The Cleveland Cavaliers are losing games again. Their young guns such as Kyrie Irving has slowed way down. Irving only scored 14 points against the Detroit Pistons and now the Cleveland Cavaliers have fell to the Pistons 3 times this season. The Cavaliers need to find the missing element in their game. They need to figure out how to play defense as a team. The Pistons made the Cavaliers look like a high school team at times last night. The Cavs didn’t have any kind of defense which is the same problem they have had all season long.

The Cavaliers offense has shown signs of being good at time this season, however it is their complete lack of defense that is costing them game after game. The teams offense can only go so far. The Cavs are constantly falling behind and they can’t get the stops they need to allow their offense to catch up. When Irving isn’t scoring over 20 points the Cavs are going to have a tough night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have to find a way to play some defense. It doesn’t seem to play into Coach Byron Scott’s game plan. If he expects this team to win more game he has to find a way to get his Cavaliers to play some defense. I would encourage Scott to look at the game films and watch as his team fails to play any good defense. Come on already Byron, this is the same problem you have had since you have taken over the Cleveland Cavaliers.   Get it fixed. Kyrie can’t carry the whole team….

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Wow...

    This article sucks! Wish I could have the minute of my life I wasted reading it back. The Cavs have played well all season for a young squad. Of course there are struggles. They have been playing some of the best teams in the league well and just can’t pull out wins in the second half. They are getting better and will eventually begin to win some of these games.

    Those points combined with the fact that you stated the same point repeatedly make this article horrible. Combine that with poor editing and I see no way this thing makes it on our board. Please re read your posts and have more than one thing to say next time.

    • LG

      Hey man, did you hear Irving say he lost interest in the Detroit game? I would say this article was right on the money.

  2. jd

    Maybe for that game he ran out of something. Last night proved he is able to snap back to his usual self. The guy had the flu vs the Warriors and had an off game vs Detroit.


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