With the Cleveland Browns wanting to go to a 3-4 defense, they are going to need help at the Line-Backer Position. They would benefit big-time if they could find a way to draft Damontre Moore the line-backer out of Texas A&M. The 6’4″ 250 lbs linebacker had a great career in college and he could carry that momentum into the NFL. Moore had 197 tackles, 26.5 sacks and 45 fo those tackles were for a loss in his NCAA career.

The Browns could use this guy to make plays and to bring pressure to the quarterback from the outside. This guy has it all, he is big, fast and he can use his size to knock down passes too. The problem is the Browns may not have a pick high enough to grab a guy like Moore. There is plenty of talk that the Browns want to deal Weeden, but what team is stupid enough to give away a high draft pick for a guy like Weeden? Especially after the season he had in the NFL. The Browns would be lucky to get a pick in the first round for the one they wasted on the 29-year-old quarterback.

The Browns have to do something to grab a guy like Moore, they should do  what ever it take this off-season to get some defensive help. They were short-handed at line-backer last season and they had problems in their secondary too. They have to pay attention to the defense in this up coming draft if they really expect to transition the team to a 3-4 defense successfully. Getting a guy like Moore would be a great start.

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  1. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    the browns should stay at 6 … if moore doesn’t fall into their lap bjorn woerner will fit-the-bill.

    there isn’t much sense in trading weeden or mccoy … they are not gonna get the value they desire in-return.

    all efforts should be directed toward the defensive side of the ball … a play-making wr would be nice … as well as a little more depth on the o-line.

    they should just stick with mccoy & weeden this year … i believe a decent prospect at qb such as landry jones , and others , can be had in the 3rd round & beyond.

  2. tigersbrowns2

    hi ABROWN … excellent posting , as usual, in the last so many articles … 3 things toady …

    1) mccoy’s strength of schedule … is the strength of schedule based on the opposing team’s records from the PREVIOUS season ??

    2) arm strength … this is not all about throwing passes 20 yards or longer … arm strength is also squeezing a 10-15 yard slant or hook in between 2 or 3 defenders … and it has alot to do with being able to drill a 10-15 yard out or sideline pattern. and yes , i remember weeden getting picked-off & returned for a td on an out pattern in one of the games against the ravens.

    and lastly … i am still waiting for you to share mccoy’s weaknesses with me … is today the day ??

    • ABrown

      TigersBrowns2, the Strength of Schedule at Pro Football Reference is based on the strength of each team in the year they play and the current year’s ratings of their opponents.

      PFT uses what they call a Simple Rating System that comes from each team’s margin of victory each week, their strength of schedule which is adjusted each week, and the quality of their offense and defense. All of these qualities change throughout the season with each game, so it’s a pretty complex system to explain but does a pretty good job of using each year’s teams rating to compute that same year’s Strength of Schedule.

      It’s pretty comprehensive by the end of the season is very good at explaining what happened that year and the quality of teams, but isn’t designed to predict future season results.

      What you say about arm strength reminds me of what recent evaluators of NFL QBs said about the top players: Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers.

      None of them have elite raw arm strength, but their football IQ, great decision making, and ability to read defenses, along with nearly perfect mechanics come together to give them very high ratings in the category of “arm strength”. Arm strength is a lot more than how far someone can throw a football on an empty field.

      And finally, you keep asking about McCoy’s weaknesses, and I frankly can’t think of any right now. He has many of the qualities that are crucial to good QB play, but I guess his most significant weakness right now is the coaching he’s gotten in Cleveland so far. That would have ruined quarterbacks who are not as tough as McCoy.

      • tigersbrowns2

        good post ABROWN … thanks.

  3. tigersbrowns2

    LG … sorry for cahnging the subject in your forum … just trying to keep it current with ABROWN & BOB.

    hi BOB … excellent unbiased post on both weeden & mccoy in previous forums.
    i also asked you about mccoy’s weaknesses & you replied you just started posting in october & mccoy didn’t get to play much this year.

    if you were a fan of the browns in 2010 & 2011 you surely must have some opinions on this subject.

  4. mike

    McCoy’s weakness was a crummy coach and play caller who should have never been hired as a headcoach in the first place.and if the draft pick for weeden hadn’t been wasted we wouldn’t be talking about it anyway.the browns just need to settle on a quarterback and move forward regardless of who it is.

    • tigersbrowns2

      good point MIKE … however , i am talking about mccoy’s abilities.

    • ABrown

      Mike that’s a great way of cutting through a lot of BS to the essence of the problem. You are so right!

      I was just thinking about that when I saw LG’s topic. Moore is a special player that we could really use if the Browns don’t go off on a tangent chasing another flash in the pan QB and drafting people too early for the quality of play they bring to the team.

      Let’s hope this year is different.

  5. tigersbrowns2

    LG … i like CB dee milliner too , might be a nice compliment to haden.

    i know there’s been talk about flacco & wallace … really can’t afford either one & don’t want the baggage that comes with wallace … what do you think about free-agent WR dwayne bowe ??

    • LG

      We could use that.

  6. RB

    Free agency will let us know where we go in the draft. Jennings would be a good pick in free agency. I would like to see an backup O lineman in free agency and try to sign two OLBs in free agency.

    If we go that route, then we go for best athlete available in draft. Hopefully Moore is available. He has been my top choice for about a month now. Guess it all depends on free agency, and of course the combine this week. I am looking forward to it.

    New format looks great.

    • LG

      You mean to tell me we both like the same guy in the draft? The problem is I don’t think the Browns have to many plans for free agents according on the things Haslam said super bowl weekend…

      • RB

        I’m very high on Moore. He’s probably the best pass rusher in this year’s draft.

        As far as free agency, the Browns have to spend over $40 million, they don’t have a choice. They should be be able to fill some holes with $40 million.

        • LG

          agreed. I love this Moore kid….We need him but I think he will be gone before we get there…

          • ABrown

            I’m hoping we can get a CB in free agency or later rounds so we can try for Moore. I’m amazed at A&M’s recruiting a few years ago to have the 2 top tackles and Moore, not to mention Von Miller a couple of years ago.

            As far as draft order, I had thought that most of the teams ahead of us were interested in QB or O-line, maybe CB for Detroit, but they could go a couple different ways.

            Who’s most likely to take Moore ahead of us?

          • LG

            You are certainly right about that too ABROWN we need a CB badly

    • tigersbrowns2

      i agree … i like the new format as well.

      • LG

        Are you speaking of the New format of the site TB2?

        • tigersbrowns2

          yessir …

  7. Bob

    Watch. Now that you said Moore, he goes 1st.

    • LG

      LOL that is our luck


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