When is Colt McCOy going to startWhat has Bradon Weeden done for the Cleveland Browns that Colt McCoy couldn’t do? The Browns felt the necessity to go out and waste a first round draft pick on a guy that can’t put wins on the board. Fans are disgusted with the play from Brandon Weeden, the offensive line played like hero’s yesterday and there were times Weeden had 9 seconds to throw the football, Weeden’s average pass is .1 yard more than Colt McCoy and how about the touch pass Weeden threw to the left side of the Dallas end-zone, the one that gave no one a chance for a touchdown? How can a guy miss this badly?

The Cleveland Browns should at least try McCoy and let the fans see if he could do better. Weeden had the best of everything in the Cowboys game, he had plenty of protection, the receivers did a great job catching the poorly thrown footballs coming out of Weeden’s hand and this is the second week in a row Weeden has had problems throwing the football. The Cleveland Browns couldn’t even kick a field goal in the 3rd quarter in yesterday’s game. The Browns couldn’t get into filed goal range and they didn’t put one point on the board in the 3rd period.

Why not? Is it because Weeden took the 3rd period off. This is unacceptable. Another day of having to listen to head coach Pat Shurur say how the Browns just didn’t make enough plays to get a win. The team is 2-8 and they suck. The Browns receivers are playing better, the Browns offensive line is playing better the defense held the Cowboys to zero points for the entire first half of the game. Everybody has played better than Brandon Weeden.

Make the change Jimmy Haslam, force your idiot head coach to try Colt McCoy. You said you were a guy that wanted to give the fans what they wanted. The fans want a win and they want to see if McCoy can give one to them. Make The change already. While you’re at it get us a new head coach too.

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  1. marty

    Another player making big money to embaress the cleveland francise.Drafting out of vengence instead of need.Another year going by of disappointment. Receivers were unbelievable, great leaping catches. A consistent offensive line, defensive line showing toughness, corners showing frustrations and error, and a QB that is regressing and getting worse.I said before, Shurmur is like a cancer to this team. There is no more excuses. Jimmy, make the change, you have the power, It’s not entertaining anymore to watch a display of stupidity.

    • Chris

      Well said!!!

    • Bob

      Vengeance. You got that right Marty Says. Vengeance for being called out by McCoy’s father I bet. As far as I am concerned, Brad McCoy did more more the NFL players (and their safety) then Shurmur ever did. As I said before, Shurmur is toxic and he is going to get someone hurt over one of his stupid play calls. Weeden is also going to cause the Browns receivers and others injury with his out of control throwing. I think I read somewhere that Josh Cooper had broken some finger(s) from Weeden’s throwing in college. Not sure if that is true since I don’t follow Oklahoma State football. Anyone know?

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi BOB … all of brett favre’s WR’s in green bay routinely had busted-up fingers … what does it mean ?? … it means the qb is throwing with alot of zip on the ball.

        is that a bad thing ??

        • Bob

          Perhaps that’s a question for the guys with broken fingers. How would you like your fingers broken on the job? I know I wouldn’t.

  2. ABrown

    What do we get from Weeden? Enough mistakes to lose every game.

    A great coach defined NFL success this way: “Success in the NFL is not who makes great plays, but who makes the fewest bad plays.”

  3. Leon II

    I agree that the offensive line and receivers looked the best they have all season. Weeden had good moments and he had average moments in the game. He didn’t lose us the game just as he didn’t win us the game. The heroes of the game was our defensive line which shut down the Cowboys running game and kept pressure on Romo giving our defensive backfield a chance. However, I also saw some plays when our pass rush wasn’t as effective as it could have been (which gives us an indication of just how scary good we good be if we get just a bit more help in that area). Unfortunately with Haden out the backfield had difficulty stopping the Cowboys passing game when Romo had time to throw and they made some extremely costly penalties as a result. We have seen this every time Haden isn’t on the field. What shocked me the most was the extremely conservative and predictable play calling after the Browns got the lead. A 13 point lead isn’t enough to let up on a team like the Cowboys as we saw.

    • ABrown

      The question here is, “What is Weeden doing that McCoy couldn’t do?

      Weeden didn’t win the game and he didn’t lose the game is a feeble excuse, not an answer to the question.

      Here’s a specific answer. Twice in the red zone in the 1st half we had to settle for 3 points instead of 7 because Weeden overthrew the receiver.

      Several more 3rd downs were not converted in the 2nd half as the Cowboys kept scoring, almost always because of Weeden’s mistakes.

      Last year with Colt and a crippled O-line, the Browns were the 12th best in the league in 3rd down conversions. This year, with Weeden and one of the best O-lines in the league, we have dropped to the bottom of the league at 27th.

      Weeden gave us failed 3rd down conversions and gave the Cowboys more time on the field and more chances to score points. He game us 3 and out in Overtime. Enough mistakes to lose the game.

      Without highlight reel catches by the receivers and the O-line on offense, the game wouln’t have been competitive.

      • LG

        Lets not forget the fact that Brandon Weeden couldn’t even get the Browns into field goal range for the entire third quarter. If the Browns would have had another field goal they win…..

        • tigersbrowns2

          c’mon , you two … you are actually pinning this loss on weeden ??
          did you even watch the game ??

          • LG

            No, But I am sure pinning not winning on him. He couldn’t even get the Browns into field goal range for the entire 3rd quarter…

          • Sarge77

            Hey LG, really dude, like Colt McCoy was so much better. Did you actually watch any games last year? Last time I checked we only won five games last year. All you do is bash Weeden, every week, you are such a buzz killer dude. If I had you’re attitude I would probably kill myself. I am not a huge Weeden fan, nor Colt fan, but you cant see the forest for the trees.For the most part it isn’t Weeden’s fault we are losing. Chalk it up to bad clock management, bad play calling etc. etc. the list goes on and on. Why don’t you try to be positive for once in you’re miserable life.

          • LG

            Hey Sarge77, did you watch any of the games last year? You gave us one more win they we actually had, the Browns only won 4 games last season not 5….

    • Bob

      Sorry, but I believe the Browns lost because of Weeden.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi BOB … so the horrendous CB play by skrine & s.brown had nothing to do with loss ?? … the 10 1st downs dallas got on defensive penalties didn’t factor into the decision , huh ??

        the playcalling in the red-zone had nothing to do with the loss, I’m sure. oh , and ed hochuli’s crew had a miserable day as well … not to mention the browns were playing prevent defense at the start of the 3rd quarter.

        somebody please tell me what weeden’s qb rating was yesterday … then justify your case that he lost the game.

        • Bob

          Yes, there were other contributing factors to the loss, but both the Browns and the Cowboys played poorly, especially the QBs. The Cowboys practically gave the Browns the game. I believe many of the posters on this blog & LG gave the reasons why Weeden was not good yesterday (high throws, plenty of time thanks to the OL, etc… .) and those reasons are why I believe the Browns lost.

          Frankly I am tired of this “Groundhog Day” type movie or should we call this movie, “Grounddawg Day”. What matters are wins. When I see the QB stats online ( ), I see Weeden near last.

          BTW LG, I thought your last paragraph was perfect. You couldn’t have said it any better. It’s torture being a fan of this team.

          Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

          • LG

            Thanks Bob, you have a great Thanksgiving too

  4. Len

    Simply fire Dick Jauron!!!!! He sucked in Chicago and in Buffalo!!! I’d leave Weeden and Surmur alone for now.

    • LG

      Na, we gots to get rid of Shurmur too

  5. Harry

    It’s unbelievable that fans who hjave been watching the Browns down the guy, when 5-6 interference calls within the last qtr and 1/3 yes it missed wide open recievers, yes, I believe you have a franchise back and you only him the ball twice between the tackles mind you. For me its play calling as well, but you can’t mug a reciever at the end of the game and the ball was thrown out of bounds.

    Yu have to understand, or can you all understand the plays that have to be made are the big ones that win or lose games, get the ball to the running back, Oh by the way injuries to two corners that would’ve made a difference possibly. So what I see, this loss its not just a QB issue, its knowing how to win issue, when it counts make a big play that’s the difference in the NFL, I see it all a and have watched the Browns enough to say quit complaining be a Browns fan for life and realize in this league a big play must happen and conquered when it presents itself.

    Coach Phillips

  6. Matt

    The O-Line is much better this year, still not great but much better. The receivers finally had a good game. Richardson is a good RB with the potential to be great. And Weeden, well all I will say is that Colt would have won more than 2 games to this point. Weeden looks like a weak rookie.

  7. Harry Phillips Jr

    Also, QB’s upon QB’s, coaches upon coaches, and the result is this no matter where we finished in the rankings defensively and offensively, we are losing by a mere big play this year and that’s the thing that matters, it comes down to big plays when you need them and that’s the answer.

    Not Enough!

    • Bob

      Big Plays in regards to the Offense:

      Big plays can be made if your QB is able to not overthrow on practically every pass. Big plays can be made if your QB is accurate. Big plays can be made if your QB is mobile so that the defense is left guessing. Big plays can be made if your QB is a leader. In other words, the Big Plays with the offense start with the QB.

  8. muttklingon

    well who better at Q.B. WEEDEN? ORMcCOY?

  9. tigersbrowns2

    good day LG & all …

    okay weeden bashers … no, we did not win the game , but it wasn’t because of weeden. i thought he played fairly well against the league’s 8th ranked defense. and yes , he got away with a few passes that could’ve been picked-off.

    buster skrine had an awful game , just as the refs did … dallas got 10 first downs via defensive penalty … weeden’s fault ??

    the jump ball to the corner of the end-zone to jordan cameron was an absolute terrible play-call … terrible. why in the world wouldn’t you at the very least roll weeden out & give him a run / pass option ??
    weeden’s fault ??

    have a good one …

    • ABrown

      Tigersbrowns2, you saw a called jump ball in the corner of the end zone. The way Weeden was throwing, it looked like all the passes were jump balls. I saw a pass badly off target. The receiver acted like he was supposed to run under the ball close to the sideline.

      But the ball didn’t come down enough for the receiver to get at it until he was out of bounds. Because of a bad throw — whether it was a called jump or a called fade — we can’t be sure what was called.

      Regardless of the call, Weeden’s throw didn’t give the receiver any chance at a catch.

      Every NFL quarterback should be able to throw the fade route in the back or side of the end zone. I call this a mistake by Weeden. Of course Shurmur makes some mistake on every play, so let’s call it a mistake by Shurmur and Weeden both.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi ABROWN … good post … I agree … but, this was not the reason we lost.

        i have been posting on LG’s site for the last month & you can see who weeden’s supporters & detractors are. those who bash weeden or believe mccoy got the shaft, tend to look at weeden’s performances with blinders on … yes, he’s had some awful performances … he’s had some good ones as well.

        blaming weeden for the loss to the cowboys is off-base … remember , win or lose , this is still a team game … it takes the whole team to win & the whole team to lose.

        have a good one …

        • Len

          Fire Dick Jauron, the defensive coordinator! Every game that we lost is due to the penalties made by the defensive team which resulted in the Browns losses. Wouldn’t blame that much on Weeden. Shurmur needs to be aggressive or have bigger balls.

  10. mike

    i thought the browns had payed ole rob to only use a three man rush most of the game.with this much time mccoy could have picked a defense apart and not made the recievers work so hard trying to catch so many passes throwed behind them.

  11. Bob

    What Is Brandon Weeden Doing That Colt McCoy Couldn’t Do For The Browns? you ask.

    An the answer is…. Crumbling under pressure

    • Kelly

      To answer the headline question….he can throw a pass far enough outside the endzone that you can’t have a touchdown. What’s the motive for doing that? I don’t think McCoy can do that.
      First time I have watched the Browns. Not only did I see a loser QB but
      a loser coach. What is the new owner waiting for?

      • Bob

        The number one draft pick.

  12. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … you know i respect you , but the headline to this article is nothing but a pipe-dream of shoulda coulda woulda & what-ifs.

    sure the browns could be 6-4 under mccoy … they could also be 1-9. this is not fantasyland … we will never know … this is the here & now.

    all that really matters is what haslam & banner think. it will either be weeden , mccoy or somebody else under center next season. if mccoy does get to start at all this season , it will probably speak volumes of what haslam & banner think.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      Thanks Tibersbrown2 I respect you too. It is very tough to watch loss after loss all the time. I really wish I could write a winning article time after time….

  13. RB

    Funny how you blame a QB for the Dallas loss when he helped give the teams the lead with a little over a minute to play.

    In the first half, we had to settle for a field goal on one of the possessions. One of the tight ends (can’t remember which one) dropped a pass for a first down that could have changed the results from a field goal to a TD.

    About that pass in the end zone. It was poorly thrown. We should have passes on 1st down with a roll out. We should have tried to run it in on 2nd, 3rd and 4th down.

    We have a 1st round running back who was picked higher than Weedon, yet you’re okay with him not being able to gain a yard in 3 tries for a touchdown?

    The offensive line played well enough, yet they failed to help the number 1 running back taken in the draft get into the end zone on 3 tries, but you’re okay with that.

    As with everyone win or loss, it’s a team thing. It shouldn’t be blamed on one person.

    • LG

      RB, I’m asking a question. What has Weeden done that McCoy can’t do? Is it his .1 yard per completion that makes him the great white hope? Come on man Weeden missed a lot of passes and yes the team lost.

    • Tom Wynne

      …and RB is solidly on point with all that he says…noting that LG didn’t/couldn’t answer these well made points. LG avoids responding with “what makes Weeden the great White Hope?”…NICE

      • LG

        Tom LG doesn’t avoid anything. As far as Weeden goes he sure hasn’t shown the leadership abilities to be the great white hope…If you saw him on the side liens Sunday it looked like he was ready to cry….

        • Tom Wynne

          i will agree that at times it seems Weeden does hold onto the rock a bit too long. Is it his indecisiveness or is it his receiver’s inability to separate and get open? maybe both. Again…he IS a rookie!!! By calling for Mccoy you’re not giving Weeden HIS FAIR CHANCE. Shurmur’s play calling is egregiously bad…and the Cleveland secondary is the worst I have seen in my lifetime. How about some critique of the secondary? Did they look to free agency? NO. Did they look to the draft? NO. What is this love affair with Sheldon Brown? Is he sleeping with Shurmur’s daughter or something???

          • LG

            Well, I guess we just write off another season. There well be people who have died before seeing a winning Cleveland Browns football team….What a complete waste…

      • ABrown

        Tom And RB, you have so many excuses for Weeden, you are getting confused about the game. We had to settle for 2 field goals instead of toughdown in the first half because Weeden threw incomplete passes on 3rd down — not “dropped” by the receivers because Weeden wasn’t on target enough to qualify for a drop.

        You say that Richardson couldn’t gain one yard in three tries. Not true. When we were 1st and 10 on the 23, TR gained 7 yards for 2nd and 3 on the 16. He was stopped for no gain on 2nd down and then Weeden passed for a 1st down on 3rd down and 3. Then with 1st and goal on the 6, TR was stopped for no gain. On 2nd and goal he ran for 5 yards to the 1. Then on 3rd and goal from the 1 he was stopped for no gain. On 4th down Weeden threw a pass so far off target, the receiver had no change.

        The Defense gave the Browns another chance as they had done most of the day, and Weeden came through when he saw the Cowboys weren’t all lined up and threw a quick TD pass (his only quick reaction all day).

        Then our one possession in overtime was 3-and-out.

        So Richardson was not stopped on the 1 for no gain on 3 tries. Weeden had 5 to 9 seconds to throw and was badly off target all day when we really needed even a short completion.

  14. tigersbrowns2

    btw … weeden’s qb rating was 93.8 for the game.

    LG – the browns only had 2 3rd quarter possesions … 1st drive started at their 11 yard line … they had a 10 play drive for 41 yards & then had to punt … decent drive considering they regained field position.
    their only other possesion started at their own 44 yard-line … that was a 3 & out & they had to punt. so no , he couldn’t get them into field goal range.

    dallas dominated time of possesion in the 2nd half due to the browns going to a prevent defense & giving dallas all the underneath patterns …
    which dallas smartly took.

    • LG

      There ya have it Tigersbrowns2, the Cowboys know how to win and the Browns don’t. The team came out and once again choked in the second half…

  15. marty

    Well next sunday weedon might win.Pittsburgh 1st and 2nd string QB’s are out. 37 yr old Charlie Batch is back.Removing his cobwebs and their offensive line is struggling is going to help the browns.Denny can say again a division win. Wow, we may beat a dead dog in the road of a schedule. Week after week, weedon doesn’t show heart, smarts, and accuracy is not a attribute of him.

    • LG

      Did you see the Pittsburgh defense Sunday night against the Ravens? I sure wish those guys were out….

  16. Tom Wynne

    the Browns win BUT FOR #22 and #24 in the SECONDARY…and that is EVERY WEEK. Do you even watch the games? Skrine is at best a second string nickle back…and Sheldon Brown is done(and has been)…they can’t cover anyone and therefore its clutch and grab. Weeden did his job my friends…maybe not so much better than Colt mcCoy… but certainly no worse.

  17. Ross

    Everyone does realize that Weedens numbers are similar to Lucks right? No one is calling for Luck’s head!

    Take away week one and Weeden looks better than Luck.

    • ABrown

      if you LOOK at them both, Weeden never looks better. Only with an inadequate passer rating system from the 70′s would they even seem close — a system where you can improve your rating with passes for no gain or a loss. Look at the ESPN Total Quarterback rating system for a comparison.

      And look at the performance categories where Luck is in the top 10 in the league

    • Bob

      Really? What matters are wins. When I see the QB stats online ( ), I see Weeden near last. I also see a QB who does not come through in a clutch even when he has 8-10 seconds to throw and stands there like a statue. Sorry Weeden is no Luck.

      • ABrown

        Well put, Bob!

  18. KC

    I agree with some of you out there, a good QB makes the good plays when needed. It seems that Weeden just cannot make those type of plays. It is like he get scared or confused when under pressure. When he has to make those important plays is mind goes blank and he cannot execute. McCoy while QB at Texas was placed under many hard pressed situations and he did not freeze he produced many times. He was really never given much to work with while QB with the Brown’s. You who seem to picture McCoy as a failure forget he had nothing to work with as a QB, no O line to protect him, no RB, and not to many WR that would catch a pass. But he provided leadership, and never seemed to buckle under pressure. You who think Weeden is better need to take a deep look at what Weeded has accomplished. What does he do when put under pressure? Is he getting better or making improvements with his ability to make those essential plays? Is he gaining in any kind of consistency; does he look like he is improving any? Is he showing leadership that any QB needs to have on the field? Some of you are so desperate for a QB that you seem to have forgotten what a good QB should do and be. I know you Brown fans have really not seen a good QB in some time maybe you have become desperate and believe that because he is the knew one he has to be better. Look again, there are other rookie QB’s that are doing so much better then Weeded and seem to be getting better and they are true leaders on their team. The Brown’s have what seems to be a QB who cannot produce under pressure, cannot make the big plays when needed, and does not know how to take charge and lead the team. He will not change so please do not believe he will get better, this is his DNA.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi KC … so what you’re saying is that there is no way weeden is going to improve ?? and after just 10 games into his career ??

      i can point to many qb’s who had horrid 1st years like p.manning , aikman , favre etc. … the list goes on & on.

    • ABrown

      Very well said, KC. And there’s one other thing. Weeden is getting more TIME to throw than any other QB I’ve ever seen.

      I could hardly believe what I was seeing when I began timing him, so I checked and double-checked, and compared his times with those of other QBs.

      But it is true. Every other QB seems to have an internal clock to make a decision and throw the ball witnin 4 seconds. On Sunday, when Romo was being so pressured by our defensive line, he adjusted at halftime and was getting his passes off in 3 seconds, often still under pressure, and he completed 70% of his throws.

      Again this week, Weeden had between 5 and 8 seconds for every throw, and he even had 9 seconds on some. This is unheard of. No offensive line is expected to hold their blocks for that long and certainly not against one of the better defensive lines in the league, but that’s what they did.

      What did Weeden do? He twiddled his thumbs for up to 9 seconds, took all day to make a decision, yet still missed open receivers, and only completed 57% of his passes. Even fewer of those were on target.

      With that much time Romo would have completed at least 80% and set new league records. McCoy is also an extremely accurate passer, so he would have had a great day throwing receivers open all over the field.

      What Weeden does is waste the extraordinary efforts of his team mates every week when he squanders the historic protection he seems to think is his due. He SHOULD be at the TOP of the league in QB ratings, instead of at the BOTTOM!!

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi ABROWN … did you also notice that a good share of those times when weeden did have plenty of time that the cowboys had good coverage ?? just because you have good protection doesn’t mean your wr’s are always getting open.

        i respect your opinion on weeden & i’m sure nothing will change it until he can win on a consistent basis … maybe you never will … it takes a team effort to win … we have the youngest team in the nfl right now … the growing pains are frightfully obvious. 4-5 rookies starting/playing on offense & a few on defense as well.

        in 2010 the browns had one of the oldest squads in the nfl … which means mccoy had more experienced players to works with. i personally like mccoy’s grit & moxy & yet i still wanna see weeden can do … i think ownership does as well.

        • ABrown

          TigersBrowns2, we’re probably not going to agree on quarterbacks, but I can agree you make intelligent posts.

          You mention receivers having trouble getting open. I remember how much trouble we had with that last year. That’s called a “coverage sack” and usually happens when the receivers can’t get open within 4 seconds when the offensive line protection NORMALLY starts to break down . . . after that the advantage shifts back to the receivers.

          And that’s where speed and quickness in receivers comes into play. I’d take a lot more of tall, young, quick, and fast, if I were choosing a team.

          Here are the receivers you say were so helpful to McCoy — Massaquoi, Robiskie, and Stuckey — with Watson and Moore at tight end.

          Yeah, Weeden is really missing the HELP that Robiskie and Stuckey could give him. You don’t really believe that, do you??

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi ABROWN … i did say “experienced players” , i did not say “helpful” … none of the wr’s & te’s you mentioned were rookies.

            currently 6 rookies playing on this offensive squad (weeden , richardson , schwartz, gordon, cooper & benjamin). i don’t believe there were any rookies playing on offense in 2010 besides mccoy.

            we disagree on the qb situation … i know we both agree we want the browns to start winning regularly … they need to get to the superbowl before i meet my maker.

            let’s talk monday after the steelers game … have a great thanksgiving !!

    • Bob

      Excellent post.

  19. Bobby D

    What can Weeden do that Colt can’t this year?

    The obvious answer is START, PLAY a down or actually get on the field.

    To say McCoy would be better is like saying if my aunt had nuts she would be my uncle.

    Ain’t going to happen. There is no rewind button in life. Just move forward. At least Barclay got hurt and we don’t have to worry about picking him in the draft.

    • LG

      Happy Thanksgiving Bobby D

  20. KC

    tigersbrown2 – I have stated before that there is no way McCoy will ever start for the Browns, so you don’t have to worry about that. When they used their 22nd pick to select Weeden that was an obvious that McCoy was finished as a starter here. I am just stating my ideas about why the Browns will not be successful with Weeden. All you who believe that Weeden is great and is the future QB for the Browns great for you, however, I just don’t think he is the answer that most Brown fans were hoping for. Like I said before he does not have the quality a QB needs to lead, nor does he have the critical thinking reactions to create those great plays when the team needs to have them. I really do not see him getting too much better then what he is and like many say he is already 30. How many years does he have to become a Manning or Aikman?

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi KC … good post … i’m just saying 10 games is too early to judge.what if the colts had given-up on manning after 10games or the cowboys given-up on aikman after 10 games. he has 6 games to … let’s see if progresses or not.

      let’s talk monday after the steelers game … have a great thanksgiving !!

  21. marty

    KC and ABROWN well said and bravo to both of you.The browns improved in some areas and dropped in some areas.Weedon is a bust. Nothing can be said in his defense. He is spoiled with protection from the offensive line. I never seen a QB on any team get that much protection as well as weedon. Just about everyone I know ageed we needed a corner. The browns have no depth at that position. Shrine for the most part has hurt the browns. Sheldon gets hurt often and his better days are behind him. I almost gave up on Little, he may of turned that corner. Shurmur has to go, and I hope Jimmy has a plan. Weedon is 29 yrs old and should of been more mature. He just doesn’t have the gifted talents to play at this level. He cracks under pressure too easily. Damn it makes me angry, because there is talent on this team. Maybe Jimmy will clean house and bring in quality players. I’m worried that the quality players you do have are going to start pointing fingers. If internal dissension happens, were in for a dull finish to this season.

  22. RB

    I haven’t made excuses in this post for Weeden. I said he missed the pass in the end zone, but it wasn’t the right call to make.

    Let’s be frank here. Had McCoy played this game and had the exact same numbers that Weeden had, and the Browns had still lost, you guys would be blaming the Defense and Shurmur for the loss. You would be saying Colt gave them the lead with a little over a minute to go.

    Andrew luck was the first pick in the draft, yet there is little difference between Luck’s and Weeden’s stats. Therefore I assume McCoy would be the starter ahead of Luck because his stats were better, even though McCoy is no Luck.

    ABrown, you dislike the 70s QB rating system, yet you’re okay with LG using it to justify his rant for McCoy being the Cleveland Brown’s savior.
    So which is it going to be? It’s a good system or a bad system?

    • LG

      RB That is bull….If McCoy would have played like that and the Browns lost I would have wrote about him…You know what the problem is RB? Shumur won’t play McCoy because if McCoy Wins he doesn’t want the world to see how wrong he was…..

      • ABrown

        Exactly right, LG. Shurmur’s afraid to let McCoy on the field to show what he can do behind this O-line.

        RB, I like to use both rating systems but remember their limitations. The ESPN QBR gives more weight to performance or failure when the game is on the line. That’s the biggest difference between Weeden, on the one hand, players like Luck and McCoy, on the other.

        • LG

          That has to be the case. Shurmur would have a ton of egg on his face if the kid shinned….

  23. pjsoeder

    Happy thanksgivings everybody, well ill tell you what I think branden weeden is doing that colt mccoy can’t do. He is showing just how bad a play calling head coach shurmer is. Yes I belive colt could have giving us a few more wins. His ability to create something outta nothing is better than BW. In a sad way I’m glad that BW is playing an being a rookiean making rookie mistakes. Because if colt was playing we just might have to have coach shurmer here for another season or more. Peace, eat turkey, an enjoy the hoilday everybody. Remember this, it could be worse, we could be without a team that sucks an have nothing during football season…………….

    • LG

      There are some that think Shurmur will be here anyway next season. I really think they need to rethink that . Have a Happy Thanksgiving….

    • ABrown

      Interesting thought. First Shurmur tried to save himself by putting all the blame of his coaching failure in 2011 on McCoy. And now the new quarterback he thought would be his savior is playing so badly Shurmur’s bad coaching is clear.

      The only one who might have saved Shurmur is McCoy, the quarterback who could have played well enough in 2012 to win games and cover up Shurmur’s limitations.

      Let’s just hope this awful coach doesn’t get another year to muck up this team.

  24. RB

    At this point in time Shurmur won’t play McCoy because the new regime is evaluating Weeden to see if they need to draft a QB in the 2013 draft, which is the logical thing to do.

    I’m not convinced Weeden is the answer at QB for the Browns, but I am also not convinced that he isn’t either. I will say I saw enough of McCoy in the last 2 years to believe he’s not the answer at QB.

    I personally believe we have more pressing issues than QB on this team, especially in the area of DB.

    The offensive philosophy is also an issue that won’t be decided until they figure out what they’re going to do with Shurmur. Whatever the Browns do, they need to develop an offense that best suits the talent they have on the roster, including QB, whether it’s Weeden, McCoy or a newly drafted individual.

    Well LG, we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree on who the QB should be. You’re not gonna change my mind and I won’t change yours. With Thanksgiving upon us we can at least be thankful we have a team to argue about. So happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    • LG

      RB, I agree with you and have a great Thanksgiving yourself too…..

  25. Tom Wynne

    Tigersbrowns2 is right on point. Weeden had adequate coverage this game(i was screaming at him to get rid of the ball several times). It looked like he scoped all his options…but clearly no separation/nothing open…I think all of us can clearly agree at Thanksgiving that we’d be 8-2, 7-3 if Dixon and Minnifield were in out secondary today. I pin ALL the losses on the Haden debacle to start…Sheldon brown…and now Buster skrine. The kis who replaced Skrine seemed to cover well without the Skrine clutch and grab. If Skrine comes back this season…it will be too soon!!!


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