By Chris Mortimer

Free Agency is anything but free. The Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren and GM Tom Heckert, have said they will be more active in free agency but yet outside of Rucker and Parker no moves?…After watching top talent go find other homes in the league. Cleveland fans are left still wondering when we will make our big move. I hate to say it but we probably won’t be making a huge splash or even a big one at that.

I do think more FA moves are yet to come. This was only the first wave of free agents the next wave will come after the 2012 draft. I think they will follow there plan to build through the draft. This means they will make most free agent moves in the second wave.

In the second wave you may then claim the rookies that are UN-drafted. If the browns wait for the second wave they might be missing out on big names but they will have the money for many mediocre to small name players. If some how a big name falls through the draft I’m sure they would make a move to get him. Big names falling are highly UN-likely but could happen.

Just like every Browns fan in the world, I was sitting back watching and waiting for the Browns big move that never came. If you look at the Free agents left, there are plenty that could help us win. They could also fill in needs.

After watching almost two days of FA i thought to myself…the Browns will wait till the last two days of FA to sign some Free Agents. I mean they sit there and watch guys go here and there. Last two days they go after couple guys and hit them with “ya know last couple days of Fa and no one has signed you we are willing to sign you come to Cleveland”. We get them cheap off the fact that no one wants them. So with that being said if this is what they’re doing then I look for them to go for these guys.

LB-Goff-26yr old-NYG
RLB-Hayes-24yr old-TB
LLB-Groves-27yr old-Oak
LLB-Wheeler-27yr old-Ind
RT-Keith-27yr old-Ari

Now I’m not saying they would take any of them. If that’s what there doing then those are the guys to get. I really like Hayes the 24yr old from Tampa. Not that I don’t like any of the others but he really stands out to me. He would fit in good with the Browns.

The reason I like Hayes he is experienced and young, so you get both sides of the player in that aspect. The Browns need a OLB to go with D’Qwell Jackson. If you can bring in an experienced player would you?…yes of course you would and that’s basically what your getting in Hayes. He can play left or right so he is versatile as well.

Living in Tampa for the last NFL season I was able..well forced to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I found that Hayes was constantly around the ball. He makes big plays when the opportunity presented itself. Although Geno is visiting the Broncos this week if he doesn’t go there we have a real shot at him.

Don’t get discouraged Browns fans, like they said free agency isn’t over. The is still a lot more to come and hopefully they come to Cleveland. There are still a lot of FA’s out there, still those guys would all fill our needs. They all bring one thing the Browns do need…Experience. Just stay patient Browns fans and lets get ready to win this year.

Thanks for reading and as always….GO BROWNS!!!!

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