stop that from happening is his 3 million dollar salary. The other thing that may get in his way is his selfishness….

For now the Cleveland Browns have closed the book on Seneca Wallace. Colt McCoy has survived and some think that may just be temporary.

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