Could Brandon Weeden Be Done In Cleveland?Brandon Weeden finished the  2102 season as one of the worst rookie quarterbacks taken in the 2012 draft. The Browns used their 2nd pick in the draft to take the then 28-year-old Q.B. who turned 29 soon after the season started. It was felt that he needed to be vaulted into the starting quarterback position because of his age. The Browns thought it was now or never for Weeden. Now with the old regime gone and the new owners looking for a new head coach is there a real chance Weeden could soon be gone too?

Brandon Weeden threw for a lot of yards but he couldn’t get the team into the end-zone. He looked like he folded under pressure and he threw more interceptions than touchdowns. The problem with Weeden could be his delivery.   Coming into the NFL from a professional MLB career, Weeden throws the football like he is pitching to home plate. For a tall guy he had a lot of balls tipped by the opposing teams defenders and he often missed open receivers. Trying to change his delivery could very well ruin him. He has thrown the ball his way for a long time.

Not only does changing his mechanics present a problem, he suffered a shoulder injury in the last game he played in. Weeden left major league baseball because of an injury to his shoulder. It was thought that throwing a football didn’t present the same kind of problem to his throwing shoulder that throwing the baseball did, that was before his season ending injury.

All things considered, there is a very real possibility that Brandon Weeden could turn into another one of Cleveland’s first round busts. The Browns have had a history of drafting guys in the first round of the NFL draft that frankly never worked out for one reason or another. With all the changes that are taking place with the Cleveland Browns and the evaluation of Brandon Weeden’s first NFL season,  could he be added to Cleveland’s growing list of first round busts? The answer is yes. He just may not fit into the new coaches plans and the Browns could end up parting ways with the soon to be 30-year-old quarterback. Only time will tell.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous

    Nice article LG …. Maybe LG for head coach of the Browns?

  2. Leon II

    If Chip Kelly, reportedly Banslam’s first choice for HC, comes to Cleveland I expect Weeden to be traded for a late round draft pick as quickly as possible. He isn’t a Kelly QB. I think McCoy and Lewis fit his vision better for a QB and they would compete for the job. I think Lewis might actually have a slight edge as a Kelly QB. Whichever was selected it is possible that the decision would be a stop gap until a franchise QB was drafted. I think Josh McDaniels would be 30/70 on Weeden and if the right deal was offered he would be gone and McCoy would start. I think McCoy would have the advantage over Lewis in a McDaniels system. But again any of the three would likely be temporary. Other names associated with the Cleveland coaching job would be more likely to give Weeden a chance to compete into the preseason with McCoy and Lewis.

    Any way it goes I don’t expect Weeden to be anointed without a true competition this time.

  3. Bob

    Great picture with this article. So funny.

  4. ABrown

    Great visual, LG! And excellent article. Do you think this product will work on the fans who still think Weeden is the future? Or is this product really the next head coach?

    Weeden has many problems, but the one real QB killer is his problem with the mental side of the game — quick and wise decision-making, poise under pressure, football IQ, and love of studying film and strategizing with the coaches.

    These things can’t be taught or developed very easily. Even harder than changing a throwing motion, changing the mental side of someone’s game would mean changing who a player is.

    Last night, when Chip Kelly was asked about what he likes most about his red shirt freshman QB, the thing he focused on was poise under pressure.

    When NFL commentators were talking about the 3 rookie QBs who have led their teams to the playoffs, they had a similar answer. Clearly they are all athletic and apparently they all devoured the playbook before the regular season began, but the thing that sets them apart is their poise under pressure, their desire to have the ball in their hands when the game is on the line.

    • LG

      poise under pressure certainly doesn’t pertain to Mr. Weeden

    • LG

      Also, I think less and less fans are still thinking Weeden is the answer after a 5-11 season where the defense clearly won 3 of the 5 games….


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