Now that the dust is settling in the Cleveland Browns front office after they cleaned house, we have to wonder what free agents General Manager Ray Farmer will plant in Cleveland.

Farmer is a bright light burning in the NFL. He comes from a team that likes to build, not only through the draft, but through free agency. The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t draft many quarterbacks while Farmer was there. They brought them in though free agency.

Jimmy Haslam III has said; Ray Farmer will have complete control over his teams 53 man roster. That has to be music to the ears of Browns fans. Farmer knows football and he has a history of getting guys that can play NFL football.

The Browns have a hit list of things they need. Starting with the quarterback position, you can bet Farmer won’t be bullied into taking a guy he doesn’t want in the draft, like the last GM in Cleveland who picked the wrong guy with a first round draft pick.

If Farmer doesn’t think a guy can help this Cleveland Browns team win, he isn’t going to bring that guy to Cleveland.

The Browns could target some good free agents this off-season. One huge need the Browns have is a running back that can actually run with the football.

What about Ben Tate? Cleveland could go after this free agent and with Farmer making the deals there is a good chance they could land him.

Then there is the need to add another play-maker at the wide receiver position. I would love to see Farmer bring Sammy Watkins to the Browns, but if you look at some of the free agent wide receivers, you could see a couple of guys the Browns could go after.

Two names that come to mind are, Eric Decker or Hakeem Nicks. If the Browns could land one of these guys in the free agent market, they would be bringing in a guy that could immediately help the Browns offense make an impact this season.

With Farmer in control of the Browns roster, I look for him to go after a few free agents that can make a big impact for the team this season.


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Readers Comments (9)

  1. reggie

    The Browns need to take a receiver with their first pick. Bess probably will not be back, and Little is a bust. 3rd in the league in dropped passes will not be cured by any QB. Evans looks like the real deal.

    • LG

      What about Sammy Watkins? He looks good too

      • Tim

        I say #4 Watkins # 26 Hyde (both play makers)RD 2 Garoppolo ( to sit behind Hoyer for a yr or two)Get OL,ILB,CB with rest of draft & FA…

        • LG

          I like the plan Tim….

  2. RICK

    I like Sammy Watkins also. I would take that.It would give us a great tandem.

    • LG

      You mean Rick and I actually agree on Something? Wow

      • RICK

        LG,If it makes sense I have to agree. LMAO

        • LG

          LOl you’re right Rick

  3. Anonymous

    Do not forget James Jones of Green Bay….Big guy who can run and be great complement to Gordon……Also get RB Rashid Jennings from Oakland. He ran like a man on fire last year….And finally, EFF THE STEELERS, THEIR TOWN AND MOST OF ALL THEIR FRICKIN FANS


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