Was it already predetermined that the Browns weren’t going to be able to hire a new head coach with a winning record? Is that why Haslam & Banner settled for Rob Chudzinski? Lets face it, with the hiring of Chudzinski, the improvement over Shurmur may only be minor. As an offensive coordinator, Chud only had one winning season in the NFL. I guess we can take that as a positive Shurmur didn’t have any. The 1 winning season he had as an O.C. in the NFL did come when he was with the Cleveland Browns, the team actually had a record of 10-6 in 2007. The bad thing was Chud watched as the Browns he called the plays for in their winning season fall to a record of 4-12 the very next season. Chudzinski could get the Browns offense to repeat as winner for 2 seasons in a row.

After Chud left Cleveland he went back to doing what he did before he became a O.C., he was hired by his good friend Norv Turner in San Diego and he went back to being a tight ends coach. Shurmur was a tight ends coach too. After spending a couple of seasons with his friend Turner on the west coast, Chud would get his big break to join the Carolina Panthers as their O.C..

Now the Panthers would have their quarterback and they hired what they thought was going to be a great O.C. in Chudzinski. The Panthers in the 2 seasons that Chud was there lost more football games than they won. Kinda mirrors a Shurmur move doesn’t it? Chud sent his quarterback Cam Newton to work with one of the least successful NFL quarterbacks of all time Chris Weinke. How did that work out for Chud in the 2012 season? Not so good, they finished their season with another losing record at 7-9.

A lot of people who watched the Panthers and Chud in Carolina didn’t care for some of the things he did. It seemed like he would have some disagreements with some of the players and then he would bench the guy.After he sent Newton to work with Weinke, they did win one more game in 2012 so I guess you could call it an improvement, but Chud’s Panthers still had a losing season with a 7-9 record.

Now he has Weeden, working with Weinke. A guy that never could win in the NFL is tutoring Weeden on how to be a NFL quarterback. Weinke was the Panthers starting quarterback in the 2001 season. He played in 15 games and lost 14 of them. The Panthers would finish the 2001 season with a 1-15 record and Weinke would finish the season with 11 touchdown’s and 19 interceptions. Perhaps Chud sent Weeden to Florida to work with Weinke on how to deal with throwing interceptions. It should be something the two of them have in common.

It is going to be an interesting season watching the Cleveland Browns under their new inexperienced head coach Rob Chudzinski. The first thing he will have to deal with as the teams new head coach is the Browns starting quarterback situation. I remember the season that Shurmur took control of the team. During the off-season McCoy worked with Brett Favre. Now Chud has Weeden working with Weinke. SMH, I wonder where Chud’s thought process is coming from?



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Readers Comments (68)

  1. Dave

    It must be a slow Browns week, now your taking shots at a guy that is smart enough to hire good solid help to move a BAD franchise to a turn around, and this guy already has buy into the Browns orginazition.

    • LG

      Who is taking shots? We just stating some facts….What do we know about Chud? Is he going to be the right guy to turn this thing around?

      • Dave

        There is no right/wrong guy, only talent and buy in…

  2. Russell koontz

    First of all, Cam Newton it’s a head case that needed to be consoled ever bad play he made. Facts are facts, you’re right. What was wrong with browns and especially Shurmur was he was stuck on fitting a player like Weeden and Richardson in a system they would never succeed in. I believe Chud will want the team to succeed, not his system. He was able to bring in two strong coaches that share the, “make the system work for the players” approach. So easy to write negatively about the browns, I get it. But this time, I think the stars lined up. Pedictability is finally out the window.

    • LG

      Well, Russell, lets hope you are right. But as far as bringing in 2 coaches to make the team work and not their systems do you feel the same about the defense? I mean switching to the 3-4 is that not the new coaches system?

      • Russell koontz

        Switching to 3-4 is a formality, and something that the media seems to be obseessed with as some huge change that can’t be accomplished, when in all reality, the defense is just a few players away from adding a 3-4, 4-6, or 8 men on the block! The browns must be able to adapt to the new era of read option, spread option and what ever other gimic comes their way in the future. Hortons hybrid defense will hopefully be prepared for modern football.

        • LG

          Well, I don’t see myself obseessed with it at all. I do see a real need for a solid Linebacker that well be able to play in space and get to the passer. Also they have to address the secondary to solidify the corner opposite of Haden. If they don’t we could be faced with some real issues….

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi guys … 4-3 or 3-4 doesn’t really matter. the fact that ray horton will be coaching them should tell you we will be one of the more agressive defenses in the league.

            alot of zone blitzing … should be exciting to watch.

    • tigersbrowns2

      good post RUSSELL …

  3. Russell koontz

    And who’s winning record are we comparing to? Chip Kelly?…..glad he waffled his nfl coaching decision. The browns did the right thing not waiting for him and that was proven the second Kelly hired Shurmur! !

    • LG

      Russell, by no means am I talking Chip Kelly. I am thinking about coaches like Bruce Arians, a guy who proved he could do the job in the NFL and he made it to the play-offs with a rookie Q.B.

      • Russell koontz

        Arians, I feel used Paganos system beautifully….excellent coach. I would like to hold judgement til I see him run his system. I am curious to see who can be successful quicker, Bruce or Chud?

        • LG

          Me too. But lets not forget Arians is a pro at bringing along young quarterbacks. He has a lot of experience winning football games long before he went to Indy…

          • Anonymous

            i like arians … good guy, good story. i will be suprised if he has much/any success in arizona. he does not have andrew luck now.

            i was not impressed with him when he was the OC in cleveland … he obviously did much better as OC in pittsburgh.

        • Bob

          I wanted Arians. Arians will be the one who is successful quicker. Just look at what he did with the Colts who were the worst the previous season in 2011. In fact, Arians already proved himself as a head coach last year.

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi BOB … hope all is well.

            i am going to stick my neck out right now & predict chud will have more wins than arians next year.

          • ABrown

            Right, Bob, and the Colts had as many rookies on offense as the Browns did and a much weaker offensive line. Luck was sacked 41 times as a rookie, one of the highest sack totals in the league.

            The Colts presented a much greater coaching challenge as a team with all the problems the Browns fans used to excuse our losing season in 2012 and more.

            But the Colts had a good coach and a good quarterback. The Browns didn’t.

          • Bob

            Hey TB2 – I hope your prediction is right about Chud because I don’t feel that way.

          • tigersbrowns2

            … don’t you think pagano had a pretty big hand in the colts success last year … not only preparing them for the season , but also providing a huge emotional lift to that team ??

            arians was a nice story … but he will have to follow-up with another one in arizona , of all places. if he does it again … then i’ll believe.

  4. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … interesting article.

    imo , chud is way more ready than shurmur was to become a head coach. he also has a great support link in norv turner . i also think chud will be a jimmy johnson clone … this will be good for one of the youngest squads in the nfl. you know why people got pissed at him in carolina ?? … it’s because he held them accountable … he will do the same in cleveland … we don’t need a mr. nice guy as a coach right now … and chud will be hard on all the players.

    in regards to weinke … because he may not a great nfl player does not mean he can’t be a great nfl coach.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      The Turner thing is a bid deal TB2 if it were just CHud I would be real nervous..

      • tigersbrowns2

        chud & turner are pretty close … i think chud knew what he was doing when he brought norv along.

        i think the chemistry is good … we’ll find out soon enough.

        • LG

          One thing that I noticed about the friendship is the fact when Chud left the Browns the first time after 2008 Norv didn’t make him a O.C. in san diego.

  5. Bob

    What is the NFL record for most consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown?

    Cleveland Browns of 2008 …24 consecutive quarters with Rob Chudzinski.

    Nuff said. Nice read LG. This is why I have no faith in the new coaching staff. New coaches coming from non-playoff teams. Nothing to get excited about.

    Weinke coaching Weeden lol. Read a comment somewhere yesterday that “Weinke & Weeden” would make a good cartoon. lol.

    • RICK

      Bob, Rmember though some of the coaching in the past came from playoff teams like ROMEO comes into mind.

      • Bob

        Understand Rick. As a fan, I felt let down with this coaching pick after Haslam made this big media splash regarding the Browns and moving forward with producing a winning team. I never expected to rehash with Chud or Lombardi. I am all for giving second chances, but I thought the Browns would get someone who was recently successful. I guess we will see. Just wondering if the Browns truly are cursed.

        • tigersbrowns2

          haslam learned in pittsburgh … they have had 3 head coaches since 1969 & all 3 were not “sexy” picks as head coaches … none of the 3 had previous head coaching experience.

          we know all about their success … i think haslam hired somebody that was going to be around for quite some time.

  6. ABrown

    Interesting article, LG. Chud, was a surprise to most of the league because he didn’t have a record of much success before the Browns hired him.

    And his one winning year as OC came when the Browns faced the 8th weakest schedule in the Browns 64 years of football. But the next year, in 2008 he faced the 3rd strongest schedule. Strength of schedule may have a lot to do with that winning season.

    We can hope that the strong coordinators he’s hired may make things turn out, if Chud is more willing to collaborate with his more experienced coordinators than control them.

    But it’s a new beginning, AGAIN, for the Browns, and fans are ready to fight anyone who has less than absolute faith in the new guy.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi ABROWN … derek anderson also had alot to do with the success in 2007 & the flop in 2008.

      • ABrown

        TB2, in 2007 and 2008, we had the same HC and OC and the same QB. The best way I’ve seen to explain the dramatic difference in the records is finding what was different for the teams.

        That was strength of schedule.

        The 2007 team faced only 4 teams with winning records, 2 with 8 and 8, and 10 with losing records.

        The 2008 team faced 9 winning teams, 3 8 and 8 teams, and 4 losing teams.

        An easy schedule can hide problems with players or coaches, while a tough schedule will expose weaknesses.

        (Pro Football Cleveland Browns Encyclopedia site)

  7. Bob

    Hey Haslam. If you are reading this get a veteran WR. Welker or Wallace. Please PLEASE make a splash during free agency for someone who can catch the ball and mentor these young guys. In other words, give us someone to get excited about. After all, you do want to sell tickets. If not these two get a big name who is in their prime because I am really tired of watching the “developing” of this team.

    • ABrown

      We definitely need a true No. 1 WR. As time goes by passing on the chance to draft Julio Jones in 2011 looks more and more like a huge mistake.

      It’s really hard to find a true difference maker like Green and Jones have both proven to be and like most draft scouts predicted.

  8. RB

    Following all your Browns’ articles this past year, you blamed our lack of a winning season on two people – Shurmur and Weeden. Therefore, I would assume it to be fair that Chud, as an offensive coordinator, would not be held responsible for the teams wins and losses.

    That being said, I see nothing wrong with Weeden working with Weinke. Weinke works for the IMG Academy. 42 NFL prospects worked at the Academy for over 6 weeks prior to the NFL combine, so I would guess they have a decent reputation.

    Chud’s offense finished 12th in the league last year. Finishing in the top 3rd in the league is a pretty good showing.

    Bob, 2008 was a long time ago, and Chud performed well in his capacity as offensive coordinator as recent as last year. I expect expect exciting things on both sides of the ball this year.

    Chud is here for at least 3 years, if not longer. Continuity is one thing Haslam learned in his dealings with the Steelers. You can’t keep making changes every year or even every other year and expect to make significant progress in establishing a winning tradition.

    The next coaching vacancy the Browns will have to fill will be when Horton is selected to be a Head Coach for an NFL team.

    These guys have given us no reason to question their abilities. This is a new regime. They deserve to be given a chance. This franchise has been in disarray ever since it returned to Cleveland. It will take more than one off-season to fix all that is broken.

    • LG

      Lets not forget Shurmur did most of the offensive play calling so really he was like the O.C. Too.

      • RB

        That’s stretching it a bit LG lol.

        • ABrown

          No, that’s just naming part of the problem, and, if I remember right, we didn’t have a separate OC in 2011.

  9. Bob

    Okay. I’d like to side track. I hope the Browns keep Dawson. PLEASE. But, I predict he goes to the 49ers. Apparently, the 49ers released their kicker tonight and I bet they go after the #1 kicker. Hate to see him go, but if he does, I hope he gets that Super Bowl ring to cap off his career.

  10. Stiv Marley

    Funny thing, as soon as I read the first sentence I knew it had to be LG !
    Once you saw the rumor that your boy McCoy may be released, you had to go back and start bashing someone. Your writing is predictable and pretty pathetic. LG should be Long Gone from here. Please leave our town alone. Go away with all the negative crap you write. As the Donald would happily say
    “YOUR FIRED” !

    • ABrown

      Don’t believe everything Terry Pluto makes up, Stiv. What I’d like to know is why you a few others always bash LG for giving you a set of facts you don’t have access to in the local press.

      What’s wrong with learning more about the new coaches? What’s wrong with expressing doubts as well as hopes?

      This is a serious question. I’d like to see your answer. What’s wrong with expressing doubts as well as hopes??

      • ABrown

        No answer from Stiv. I guess there’s nothing wrong with giving people access to facts they can’t get elsewhere. Good job again, LG.

        • LG

          Some people just can’t take the truth ABrown

  11. dan dyer

    RB, you are right on point. To hold an offensive coordinator responsible for win/loss record is hilarious. Given the fact that in 2007 he took the leagues worst offense and transformed it into the 7th ranked offense in the league with a rookie QB. In 2008 he lead Carolina to the 12th ranked offense in the league. I would think all of us as Browns fans would gladly take our offense being ranked that highly. Hardly think that Carolinas 7-9 records fall souly on his shoulders. Honestly I would be happy with a 7-9 record in his 1st year, certainly better than what we are used to.
    Also to have people on here critizing Weeden for working with Weinke comes across as hypocritical. These are the same people that have bashed Weeden for his work ethic and dedication to getting better. Now that he is taking the initiative and doing some off season training to get better, they bash him for that! I’m pretty sure that these same people are the one’s connected to Mr. McCoys bandwagon. Well while Weeden is training with a well respected Sports Academy, McCoy is back in Texas pimping coffee and donuts.. rcooler/2013/02/colt-mccoy-hawks-doughnuts-coffee- in.html
    It just irks me that no matter what Weeden does, what is said about him by the coaching staff, or the reports that have him favored to start he still gets bashed senselessly.
    And now to add to the fire, LG is questioning Chud. Personally I thought we would make a big splash in getting a new coach. Chud’s name may not be associated with big splash hire but I feel he is the perfect fit for this team. I love the fact that he is a life-long Browns fan, who better to understand our pain. That alone gives him extra motivation to succeed and do whatever it takes to turn this team around. He is one of us, he knows how we felt during those AFC Championship disappointments, he knows what we felt when our Browns were taken away from us. He may not be the “sexy” choice, but he is by far the best choice for this team and this city!

    • Bob

      Hey. What’s your point about bashing McCoy’s donut investment? Lame try to make it look like he’s not doing anything in the off-season. Before you slam McCoy, you should read up on how McCoy has been working out in the off season in Austin with former Texas ballers who are currently in the NFL when Weeden was doing nothing (nothing as in nothing reported) until reported this week he was working with Weinke. After his 1st year, McCoy learned from Favre who is a hell of a lot better experienced mentor.

      It is also well known that Weeden is very lazy with prep, watching film & comprehending the playbook. It has been out there that McCoy does prep & comprehend better then Weeden.

      What was Weeden’s QBR in 2012? He was ranked 35 out of 36. lol. I believe McCoy’s lowest QBR was 25 or 27. Weeden is lucky he was even allowed to start as many games as he did when he basically hurt the team with his generally terrible play. Just ask Alex Smith.

      You need to do your homework. Also, McCoy is the one who gets bashed more by the likes of the Cleveland media then Weeden and he did not even play in 2012 except for a limited amount of time against Denver and what did he do right a way when he came in? He got a touchdown off a 80 yard drive.

      • Bob

        When I wrote, “You need to do your homework.” I am referring to you making it look like McCoy is doing nothing in the off season except selling donuts.

        BTW – I think it’s a positive that McCoy is smart enough to invest in his future after football instead of blowing it. It adds to his character.

        • ABrown

          Completely on target, Bob, and Weeden hasn’t been working with Weinke more than a few days — probably got advice to get his ass in gear to counteract all the bad press he’s been getting with comments from his team mates and former coaches.

          I saw a reference on another site to comments by Joe Thomas and Jordan Norwood about Weeden’s lack of workouts and game preparation.

          • LG

            ABrown did some coaches say some things about him? I missed it do u have them?

          • ABrown

            LG, here’s what I think is the first mention of the interview with one of Weeden’s former coaches, Jake Spavitol, who also worked with Geno Smith. Since mid-Feb it’s been referenced in several stories.


            The title is “Combine Countdown: Watching Rodgers, Geno Smith is a Film Junkie”

          • LG

            Thanks ABrown, for some reason I feel another article in the making….LOL

        • dan dyer

          Your right about that cuz his football career is coming to and end shortly.

          • ABrown

            Exactly, that’s why it’s actually good that Weeden is working with Weinke because Weinke can help him deal with being a former baseball player and 1st round NFL draft pick who couldn’t make it in the NFL.

          • dan dyer

            was talking about McCoy

          • ABrown

            I think McCoy will have a longer career in the NFL than Weeden will (except for his guaranteed contract that he stuck the Browns with which will pay him even if he’s not on the roster == Weeden’s foresight?).

            At the very least, McCoy is a very good backup in the NFL. And judging by how the new management doesn’t seem to be worried about bringing in anyone besides McCoy as competition for a QB they very clearly have doubts about, there’s a better than even chance that McCoy wins the start this year.

            One thing should be obvious. Norv and Chud are not going to be willing to dumb down their offense to complete predictability for Weeden the way Shurmur did. If Weeden doesn’t dramatically improve his work ethic and commitment to the Browns and his team mates, he’s not going to be GIVEN the job unless he earns it.

      • dan dyer

        Farve never mentored anyone, just ask Aaron Rodgers about that one. And since Weinke is Director of the football coaching staff of a prestigous Academy with 30+ years of service, I’d take his tudoring over Farve’s.
        I’d like to know where you got your off season reports on McCoy because I haven’t heard or seen anything from Camp McCoy. I’m sure he is doing things, I just haven’t heard of any.
        Your right QBR is the only stat that should be considered when evaluating QB’s. I’m not saying that Weeden is the best thing since sliced bread, my point was that all you people criticize his work ethic and dedication, then when he does something to get better you go and bust his balls. Is nothing he does good enough for you?
        Also why are you so dead-set on Cleveland making “big splash” hires and signings? Isn’t that what the Redskins did for about a decade and sucked every year? And the Cowboys? The Bills last year? Philly the last 5 years? Making the “big splash” hire or signing isn’t always the best route. They need to find coaches and players that fit this team. Personally I feel Chud was the best hire we have had since Schottenheimer.

        • LG

          Wow, you already giving Chud a lot of credit aren’t you Dan?

          • dan dyer

            LG-none more than what he deserves. unlike all you Browns Bashers, I am giving the guy a chance!

          • LG

            You think I am a Browns basher?

        • ABrown

          Dan, Favre definitely worked with McCoy. Just google it and you’ll see several articles. Here’s a reference to one:

          Favre helped McCoy learn Browns’ new offense

          Colt McCoy picked up his cellphone, dialed Brett Favre’s number and hoped one of his idols might help him out.

    • Bob

      You wrote, “To hold an offensive coordinator responsible for win/loss record is hilarious.”

      I think that statement is REALLY hilarious. Just ask the Ravens who fired their OC Cam Cameron last year. By doing that they well….. WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!

      • ABrown

        Indeed, the coordinators are the ones most directly held responsible for the team’s performance. Great example!

      • dan dyer

        Your absolutely right. Jim Caldwell should replace John Harbaugh. He should go back to caoching Special Teams or DB’s since he had nothing to do with winning any games. Why do teams even have Head Coaches, hell just have a bunch of coordinators. They fired him because Flacco didn’t like his play calling because he wants to throw all the time. Truth is they were 9-4 and scoring 25 pts/gm when he was fired. I think the emotional lift that Lewis contributed when he came back bonded the team and his retirement anouncement put them over the top. Along with Harbaughs leadership. They ended the season 1-2 after Cameron was fired and scored less points per game. They bonded and put it all together when the playoffs started and Lewis returned.

        • ABrown

          Based on what I hear from Carolina, I really think Chud would have been fired if he hadn’t gotten another job. The comments all spring have been about how the HC wants things done differently this year and doesn’t want to see the high priced RBs sitting on the bench or not getting significant carries like last year.

          That doesn’t mean he can’t turn out to be a good coach, but he didn’t come with the highest recommendation.

          • dan dyer

            Thats very odd because the report I read when Chud was hired was all praise from his coaches and players in Carolina. I will find it and post it for you to read.

          • dan dyer

            here is the article……/panthers-oc-rob-chudzinski-more.html

          • LG

            Hey Dan, the link is no good

          • dan dyer

            LG-Don’t know why it didn’t come up as being able to click on. If you copy it and google search it it’ll come up.

  12. RB

    Sorry about bad mad. They are not quite in the top 3rd on offense.

    • RB

      bad math even…lack of sleep.

  13. Big Duke

    Pic of Chud looks like a mug shot from a DUI police photo. C’mon dude, look happy man, the worlds your oyster. At least smile!! You’re now a head coach, coaching a team without a lot of immediate term expectations….of course with the Browns yes there’s pressure to win just like everywhere else, but I think being a head coach for the Browns and a head coach for say Dallas has a different amount of pressure from the owner, media, fans etc. between the two. I would think perhaps a little more pressure for the Dallas head coach to deal with and other high profile media outlet teams like Jets, Giants, Pats, Eagles, Redskins….hhmmm seems like East and North East side of US is not the place to be for a head coach for long term job security.


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