The world of sports is a confusing place sometimes. There are so many people trying to get to the top, they would do anything to get there. This doesn't even come close to describing, UFC female fighter Jessica "Evil" Eye.

Anyone who saw her first UFC fight with former Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman, knows Eye came away with the victory. Eye totally out-classes Kaufman in her UFC debut and months later the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)  took away her victory.

Why did this take 3 months? Who and what is really behind this decision to strip this win off of Eye's total?

Jessica "Evil Eye is one of the cleanest people in the corrupt world of sports. This woman doesn't drink, she doesn't do drugs and she won't even associate herself with people who do.

Jessica Eye is one of the quickest rising stars in the sport of UFC fighting. She is one of the most respectful people you will ever meet. Eye didn't take any performance enhancing drug before her fight with Sarah Kaufman.

If she did she wouldn't be allowed to fight Alexis Davis on February 22nd. Eye has been on medication since she was 16 years old and was involved in a auto accident getting hit by a drunk driver.

The medication has become a habit for Eye seeing she has taken it for so many years. It is a blood thinner that has nothing to do with helping ones performance in the sports arena.

If Sarah Kaufman had any honor she would protest the TDLR's stripping of the victory away from Eye. Kaufman knows she was beaten and instead of doing the honorable thing, she is taking the handling of this situation and celebrating the decision to take the loss off of her record.

Kaufman is demonstrating what a class-less act she is. She should protest the handling of this event and show the world that she too can do the right thing.

It all comes down to jealousy. Some people don't like to see the success of others. Eye is one of those people who are going to succeed and this frightens some people. They don't like to be out-shinned and that is exactly what took place last October when Jessica "Evil" Eye stepped in the cage and issued a beating on Sarah Kaufman.

Eye will come out of this learning a lesson on how to properly fill out the paper work before her fights. She will learn that others will do anything to hold people down in the world of sports.

Why the TDLR waited 3 months to issues a decision about  this fight is something we may never understand. But it could come down to people trying to hold down a true champion. Anyone who knows Jessica Eye, knows she is a winner.



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