Seneca WallaceCleveland Browns Back-up quarterback¬† Seneca Wallace comes out and syas he would be willing to teach the Browns first round draft pick Brandon Weeden, Wallace wasn’t willing to help Browns starting quarterback Colt McCoy at all last year. Now Wallace wants to say it is a different situation, Wallace says he and McCoy were competing for the starting role and that is why he wouldn’t help McCoy at all. If Seneca Wallace is coming to Browns camp and he isn’t competing for the starting role in Cleveland then why have him there at all?

Perhaps if Wallace would have helped out a little last year the Browns wouldn’t have finished the season at 4-12. Seneca Wallace as just proved to me and probably some other Browns fans he is a selfish payer. In-steed of working together as a team Wallace choose to not help out at all last year. I really do not think Wallace is the guy to teach Brandon Weeden anything. Weeden is a better quarterback than Wallace, and I’ll bet he isn’t as selfish as Seneca Wallace either. Their is no I in team. Wallace needs to learn that and he should have already known.

On Winning teams all the players work together for the good of the team. In my opinion it is time for Seneca Wallace to move on.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Clint

    Seneca knows the West Coast offense very very well. He just doesn’t have the skillset/talent to do it. That’s how guys who aren’t successful pro athletes can coach. Seneca was competing for a job last year. I don’t wanna ramble on too much.. but please just put yourself in his shoes and stop writing such ignorant shit.

    • LG

      Hey thanks for taking the time and reading our articles. Sorry to disagree with you but, Wallace is not much of a team player. If he was he could have helped Colt McCoy out last season. You never put your own personal goals ahead of the team. I fail to see what is ignorant about that statement…


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