The Cleveland Browns the team that has the best fans in the world are now faced with a good old fashion quarterback controversy and the head coach has no idea how to handle it. The fans that attended the Browns home opener were already booing the Browns 28-year-old rookie, Brandon Weeden and they wanted to see Colt McCoy  get the Browns an opening day win, something that hasn’t happened in the past 7 years. Can you blame the fans for being a little irate?  Why not, the Browns were close, they were in a game that many picked for them to lose.

The Cleveland Browns defense all but gift wrapped the game for head coach Pat Shurmur, by now the people who know football in the town have already pegged Shurmur as a moron that has no business coaching football in the NFL,   Shumur himself placed the exclamation point on his moron-ness by not going for the 2 point conversion when the Browns defense scored their only touchdown.  Amazingly the Browns would end up losing the game by the one point Shurmur denied the Browns from putting on the scoreboard.  What did that tell us Browns fans?  Pat Shurmur doesn’t even have enough faith in his rookie Q.B. Weeden to let him go for 2 points.

Here’s a thought for Shurmur, Josh Cribbs could have tossed a touchdown pass for a 2 point conversion if you didn’t want to put Colt McCoy in the game.  Yes that is right Shurmur, Cribbs can throw the football, you pulled off a trick play with Benjamin, why not pull one off with the guy the Browns had listed as their 3rd string Q.B. before your sorry butt came to Cleveland?

No that we have that out-of-the-way let’s get down to the real problem the Browns fans are facing.  Sure the Browns have a new Q.B., sure this guy is a rookie and sure we can’t hurt the guy who is making millions of dollars to go out and win football games feelings, or he might want to run back to Oklahoma, just like he did we he couldn’t cut the mustard in major league baseball.  Yes folks Brandon Weeden comes from a failed baseball career and he is now working on a failed football career.

Needless to say it has been a rough couple of months for us here at CS-360. We happen to tell it like it is and we use facts to back up our articles.  One fact I would like to point out to you is, Brandon Weeden playing for 4 quarters in a football game and finishing the day with a 5.1 Q.B. rating is terrible. It down right sucks. For those of you who think this can improve, let me point out the obvious.  If Weeden goes to Cincinnati to play the Bengals and comes out with a 10.2 rating he would be twice as good as he was lest week. If he comes out with a 15.3 he would be three times better than he was last week, but guess what people, you aren’t going to win in the NFL with that kind of rating, trust me.

Now by this time a lot of you fans are thinking this guy really hates Brandon Weeden. Believe me when I tell you this, I don’t hate anyone especially Brandon Weeden. The reason I am writing this article is because this is the kind of quarterback the Cleveland Browns hierarchy picked to stick us Browns fans with. Then Mike Holmgren, not Tom Heckert talked his hand  picked moron Pat Shurmur into keeping his mouth shut and naming Weeden the Browns starter before they ever saw the Weeden panic,yes panic that forces him to  drop the football. Yes sir, even though the Cleveland Browns front office had privilege to the same information on Brandon Weeden as everyone else in the free world, they made the choice to ignore it and just go with a self-made failure as their starting quarterback.

There are people who make a living scouting guys in College who play football, these are professional scouts, they know who can get the job done and who won’t be able to perform in the NFL. It is hysterical how most of these scouts said Brandon Weeden can’t take the pressure of a pass rush.  It is even more hysterical how these same scouts said if Weeden faces any pressure, he is prone to make mistakes that will lead to turn overs. It is even more hysterical how the guys running the Browns with the exception of Tom Heckert chose to ignore everything the professional football scouts had to say about Brandon Weeden.  For those of you who are thinking I’m nuts, just google everything you can find on Brandon Weeden. You’ll find the information these scouts reported, I did. Go ahead have a look.

Now that we are smack in the middle of it, the good people running the team Cleveland Loves the most, aren’t going to say they made a mistake. They are stuck with Brandon Weeden as the Browns starting quarterback. The question is for how long do the fans who buy the tickets and support this team have to put up with this garbage Shumur is putting on the field? When you are 28 going on 29 you are pretty much set in your ways. You have heard the saying a million times “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick”. That is what we the fans of the Cleveland Browns have here folks. We have an old dog that can’t learn new tricks.

To make maters worse, we have a new head coach that has no business being in this position, he doesn’t possess the experience to know how to correct the situation. When you put these 2 problems together, you end up with a losing football team. When you have a guy playing Q.B. for your team that is afraid to take a hit in your backfield you have a problem. You either are born with the courage to get the job done or you are going to be squeamish and make a ton of mistakes. I believe we have the later with Brandon Weeden.

People were down on CS-360 in the preseason when I pointed out the obvious, now that others are seeing it in the regular season they don’t think I was to far off.  Yet you have the fans who think there is some kind of magic pill they have in the locker room and by this Sunday Brandon Weeden is going to come out transformed into the next Joe Montana. It isn’t going to happen people. Brandon Weeden is not going to turn the Browns into a winner. The head coach who has refused to admit he was wrong is going to subject us to more of the same. Shumur is the same guy who told us before the Browns final preseason game how ready Brandon Weeden was, he is the same guy that told us before the Eagles game how ready Weeden was, he is the same guy who has no answers as to how correct the situation. Shurmur said Weeden needs to throw the ball better.

If Shurmur was telling the truth when he told the fans how ready Weeden was, then the Browns have a coach running the team that doesn’t know what ready is. Now that’s a problem…. A lot of people tell me I am not a football coach and I wouldn’t know what to do in this situation. I can tell you this, I have a lot of common sense something the people who are presently running the Browns lack.  I would have waited to see how Brandon Weeden performed in a couple of preseason games before naming him the starting Q.B.  Especially after ready the scouting reports on Brandon Weeden. Better yet I would not have drafted Brandon Weeden in the first place, I would have taken players who would have improved the Browns as a team….

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Readers Comments (20)

  1. muttklingon

    like to see the coach Shumur browns spilt quartors between weeden &mcCoy. i saw coach Sam. do it thelate70

  2. MHswallows

    Spot on analysis.

  3. Pam

    You are soooo right.

  4. Kevin

    I just don’t get it… Every coach makes substitutions at all of the skill positions except quarterback. They don’t do it at quarterback because they say it will interrupt the continuity of the on field leadership and gameflow. If the team were to practice consistently with two quarterbacks, they would get used to it, and it would confuse game day defenses who would try to defend against two styles of quarterback instead of one.

  5. Kevin

    In fact, has anyone every tried to use two quarterbacks at the same time in the same play? There is no rule against it!

  6. jtoldman

    I stopped reading this article after a few paragraphs. This is just ramble. In the next week or two we will most likely stop hearing from you when Weeden performs at a level commensurate with his potential. In my opinion, the moron is you. Why are we soooo quick to condemn an established coach and a QB who has only played one game. If after 3 or 4 games we still have this kind of offense, I will recommend you as the new HC and McCoy the new QB. Until then, this is just bellyaching.

    • LG

      I will be the first one to say I was wrong if Weeden ever turns things around. Obviously you haven’t studied the scouting reports the scouts put out on Brandon Weeden before the draft. What we are seeing is what Weeden is…As far a an an established coach , who is that? Shumur? He had no head coaching experience before he was named the head coach of the Cleveland Browns….

    • jackpot6

      This is just sooooooooo Cleveland like !! We need to send Holmgren packing and he can take Heckert and Shurmur (the idiot) with him.

  7. Bobby D

    Really LG? It is media types like you who do not have a clue. Yes Shurmur should have gone for 2, it was a mistake. I read most of your stuff and we both know I have pointed out countless mistakes in your articles. Should we write numerous articles calling for your head. (I stopped with the hate mail).

    Media types like you wanted Belichick gone when he was the coach for the Browns. The same people who last year were telling us how bad McCoy was. Guess what everyone here gave McCoy 22 games to show us some thing and he didn’t except against second stringer in presseason.

    I will go out on a limb and tell you for sure that by the time we play Cincy the second time Weeden will be showing he is the guy. That is week 6.

    • LG

      Bobby D, never once did I ever ask for Belichicks head. If you got back trough my articles you’ll find one when I told people in the city of cleveland to give Shurmur a shot and said remember Belichick. The thing is we are seeing the same Shurmur we saw last year, he brings in a O.C. and still the offense isn’t doing well. Shurmur has no Clue…

  8. Joel

    Although I agree with your disdain for Weeden’s performance and Shurmur’s decision-making skills, I have a much bigger problem with your quality of writing. It sounds like it was written by someone in high school. I realize you aren’t getting graded, but you are getting paid right? Take some pride in your narratives, man.

    Go Browns!

    • LG

      I’ll try to do better Joel. Thanks for your advice….I am working on it…Just had boiling blood at time of story….

  9. ABrown

    Here they go again. The “established coach” right or wrong gang. How’s the brain trust in Cleveland management working for you now? Oh, we have to wait longer to see something good? In preseason, you told us to wait for the first regular season game. And here we are.

    LG is correctly reminding everyone of the widespread scouting reports on Weeden that all agreed that he wilts under pressure. From seeing him now in the NFL, I’d have to agree that he PANICS under pressure. That’s the hardest problem to correct in a quarterback.

    How do you fix it? Build him a panic room? Design a see-through bubble around him because no pocket is ever going to be secure enough even behind a much better O-Line. As Coach Shurmur and Branden Weeden assure us, “All the problems can be fixed.”

    I guess they can. But how are we going to get the ball out of the bubble we need to make our QB feel safe???

  10. SteveB

    Shurmur annointed Weeden before a pre-season game because a) they wasted a first round pick on him and needed to justify it, regardless if he was ready or not, and b) Shurmur is pissed at McCoy and/or his dad for the incident last year when the Browns took some flack over not removing him after the concussion against Pittsburgh. So neither of these were good reasons to start Weeden. A smart coach would have gradually worked Weeden into the starting role, removing pressure and allowing him to learn. Weeden isn’t an RG3 or Cam Newton or Andrew Luck. He isn’t one of those rare talents that is able to start the first game and produce. Colt McCoy, while not the most talented QB, is able to score points with ANY help. He had nothing to work with last year – a porous offensive line, no running back with Hillis being a drama king, and receivers who could not catch a football if you covered their chest with Velcro.

    Weeden may eventually become a good QB – but if he does, it may be with another team or different coach. Mr. Haslam is a winner and he isn’t going to sit around and watch this foolishness very long.

  11. Autopilot

    I’m not yet ready to throw in the towel on Weeden after one regular-season game. He played exactly as I expected him to play because he isn’t game-ready for the NFL.

    People forget (or I haven’t read or heard any talk about it) that Weeden came from a spread offense at OK State where he operated from the shotgun. There is a huge difference in playing quarterback from the shotgun versus under center. It takes alot of time and work to be able to adjust your game and become comfortable to the more traditional quarterback play under center in the NFL. That’s alot of the reason that quarterbacks coming from the Big 12 typically don’t fare very well initially in the NFL.

    It takes more than one preseason of work to get comfortable working from under center if you’ve not experienced it in college. That is why Weeden is struggling so much with the “speed” of the game. In college, he didn’t have to take a 5-step drop in the face of immediate pressure. Now he does and it’s definitely affected his play. The coaching staff should not have forced him into a role for which it will probably take two years for him to develop. But, as LG has pointed out, the coaching staff is completely inept and overlooked such an important issue.

    Heck, McCoy came from the same spread offense in college at Texas and it has taken him two years to grasp the traditional drop-back quarterback role. Had the team not given up on him so soon, we quite likely could have seen this as his best season.

    But, nobody has patience in this league anymore. We want to win now. That’s not going to happen in Cleveland. For Brandon Weeden to succeed, it will take alot of patience and time before he will likely develop into the type of quarterback that he has the potential to become. I don’t know if anyone in Cleveland (or any other city in America) will be willing to wait that long.

  12. Jeremy

    Hey, at least he didn’t lose any fumbles!! No where to go but up from here guys… The offense will be much improved this weekend, maybe 350-400 of O against a Bengals D that just got beat up last week.. Course our D may give up as much as well, but I would guess that they work some more short drop plays into the mix.. some of the plays they were running looked like 7 step drops, for a guy (which has been pointed out) that worked out of the shotgun his entire college career.. IF the HC has any brains, they will incorporate some short drops, and maybe some shotgun to settle down Weedens arm.
    Couple that with TRich getting some experience last week, and I think that we have a shot at those numbers

    • ABrown

      There were some short drops and shotgun formations last week (I’ve been recommending more since the Detroit game) but there were open receivers in the short and midrange on almost every play.

      Weeden locked in on a receiver and either didn’t look or couldn’t see the open options. He stared down his receivers and drew even more coverage to his target and then even had trouble making a strong enough long throw to get the ball over the receiver’s outside shoulder were the DB couldn’t get it.

      One of the other problems he’s having is taking a lot of space to rear back and the step into his throw — too much time and space for an effective NFL QB. Even in college in the spread, QB’s learn to get the throws off more quickly.

      And then on those shorter passes, Weeden is so determined to show that he has a strong arm that he forgets to dial it down a notch when the pass only has to go 2 yds.

      • LG

        I really don’t think it matters at this point how far Weeden drops back, he is just not comfortable with the fact this NFL defense is trying to hit him.

        • ABrown

          Yeah, he needs a bubble to protect him more than a short drop, and then a coach who knows when to take him out of a no-win situation.

  13. muttklingon

    look weeden & mc.Coy r good quartor back ‘s .Coach Shurmur & coaching staff. to play both Q.B. in the game to build them up. in a great QB.


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