NFL insiders are reporting that Cleveland Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam III will be forced to sell the team. The concerns are that Haslam’s bank accounts are going to take harder hits  than Cleveland quarterback Brandon Weeden took in his first game last season, leaving the billionaire in poor financial shape.

The NFL has standards for team owners. The insiders are saying, if Haslam loses enough law suits, he may no longer meet the standards they have for team ownership. If Haslam was as smart as he thinks he is, he would already put the for sale sign up on the team.

This scandal is a large distraction for the Cleveland Browns. Some fans are so disgusted about the events surrounding Haslam and his truck stop company, they refuse to even talk about it. They cannot believe their hopes in the new ownership has been taken away already.

This could be the shortest lived ownership in NFL  history.  Haslam is refusing to step aside and continues to say he and his company did nothing wrong. He puts on a great show. The sooner this gets behind the great city of Cleveland the better off the Browns will be. If the ownership of the Cleveland Browns changes hands again, how long is the rebuilding process going to last? Would Chudzinski be the head coach? Would Joe Banner be the teams President?

There are lots of questions that people are wanting answers to. The future of the Cleveland Browns with Jimmy Haslam III as owner, doesn’t look bright…..

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