There has been a lot made of the fact that Jason Campbell didn’t take many snaps with the Browns first team in the mini camps. Can we expect that to change when camp starts on July 19th? Many think because Campbell didn’t take many snaps with the 1st team, he won’t start for the Browns.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is Campbell has 9 years of experience in the NFL. The guy knows how to read the defense and he has a clear understanding of the offense too. The Browns coaching staff has yet to name the team’s starting QB and they know what Campbell is capable of.

They don’t know what to expect from Weeden and you could say the team is working overtime to give their former 1st round pick every opportunity to be the Browns starting quarterback. All that could change once camp starts later this month.

Campbell is a big guy, he is faster than Weeden and his NFL experience could play a huge part of him winning the starting role for the Cleveland Browns. Only time will tell the real story but if Weeden shows signs of struggling once camp starts, the coaches could pull him away from the first team and put Campbell behind center in a heartbeat.

It should be interesting to see which guy does better when the pressure really starts to mount in training camp. Campbell is being patient but I expect that to change on July 19th.

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  1. marty

    I like to see what the two other back-ups can do. My mind won’t change, I was right about weedon from the start. He doesn’t have what it takes to play in the NFL. Sure he can complete some passes, but he is no different then giving a monkey a typewriter, the monkey does spell a word now and then. The Browns do have talent, but not the depth I would like to see.I’ll give weedon another chance—–water anyone!

  2. stiv marley

    OK LG let’s see if this latest attempt to remove Weeden works. My guess is that Campbells’ experience will help guide Weeden not over throw him. Campbell will be #2, Hoyer probably #3.
    As camp starts, we’ll see.

  3. superdouche


    • LG


  4. superdouche

    marty its obvious you have zero clue as well weeden will make all of you look pretty silly this year i cant wait to see all you haters on his jock by the third game of the season and lg will have to find a new job for posting he wont be able to recant once the season starts can you say shoes lg shoes see ya at pickway buddy!


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