If the Cleveland Browns had any doubts about Brandon Weeden’s leadership abilities, he did his best to put them to rest against the Detroit Lions. The Cleveland Browns went into the locker room with a 17-7 lead over the Lions.

For a moment in time people might have thought, Norv Turner and Chudzinski have gotten through to Weeden, they might have thought Weeden finally figured out how to play quarterback in the NFL. Boy were they wrong.

Weeden came out in the 3rd quarter and the Browns offense looked terrible. The Browns offense went 3 and out on 3 consecutive possessions. Weeden looked as bad as he did in every game he started this season and he failed to get his team to score in the second half of the football game.

The Browns have to be out of the Weeden development business by now. The guy can’t play football in the NFL. He makes bone head decisions and the Browns will never be consistent winners with Weeden and their signal caller.

His ability to throw the game away makes you wonder if he is being paid to do so. How in the hell can a guy play quarterback in the NFL make so many bone head mistakes. How can a guy just throw the ball up for grabs as often as he does it.

Weeden is incapable of grasping how to play quarterback in the NFL. The Browns have enough talent for the ship to sail well. As long as the team has an anchor like Brandon Weeden holding the ship still, the team will never carry out their goals.

The Cleveland Browns have to get rid of Brandon Weeden. He is a cancer for this team.

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  1. marty

    Lg, There isn’t one good thing about Weedon. No one in their right mind wants to be associated with a loser, Weedon is cancer to this team. Cancer will spread and kill the incentive of this team. I have never seen weedon look at pictures of the previous set of downs. He must get paid to play, he surely doesn’t perform.Weedon has to be cut.We have no chance to win with weedon fighting our team the whole way. Weedon fans sure know nothing at all about football.YOU PLAY TO WIN, not to be a joke of the NFL. 62 yrs old, I’m just about running out of hope.

    • LG

      The only good thing would be if we heard Weeden’s name in the same sentence that contained the word cut……

  2. louisianamike

    he just doesnt care…..he got his money and bonuses.. time for him to go.. he had his chance but he isnt even trying to change his habits to get better so time for him to go

  3. Kathleen Guthrie

    Please send Weeden packing fast. We will never win another football game as long as he is the Cleveland Browns quarterback. He’s stares down the guy that he’s going to throw if I can see that you know the other can see that stuff.

  4. Thomas

    You’ve been right all along L.G. I’m with Marty, I’m 58 and the Kosar years seem to be ancient history. Not sure what to do now about a quarterback this far into the season. Play for the draft and maybe get Boyd, Bridgewater will be gone by the time we pick.

    • LG

      I called it after the first preseason game I ever saw him in. Here is a show I did with Weeden’s Brother check it out….

  5. Jeff

    Lg Im telling you campbell wont look any better. The dude had one decent year and thats it. I say we sign matt flynn, let him sit a few weeks and learn the offense then throw him out there and see if it gives us a spark. I mean what else can we do?!?!?!

    • LG

      We have to find someone on the street then, because we deserve better than this piece of crap they cram down our throats

    • FoeverABrownsfan

      I say we grab Brett Favre to finish out the season. I have more trust in Favre than Weeden

  6. David

    As always LG, right on the money. I was trying to give Weeden a benefit of a doubt, but even I can’t after this. Granted, the stupid refs didn’t exactly do us any favors either(the 2 penalties against Haden were a complete farce). However, Weeden throwing that ball sideways which resulted in the INT was not only boneheaded but plain inexcusable. Plus we have 2 road games in a row(Green Bay and KC Chiefs). We need all the luck we can get, if that’s even enough.

  7. Dwight

    Weeden is bad but today’s loss was squarely on the shoulders of the coaches–Horton had soft prevent and the offensive play calling in the 2nd half was terrible-if the coaching does not improve–a new QB won’t help win games.

  8. wolfen

    the new three stooges Norv Turner,Rob Chudzinski and Brandon Weeden and there not the least bit funny, if weeden starts another game i will burn my tickets and find another team to watch

  9. Old Goat

    I have been a fan since the end of Frank Ryan’s days. my dad and uncle took me to Hopkins to await of the Browns from Baltimore. now that was team. I have seen them come and go–Bill Nelson to Bernie Kosar and beyond. Weedhed needs to be cut from the team. Bring back Seneca as a back up and have Campbell start it can be no worse.

  10. marty

    Dwight, the officating was bad. You just don’t know football.Weedon was Detroit’s best player.The 2nd half Weedon did everything wrong. He stunk up the stadium.Weedon fans deserve to eat crow.How obvious can it be for them to see. I rather see any QB, then Weedon behind center. Get that idiot out of Ohio.

  11. Bill

    Please, please bench Weeden now. Give Campbell a chance. It can not be worst then this. I really miss Hoyer. I just keep thinking what could have been with Hoyer at QB all season. What could have been.

  12. M.C.

    Cut DICK WEED NOW!!! And they say TBONER
    can’t play in the NFL. Get Vinny off the couch, maybe Bernie or Sipe. DICK WEED makes me want Mike Phipps back too.

  13. Big Duke

    To all Weeden fans:

    In case you are still on the fence whether he still sucks. Try to find the game highlights and especially watch the play with the Browns only down by 7 pts. with 4 minutes left in 4Q and our ‘lil Weeden decides to throw a desperate, underhanded, wounded duck floater, shovel pass high up in the air, which was naturally was intercepted ending any hope of a Browns comeback.

    That one play provides you more than enough information for you need to determine whether Weeden can win in the NFL.


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