What do you think the NBA officials will do when the Cleveland Cavaliers return to the Quicken Loans Arena?  Game-3 in the NBA finals, and the Cavs playing in front of the home town crowd. Will the NBA officials be as bad in Cleveland?

The one thing about Cleveland Sports fans, is they don't put up with bad officiating. No sir, if the refs miss calls, like they did the other night in game-2, you can bank on the fans in Cleveland letting them have it.

LeBron James was practically mugged the other night and the refs didn't call it. He was grabbed around his neck, he was held down by the back of his jersey while going up after a jump ball, and he was hit in the nose.

While I don't see the hit to the nose being done on purpose, I still think the refs should have been harder on the Golden State Warriors. The NBA has reviewed some of the calls, and they did come out with a report about some none-calls, and some calls they missed.

I certainly hope the NBA doesn't over-react tonight in Cleveland. They have let the two teams play and they need to let them play tonight as well. they can't come out and change the way the call the game in Cleveland, compared to how they called it in Oakland.

If they do, they will interrupt the entire pace of play. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the momentum coming into tonight's game and there is no need to slow them down. Lets hope the refs are fair tonight, lets also hope they don't go overboard and slow the Cleveland Cavaliers down.

If the refs do a bad job tonight, you can expect the fans to let them know about it. After all, there is no place like home......


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