What Some Browns fans want for ChristmasThe fans of the Cleveland Browns are writing letters asking Santa Claus to start Colt McCoy in the Brown last 2 regular season games this season. This is not the same sentiment of all Browns fans. There is a large support base in place for Brandon Weeden, these are the people that come out after one of Weeden’s poor performances and completely ignore any statistical fact that tells you that Weeden is not as good as Colt McCoy is, statistically speaking. It has to be some of the same fact the Browns soon to be former head coach Pat Shurmur chooses to ignore. You have your fans that will say, “Why Start McCoy, he had his chance”. True he did play some football games, he played those game with a far less talented support staff surrounding him than Brandon Weeden has in place now. The offensive line barely was able to give McCoy 2 seconds last season. This year there are times Weeden had well over 4 seconds to throw the football only to fire it down field sailing it over his receivers head on many occasions. Weeden may have a strong arm but his accuracy leaves very little to be desired.

Yes sir, the fans are asking for Santa Claus to deliver Colt McCoy back into the starting line-up. That is not likely to happen. Pat Shumur and his less than acceptable football I.Q. is far to stubborn to make a decision that could¬† change the team for the better. Another thing the fans are asking for is to have Shurmur fired immediately following the Browns season. Now that may happen. Shurmur has shown he is way over his head when it comes to competing on the NFL level. He doesn’t make solid coaching decisions and his choice to continue to call play offensively is offensive to many.

Shurmur can’t make half-time adjustments and his team often comes out in the second half of the football games and falls apart. People thought one of the adjustments last week would have been to play McCoy in the second half of the game. Shurmur said the thought never occurred to him. So for those of you who still believe in Santa Claus don’t be disappointed when you don’t receive your wish. It is not Santa’s fault that the Cleveland Browns head coach would rather cut his nose off to spite his face…

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  1. Mel

    I couldn’t agree more let Colt see what he can do with the 1st string offense.
    We are going no where so what’s the difference?

    • Leon II

      The difference is Colt McCoy’s career. Shurmur has proven that he does not know how to coach a game or develop a QB (that would appear to go for Whipple and Childress as well). I fear that if Colt is started the horrible play calling will make him look bad and his future will suffer. Shurmur has already proven he is a failure. I don’t want him to drag Colt down with him. Weeden’s season and probably his career are done and things can’t get worse with him starting the last two. But Colt at least has the advantage of not having looking like crap in Shurmur’s system this year. Let’s not risk dragging Colt down too for two very slight possible wins. Let’s wait for a new coach who will have a true QB competition in the off season. That is the time to evaluate Colt’s abilities, not now, not with Shurmur calling the plays.

      • Abrown

        I’m with you all the way on that, Leon II. Let’s wait for the new coach and a real quarterback competition.

        But I think LG may be trying to make a point about Shurmur not wanting to play McCoy more than anything else.

        • LG

          If he did have to play McCoy early in a game because of injury it would take a ton to stop the kid. Not even Shurmur is dumb enough to try and lose even though he looks the part week after week….

  2. LazyDawg

    I agree that they should try and start Colt McCoy these last two games, but I have a challenge for you. You state that Shurmur is stubborn and wont play Colt McCoy, which you are correct, but will you for these last two weeks of NFL football please talk about someone else besides Brandon Weeden or will you be stubborn and be like Shurmur? The challenge has been thrown down! Will you except it?

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … all differences aside , hope you have a great christmas.

    • LG

      You Too TB2

  4. tigersbrowns2

    hi ABROWN … same goes for you … have a great christmas.

    i saw your last post on “mccoy not beating teams he was SUPPOSED to beat” … once again , i was shooting-from-the-hip (i have to quit doing that) … it should’ve read : 2010 against the jaguars & 2011 against the raiders , rams & cardinals.

    • Abrown

      TB2, have you figured out yet why Weeden didn’t take care of business, as you say, against Buffalo (5 and 9) and Philadelphia (4 and 10) since we played both of them at home and they are clearly weaker teams.

      You are asking about more games now, the 2010 game against Jacksonville (8 and 8) and the 2011 games against the Oakland Raiders (8 and 8), the St Louis Rams (2 and 14) and the Arizona Cardinals we didn’t play in 2011.

      You do realize that when you set the bar a little higher for McCoy, playing with the weaker team, you are tacitly admitting McCoy is the stronger QB, don’t you?

      • Abrown

        Jacksonville was 8 and 8 when we played them in 2010. I don’t know where the smiley face came from.

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi ABROWN … we did play the cardinals in 2011 … lost 20-17 in OT.

          i know the smiley face was meant for me … under that tuff exterior is a little softy.

          i would say , at this point , mccoy might be the stronger qb … weeden still has 2 games left. once weeden was annointed the starter , i believe
          they had to stick with him to what he’s got. i support that.

          have a great Christmas !!

          • Abrown

            Merry Christmas to you, too, TigersBrown2.

            About the Arizona Cardinals, I double checked and can’t find any time we’ve played them more recently than December 2, 2007. And there’s no 17 to 20 overtime loss in 2011.

        • Abrown

          TigersBrowns2, I was just looking at McCoy’s game logs, so I missed the Arizona game. Sorry about that. You were right, but Wallace was the QB for that game.

  5. NINO


  6. Abrown

    I would love to see McCoy start but not with Pat Shurmur in charge.

    McCoy obviously won the phony QB competition and earned the starting job, but Shurmur was determined to make him the scape goat for his terrible coaching in 2011.

    There appears to be no limit to what Shurmur would do — even playing McCoy with a concussion because he thought McCoy might still be able to win the game against the Steelers.

    The end of that last game against Pittsburgh is a good way to remember McCoy until he can start again for a real NFL coach.

    Here’s an image of McCoy that Browns fans should keep in mind until McCoy gets back on the field in a better time:

    In the 4th quarter of the Pittsburgh game, the score was 7 to 3 for the Steelers. The Browns got the ball around their own 20 and they moved down the field to the Steelers 6, mostly with plays by McCoy, on the verge of scoring a go ahead TD. That’s when McCoy is trying to make a play and Harrison spears him in the head with his helmet like a battering ram.

    McCoy is knocked out but Shurmur lets him go back in thinking there’s a chance that McCoy could still score with a concussion, but it doesn’t work and the Steelers secure their win.

    Defensive linemen don’t hit players like that if they aren’t afraid of them.

    No matter how bad things got, McCoy was always a threat to pull out the win. Defenses always had the advantage against the Browns offense in 2011, but McCoy was always the wild card, the one player who could beat them.

    The idea that defenses didn’t fear McCoy is total and complete BS. They don’t fear Weeden because of his erratic play and mistakes. That’s what they count on, no need to knock Weeden out of the game.

    But if you look at the play-by-play in so many of the Browns games, you see McCoy leading a drive in the 4th quarter for a tie or go-ahead score.

    At Texas, the fans called this “Colt Time”. In 2011, McCoy tied with Brady and Ryan for the 5th highest number of 4th quarter, game-winning drives. Even in the worse of circumstance, there was still “Colt Time”.

    Maybe, if we’re lucky, Browns fans will get to see a winning season, for a change, and “Colt Time” again with a much improved team.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi ABROWN … i recall almost every defense stacking 8 or 9 guys in the box against mcmcoy … i know i can’t find this on play-by-play ,it will have to be looking at film.

      and i’ll have to go back & look at some of the play-by-play … because i watch or attend every game & i recall mccoy making critical mistakes LATE in close games … i will give you the benefit of the doubt until i check it out.

  7. tigersbrowns2

    LG … i saw on nfl network last night that the broncos would’ve taken weeden had they not signed manning … how different things might’ve been.

    apparently elway & the broncos brass held weeden in high regard.

    • LG

      Did you see where they said they would have taken him as a developmental Q.B.? Cuz that is what they said….and they would have expected him to be a 4th or 5th round pick not the first round….They sure the heck weren’t going to pay him the money the Browns paid him…..

      • tigersbrowns2

        i know he wouldn’t have been starting in denver.

        i will give my evaluation of weeden after these last 2 games … it currently would not be a glowing one … but he has a slim chance to redeem himself by winning these last 2 games … and the odds of that are not good.

        i am currently thinking the browns will have a new gm (lombardi) next year … a new head coach … and depending on the new coach’s offensive philosophy , a new starting qb as well. in my opinion , the new starting qb will be a veteran free-agent.

        • LG

          TB2 I can’t wait to see your evaluation…. Have a Very Merry Christmas…..

      • ricktenny

        I can just see the sceane around Weedens agents office.”GGGGolley it’s X-mas in April!

  8. Tornado Len

    Let Brad Childress coach for the day and start McCoy. Browns ARE so out of the playoffs so why the fu(k not?

  9. tigersbrowns2

    hey LG … yes, scheiner is a texas boy , but he will dealing with the business end & day-to-day operations. so , i’m pretty sure he will have nothing to do with personnel matters.

    i am curious , i know weeden still has 3 more years left on his contract & i’m not sure how much is guaranteed. isn’t mccoy on the last year of his contract , or does he have another year left on it ? this could play a factor if weeden or mccoy stay or go.

    • LG

      McCoy is dirt cheap to the Browns. He makes less than 500 grand. That is why they got rid of the 3 million dollar man Wallace. If they let Colt Walk, they would still need to find a back up. I’ll tell you this, the team is going to change. I can assure you as soon as the season is over Heckert will be gone and so well Shurmur. I can almost promise you that and that comes from a very very reliable source. The B.S. is about to come to an end. I for one don’t want to see Heckert gone but there are lots of other factors that pertain to Heckert that I couldn’t be told yet.

      • tigersbrowns2

        heckert currently has final say authority on all personnel moves & i’m guessing banner will not give him that kind of control … and without it heckert will walk.

        i’m hearing too many damn rumors about lombardi ending-up as gm … i haven’t heard a person yet that wants that guy here.

        there’s another guy writing on fox that says it’s only rumor , but some think josh mcdaniel could be the next coach & would bring qb ryan mallet
        with him … talk about starting over.

        i guess we will be hearing ALOT of rumors , but i think banner will act quickly , as soon as the season’s over , to start getting their people in-place.

        i hope mr. haslam learned one thing in pittsburgh … CONTINUITY … i hope whoever they put in there , stays there for a long time.

        browns fans are growing really impatient & are starving for a winner. and after watching others programs turn things around quickly , you can’t blame browns fans for feeling that way.

        • LG

          TB2 Heckert is going to be gone it is a done deal as far as no more Tom Heckert mark it pal….

      • Abrown

        I think some of the BS that’s about to end is the idea that we have to start a player because we were dumb enough to draft him in the first round or because we were dumber still to give him a guaranteed contract for more than he’s worth.

        Teams like Seattle are doing really well because they were willing to sit the guy with the starting money contract and play the guy who earned the job and gave them the best chance to win.

        The Jetts were a little slower on the uptake, but they’ve decided to send Sanchez down the road — regardless of his new guaranteed contract.

        I don’t think a big contract is going to get a guy on the field anymore in Cleveland, if he can’t earn the start.

        • LG

          I’ll second that ABrown

        • tigersbrowns2

          good post ABROWN … you have to admire what seattle did … and it paid-off for them.

  10. ricktenny

    When Weeden was annointed officialy the press interviewed McCoy remember?
    Colt said “I have received no repititions with the starting team during training camp”. This followed by his ans. to the QB compitition. “What Compitition”.
    Now that we are all familiar with the way Shurmer operates, why would anyone assume Colt would have had a single practice rep with the first team during weekly practices. Beyond six handoffs when Weeden bumped his head, that has been it. So with that in mind I would not want to see Colt put in that situation by Shurmer, who didn’t know what he had in the first place. Let’s see what next season brings. I for one would rather have Colt playing for us than playing for someone elses team when he comes back to Cleaveland with a point to make.

    • LG

      Correct Rick

    • Abrown

      I agree, Rick, no way I want to see McCoy playing for Shurmur. I also agree that I hope Colt stays. We’re on the verge of having a quality organization and I’d like to see Colt get an honest shot, for a change, at winning the starting job.

      If it doesn’t work out, I’d hate to see a more mature McCoy come back into Cleveland leading another team. I remember when Payton Manning was going into the draft and a lot of the draft buzz was about how the Colts should take Leaf, that year’s strong armed guy and soon-to-be bust. Manning told the teams trying to decide that if they didn’t take him, “I’ll be kicking your butt for the next 15 years.”

  11. tigersbrowns2

    i am going to get blasted for this … but here it goes …

    while his body of work is still too small to make a final judgement ,did anyone ever think that mccoy may never make it in the nfl as a starter ?
    just because you were great in college , it doesn’t mean it will translate into success in the nfl.

    does anyone remember these great college qb’s that played on GREAT teams :

    danny wuerffel – won heisman in 1996 & NC game in 1996
    charlie ward – won heisman in 1993 & NC game in 1993
    tommy frazier – won NC game in 1994 & 1995
    eric crouch – won heisman in 2001

    none of these guys went on to success in the nfl. wuerffel had a handful of starts … that’s it. what do all these guys have in common with mccoy ? they all played on great teams & they were all qb’s who are small in stature. they are not today’s proto-typical 6’5″ 240 lb. qb like roethlisberger , p. manning , brady , rivers , newton ,dalton ,flacco ,ryan etc.

    now , there were a few great college qb’s like flutie & detmer that had pretty good nfl careers. today in the nfl there are a few guys like future hall-of-famer drew brees , r. wilson & fitzpatrick that are a few of the guys that are smaller in stature but doing well.

    and just because you may be the proto-typical 6’5″ 240 lb. qb , that doesn’t translate into success either. is there possibly that stigma against the smaller stature qb’s ?? especially in today’s nfl where the defenders are bigger , stronger & faster than ever.

    i’m just sayin’ …

    • ebtjr

      explain to me with all that hight, why does weeden keep getting balls back in his face. heright is not every thing. Cleveland fans just want a fair competion at quarter back. McCoy never got that. This year team is better then last years and Mc Coy could have shined this year and Weeden could of used the year to develope. Weeden is a slow thinker now. and not moble enough.

      • Abrown

        You’re right, ebtjr, the most important factor in being a good to great QB is mental, not physical — more so than any other position in football.

        But the list of quarterbacks who managed to function well at 6’2″, 6’1″. 6′, and 5’11 is pretty long and impressive.

        At 6’2″ we have Brett Favre, Andy Dalton, Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford, Robert Griffin III, Colt McCoy, Steve Young, Kurt Warner, Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, and Joe Namath.

        At 6’1″ are Hall of Fame QBs Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, Bob Griese, Bobby Lane, and Bart Starr.

        At 6′ are Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Fran Tarkenton, and Len Dawson.

        At 5’9″ or less Russell Wilson and Sonny Jurgenson.

        And at 6’3″ are Hall of Fame QBs Staubach, Elway, Bradshaw, Jim Kelly, and Warren Moon.

        No matter how tall a quarterback is, the defensive and offensive linemen are going to be hard to see over. Successful QBs move in the pocket, use sight lanes, and a variety of other methods to not have the trouble with the linemen than Weeden has had this year.

        Gil Brandt, the legendary Player Personnel guy for the Cowboys, said that the all time worst draft decision he ever made was passing on Mike Singletary, 2 time defensive player of the year, multi-time All Pro, acknowledged defensive QB for the Chicago Bears “Monsters of the Midway” and Hall of Fame linebacker, for one reason.

        At just a little over 6′, Singletary was three-quarters of an inch shorter than the Cowboys’ specifications for linebackers.

        He used this story to show how silly it would be to dispute the ability of Colt McCoy or Robert Griffin III, his two favorite players, to excel as quarterbacks because of their height.

        No, TB2, it never occurred to me that McCoy might not be able to play quarterback at the NFL level. And after I went back to look at his games and what he did or didn’t do in the 4th quarter to answer your questions, I’m even more convinced than ever that Colt McCoy has everything it takes to succeed in the NFL — if he gets an honest chance.


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