This week we are taking a look at the performance of Browns 29-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden. Why was Weeden so successful in College? It is because he had a very simplified offense to play in. Weeden gets lost in the complexity of offense schemes. He doesn’t take the time to fully understand what his role as a team leader is and he continues to take unnecessary chances with poorly thrown down-filed passes. This has been Brandon Weedens problem for a while, he suffered the same in abilities in College as he is suffering in the NFL. If The Steelers defense was able to hold onto the football in last weeks game Weedenn would have once again demonstrated his poor judgement in being able to  determin what the defense was doing. Weeden has always had problems

Here is what the pro-scouts thought about Brandon Weeden before the NFL draft. Read it and carefully consider  it before you snap to any judgements. Everything they reported is true. Brandon Weeden still suffers from the same problems he did in College, he simply doesn’t process the raw talent to become the Browns super star quarterback….

Operated heavily out of the shotgun in a spread offense featuring simple, half-field reads that inflated his statistics. Tended to bird-dog and force the ball to Justin Blackmon. Inconsistent deep-ball placement — throws to spots. Struggles to handle and escape pressure and has limited mobility to escape. Can be rattled by the rush. Does not like to be hit. Wilts against the blitz. Relies too much on his arm — footwork is not clean. Over aged. Arm durability needs to be evaluated. Average Senior Bowl showing exposed difficulty adjusting to working under center and cycling through reads — will require time to adjust. Limited upside.

Did you see the part in the above statement that said, ” offense featuring simple, half-field reads that inflated his statistics”? The Cleveland Browns have had to do the very same things to make Brandon Weeden look successful in the NFL. If you look at Weeden’s stats you will see he has a 6.2 yard passing average, very few of Weeden’s completions come down field for large gains. Weedenn often throws passing short of his 6 yard average. The Browns coaching staff can’t trust Weeden to throw a completion down field for a huge gain when the game is on the line, they are too afraid Weeden will make a mistake and  mis-read the defense and throw one of his interceptions. A prime example of that is when the Browns went into overtime against the Dallas Cowboys. Weeden could do anything right to get the Cleveland Browns out of their own end of the field. It isn’t often that the Browns coaching staff can trust Brandon Weeden to get the game when it is really on the line.

Did you pay attention to the above statement where it said, “Inconsistent deep-ball placement “? We continue to see this coming from Weeden, he couldn’t even throw a touch pass into the corner of the end-zone in the Dallas game. Now not only does he suffer from Inconsistent deep-ball placement, he has problems with the little touch passes too.

How about where it says; “Struggles to handle and escape pressure”?  We continue to see Brandon Weeden fail under pressure. If someone gets near him he folds. he has no mobility to escape. his foot-work stinks. He continues to be  “rattled by the rush“. Brandon Weeden isn’t going to adjust to taking big hits in the NFL, he doesn’t like to be hit, he is afraid to get injured. An NFL quarterback cannot be concerned with getting injured, that is how you get injured. Look successful NFL quarterbacks somehow they have an instinct to step up and avoid the big hits. Brandon Weeden simply doesn’t have that instinct. it is something you are born with, it is a tough quality to develop in a guy who is gun-shy….

An NFL offense isn’t one that is going to “featuring simple, half-field reads”. Although the Cleveland Browns have made some adjustments to suit Weeden’s game they cannot continue to play this kind of football in the NFL and expect to become an NFL play-off caliber team. Joe banner was correct in his statement saying the team would use Weeden’s last 7 games to evaluate him to see if he is going to be the Browns future leader. The games remaining for Weeden to prove himself are down to 5 now. time is running out for Mr. Brandon Weeden to impress his new boss.

If anyone who follows football reads the scouting report on Brandon Weeden, they would have seen where it said it is going to take Weeden until his 30′s to be developed into any kind of NFL caliber starting quarterback. That’s why the professionals who get paid huge sums of money to write reports  make the money they do. When Homgren forced Browns G.M. Tom Heckert to draft Weeden, is was one of the worse placebos ever feed to the good people in the city of Cleveland. The draft pick wasted on Weeden could have been used to repair the Browns defensive secondary and the Cleveland Browns wouldn’t have had to worry if Haden misses a game. They could have had someone else with great ability to cover someone when Haden is out.

We can all see it is the Browns defense that win games for the fans. Why not make it better and continue to win games? In closing have a look at what the scouts said in summery about Brandon Weeden.

After an extended minor-league baseball career, Weeden embarks upon an NFL career with considerable tread worn off his tires, and the simplified offense in which he played could push his development into his 30s. Displayed the careful ballhandling and short-to-intermediate accuracy desired in a precision passing game, but passing instincts are still raw for a more sophisticated, layered, pro-style, rhythm passing game. Has the arm talent to function in a vertical offense with a strong protection scheme and supporting cast but is most ideally suited for a backup role.

It is going to take a few years to develop Weeden into an NFL wining quarterback. The Browns went back to square one with the 22nd pick in the NFL draft  in 2012. if you read the statements from the pro-scouts, and you take the time to properly think about how true they are. You will see they had Brandon Weeden nailed. Everything they stated in these reports that they make big money to produce is true.

I didn’t write them. I simply used them to state my points.  So before you all go to calling me all kinds of names I suggest you carefully think about all the points talked about by these professional scouts, then put your emotional browns fans feelings aside and think about whet they said well in advance before the Cleveland Browns former team President screwed the Browns fans in his final encore….

There is a ton of proof in these scouting reports…Weeden has been described very well in this one. You can expect flashes of brilliance from Brandon Weeden, it you expect him to quickly become the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady I strongly suggest not holding your breath….. It is the greatness gene that Weeden is missing….










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  1. Bill O'Brien

    I know a thing or 2 about NFL Q.B.’s I usually don’t leave comments to these types of articles. However in this case I must admit the Author seems to really understand the complexity in becoming a great NFL Q.B.. Is is truly something you have to have a gift for. I won’t comment on the person in the article, I will say however the Author seems to be on point…..

    • RICK

      LG, Are you sure thats not a Bernie Kosar scouting report? LOL

      • LG

        All you have to do is click the links and you’ll see it is BW

    • ABrown

      I think we all slipped past this first comment way too quickly. Being a good NFL QB is a complex set of skills, some measurable and some not, but more than any other football position, being a great QB is a gift – a rare combination of poise, football IQ, toughness, leadership, and the ability to thrive in the highest pressure situations and raise the level of your play to match them.

      Doubts about these intangibles are really serious red flags like we see in Weeden’s report and what we see in Leaf’s a few posts below (compare Clausen).

      But when you see the praise for Brady’s intangibles, dispite the questions about arm strength or height, like you see for Montana, Staubach, the Mannings, Rogers, Luck, and Ryan, or with praise for the intangible, joined with arm strength like Bradshaw, Elway, Favre, or RGIII then pay attention, because the QB gift is what makes the difference.

      Here’s the comment that made the difference for the Steelers in getting Bradshaw:

      “Terry Bradshaw can be a giant,” said Joe Thomas, then head of one NFL scouting combine. “I have never seen a youngster with more poise. He has the knack of taking total command and that is the intangible you seek and seldom find in young quarterbacks. He’s one in a million. He can handle a situation.”

      Bill O’Brien is right. It’s a gift.

      • ABrown

        You won’t see this kind of comment about poise and leadership in any of Weeden’s scouting reports, but this is what you do see in McCoy’s (minus the “giant” part — too much concern about height) and it is almost EXACTLY what other Browns players said about McCoy after his first start.

        The intangibles make the difference with a quarterback, and hope your team has a strong enough coach to start that player who has them and who wins the QB competition, the way Pete Carroll did in Seattle when Wilson beat out Flynn who had just been signed to a multi-million dollar starting type contract.

  2. Bob

    Nice facts.

    LG, you wrote, “When Homgren forced Browns G.M. Tom Heckert to draft Weeden, is was one of the worse placebos ever feed to the good people in the city of Cleveland.”

    I read somewhere that Lerner wanted a different QB (and Shurmer as we know). Is that true? If it is, do you think he forced Holmgren in to getting a new QB? Maybe Lerner thought getting a new QB would get more $$$ more the team. It is a Lerner pattern to have a new QB every year. The reason I mention this is that McCoy is a Holmgren pick and Holmgren did say it takes 2 years to succeed with the WCO and we saw McCoy lighting it up in preaseason and teammates telling us how good he is now. Holmgren also seemed to be McCoy’s biggest supporter. I never understood Holmgren turning on McCoy unless it had something to do with Brad McCoy calling out the front office. Of course, none of us know what goes on behind closed doors.

    With that being said, wouldn’t it be interesting and tell us a lot of what really went down with the Weeden pick, if Holmgren becomes the Cowboys or another’s team head coach, he takes McCoy with him. I can see McCoy & Holmgren ending up in Dallas. After all, Holmgren has brought his QBs with him to other teams.

    • Bob

      Also, maybe Holmgren did not mess up with RG3 pick. Maybe RG3 said behind closed doors that he did not want to play with the Browns, especially since he saw how fellow Texan McCoy was treated.. I think even Blackmon said he did not want to play with the Browns.

      • Leon II

        Bob you raise a good point about Lerner. I have always laid the primary blame for the Weeden pick and being ordained as starter on Holmgren but I keep forgetting Lerner’s tendencies. Kinda sad when you stop to think about it how easy it already is to forget that Randy was sitting at the top of the equation. It will be interesting to see if Holmgren and McCoy end up somewhere together and if they do I will have to reevaluate my opinion of Holmgren’s role.

        I know Blackmon has made it clear he didn’t want to come Cleveland (and thankfully he didn’t). I don’t think RG3 had any objection to coming to Cleveland though. I remember watching his interview during the rookie orientation in Canton and he talked about he was still shocked he wasn’t a Brown, how much he respected the history of the Browns, and that he loved the enthusiasm of the fans. Whether or not he truly meant it he sure came off as a classier act then Blackmon.

        • Bob

          Thanks Leon for the info on RG3. I did not know that RG3 made those comments in Canton. Interesting.

          • ABrown

            RGIII is a class act and an all around good citizen. He could have said he didn’t want to come to the Browns in a private business discussion and still honestly praised the fans and tradition.

            And after his visit with the team’s management, I remember reading Holmgren essentially making fun of RGIII because he wanted to show Holmgren how fast he was. And I believe H also said they matched Washington’s offer.

            Playing for Shurmur instead of Shanahan (who adapted the offense to maximize his QBs talent) would have been a terrible career move — for any QB.

  3. Leon II

    LG, I would like to commend you on this piece. This is the most balanced and reasoned statement you have written on Weeden.

    I begin looking at talent that will be available in a draft at least a year prior and had read these scouting reports before Weeden’s name had even been connected to the Brown’s. I strongly suspected last January that Weeden would need at least a year on the bench and then face another year struggling on the field to develop into an NFL QB. I’m not going to label him as a complete bust yet but I am going to say that the way his development has been handled did him no favors. I will also say that it hasn’t done the Browns team or fans any favors either.

    • LG

      Thank You Leon. It is not easy for me to write articles and get the proper words into the correct spaces. It is something I have constantly been working on to improve. One day I may just get it right…

  4. muttklingon

    win u have weeden Or McCOY? maybe or not? Y not play them both?.

  5. DR

    I think your guilty of plagiarism you used info from another Article and quoting it with out giving credit nor reference to what writing you took it from.

    • LG

      you think so DR? why didn’t you just click the link in the article that takes you right to the source of the article? Look for the link with your courser…..It is in there to the original source….But thanks for looking out…..

  6. ABrown

    LG, this is such a good idea, to let fans see a typical draft report on Brandon Weeden. It’s really amazing how the points we’ve been talking about as problems are ALL here. And you do an excellent job of presenting and commenting on the report. Excellent!

    • LG

      Thanks ABrown, I have been trying to state all the points this entire time. I saw this way before the draft and today I thought why not just use parts of it in this article….Guess what, I still take a ton of flack for it and I didn’t even make the assessment….

  7. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … good article … more factual than most.

    i will only say this , holmgren knows a thing or two about qb’s & his track-record is solid with qb’s … yes, maybe there’s a chanced he missed on one … i still say , like banner , let’s evaluate him after the season. still too early to call him “a wasted draft pick”.

    what did ryan leaf’s scouting report say ?? how ’bout tom brady ??
    scouting reports are not always the gospel.

    GO BROWNS !!!!

    • LG

      TigersBrowns2, is it possible Holmgren got lucky and guilt a great rep on the arm of Favre?

    • ABrown

      TigersBrowns2, here’s a part of a report on Ryan Leaf that I could find quickly:

      Ryan Leaf…

      The “character” category:
      “However, there appears to be some minor nagging questions in the area of maturity and his mental approach to the game. He is perceived as not always an easy guy to work with, and he tends to beat to his own drummer…As good as he is, he can have some streaks on the field where he looks like he has forgotten everything he has been taught…There seems to be a nagging question here that something might be missing, but it may be hard to verbalize it..”

      When I searched for this, I found references to comments saying Leaf had a much stronger arm than Peyton Manning.

      I’d bet there have probably been more mistakes made chasing “elite arm strength” than any other quality, especially when nagging questions about work ethic. football IQ and performance under pressure.

      • ABrown

        self edit: . . . especially when nagging questions about . . . keep coming up.

        • ABrown

          And here’s a draft scouting report on Tom Brady. Notice the lack of stature and arm strength but presence of gamer quality and excelling under pressure:

          “Tom Brady Positives: Good height to see the field. Very poised and composed. Smart and alert. Can read coverages. Good accuracy and touch. Produces in big spots and in big games. Has some Brian Griese in him and is a gamer. Generally plays within himself. Team leader.

          Negatives: Poor build. Very skinny and narrow. Ended the ’99 season weighing 195 pounds and still looks like a rail at 211. Looks a little frail and lacks great physical stature and strength. Can get pushed down more easily than you’d like. Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush. Lacks a really strong arm. Can’t drive the ball down the field and does not throw a really tight spiral. System-type player who can get exposed if he must ad-lib and do things on his own.

          Summary: Is not what you’re looking for in terms of physical stature, strength, arm strength and mobility, but he has the intangibles and production and showed great Griese-like improvement as a senior. Could make it in the right system but will not be for everyone.

  8. marty

    Excellant article LG, long time coming. I didn’t hold weedon’s age against him when he was drafted. I just felt the offense he was in and that he couldn’t handle pressure.There is something about Weedon that doesn’t show hunger or the ability to motivate. When you see a qb trying to get that extra yard, help on a block, take a hit that knowingly that will hurt. It inspires the team. Defenses will respect you and not label you a pansy. Shurmur has hurt both qb’s with his playcalling. I don’t think Shurmur has ever made a halftime adjustment. When you get a turnover, you must capitalize, go for the juglar. Your given a chance to dominant–take it. Good teams do.It might be a hunch, but I feel Richardson will do well on a muddy field. If he doesn’t hesitate when given the ball he produces more. Weedon might make a backup, but he doesn’t qualify as a starter. He has tools, but no leadership skills.

  9. longhaul

    good article lg.sums up what you and i have been sayin for how long. weeden is a back up qb. after reading all the article i cant see how anybody could disagree.

    • LG

      Thx Longhaul, you would be surprised how so many would still think Weeden is the next best thing since the invention of Ice Cream….

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … i don’t believe this is a fair statement to the weeden backers.
        we just believe he is the best option this year. he may possibly never amount to anything more than a back-up … you / they may be right.

        enjoy the game …

  10. isitnextyear

    FINALLY, an article with some backing! This is constructional journalism, state a point and back it up. The key here is Weeden is 29 on draft day he needed to come in and WOW everyone from day one and hasn’t and won’t. A lot of fans are going to cry that we should have gone after RG3 harder, but mortgaging the farm on one guy was not worth it and he would have been crushed in the AFC north. The bottom line is we are a much improved team this year, with the right quarterback inserted next year we are going to be down right dangerous.

    • LG

      Hey I been trying to say this all season…..

      • Leon II

        But LG this is the most compelling presentation of those positions you have made all season and again I commend you in your use of facts and carefully constructed arguments to support your opinion.

    • Leon II

      Isitnextyear I absolutely agree that mortgaging the farm to get RG3 was absolutely the wrong decision. People tend to forget that a first round pick is the closest thing you have to a sure thing in the draft and even those aren’t that sure with less then 20% of the first rounders in the last ten years making multiple Pro Bowls (see below). The teams that tend to have the best drafts are those who have multiple early round picks at it increases the chance of success.

      • LG

        Weeden was never rated a first round pick by any of the professionals that grade the NFL drafts. Our ex-team pres made him a first round pick he would have been there in later rounds….Just get Heckert’s honest opinion…..

  11. FH

    Wow, look at all the misspellings and punctuation mistakes in this article. Looks like you have as much talent as a writer as Weeden does as a QB.

    • LG

      This isn’t an English class buddy….

      • ABrown

        I’m amazed how often I find typos in my posts after I put them up, and I’ve spent a lot of time teaching writing and editing. It happens.

        Check ideas and organization first, editing last, and avoid correcting someone’s grammar in public — it’s rude.

        • LG

          It is obvious to me ABrown, when people can’t come up with a legitimate argument for the facts in the article they pick apart things that have no bearing what so ever to the facts presented. You cannot avoid the facts.

  12. muttklingon

    hay pin head!. Brandon Weeden is 1. player of 42 member team? it takes the hole football team to win?. and a great play caller. work with .Butt Brandon Weeden has growed a good time will a great Q.B.the Browns is a hole rookie team . they to learn how to work together.

    • longhaul

      @muttklingon next your gonna say shurmur is the best coach cleveland has ever had.weeden would have problems pushing a shopping cart at walmart.

    • Leon II

      @muttklingon LG has done an excellent job of demonstrating what any Browns fan, including those who support Weeden, should acknowledge. Weeden is struggling RIGHT NOW and that it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. He also correctly states that as Browns fans we should expect him to struggle for the rest of this season and into the next if the Browns continue to start him. We should actually should be pleasantly surprised if Weeden comes on this year or next, not shocked if he doesn’t. The facts were presented to demonstrate that Weeden did not come into the NFL with the complete skill set to be an immediate success – neither did Terry Bradshaw (the number 1 pick of ’69) who struggled and was very erratic for his first few seasons (we all know how that one ended). LG may be right in his final opinion that Weeden will be a bust or he may be wrong, but his, nor your opinions, change the facts that Weeden is far from elite right now and the high probability that he will continue to struggle for sometime to come. While I will say that I hope LG’s opinion is wrong the statistics are on his side. Only about 1 in 5 QB’s taken in the first round turn out to have successful NFL careers.

      • LG

        But Leon, he was presented by the Browns as the next great white hope. We were told that the Browns would be a much better team this season. We were told what a great accurate arm this guy has and how he was going to turn things around. Those were all statements made by then Team President Mike Holmgren. It tuns out he hasn’t been any better than Colt McCoy. And I myself will state that if McCoy had started 11 games this season the Browns would have won more than 3 of them…..He knew the offense, he has experience and he is a better team player than Weeden period……

        • Leon II

          LG We were told it but I never believed. As you reminded me above he may have been the 4th ranked QB in draft by some scouts but none of them that I know of graded him as worthy of being drafted much above the middle of the second round. That should be another strong reminder to everyone that your points above are valid making his struggles even more understandable and your opinion that he is a/will bust even more likely.

          I’m still going to hold out hope that your opinion he is a bust, and my increasing fear that you are right, will prove incorrect. I hold out this hope not because I’m a Weeden supporter but because I’m a Browns fanatic. I want to see more wins this season and it is clear unless Weeden gets injured we are going to see Shurmur continue to play him. So I hold out this small glimmer of hope that Weeden can somehow morph into something better then he has been so far. Okay I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one – it is Believeland after all.

          • Leon II

            And yes I realize my first and last sentences contradict each other, but then their is a difference in dreaming and not being able to understand the implications of a scouting report. .

          • LG

            Well Leon, that is my problem. I thought the guy runing things actually knew about how to win football games. I should have known better the day he made the decision to hire Pat Shurmur as the Browns head coach after his record in St. Louis as the O-Cord. Oh Well, I guess I am too trusting and thought we would see better results after Holmgren darn near promised them….

    • ABrown

      Muttklingon, Andrew Luck has just as many rookies playing with him and he’s glad to have them. They’re certainly not a problem. More talent is good, whether the guys are rookies or not.

      And this far into the season, the rookie excuse sounds pretty feeble.

  13. RICK

    I hope those weren’t the same scouts that told us to pick some of the busts we have picked since the team came back

  14. tigersbrowns2

    good morning all …

    ABROWN … good investigative reporting on leaf & brady … good posts.

    okay all , i have seen every game this year , and anybody who watched the game yesterday should know that the “sissy” article / comments don’t hold water … and weeden does NOT played scared … sorry. he stood in there yesterday & got drilled 9 times , that i counted , but stood in there & delivered a pass. and as far as the “fetal postion” comments ; any qb with 1/2 a brain that sees a defender bearing-down on him unopposed SHOULD go ahead & hit the ground & not have to get buried in the turf. live to play another down.

    does he make some poor decisions & some bad passes ? … yes. but, no way is he a sissy or does he play scared.

    • LG

      Did the thought ever occur to you Tigersbrowns2 that Mr.Weeden saw that article and made a point of standing tough yesterday? This was the first game we have truly seen Weeden stand in there and take those hits….

      • RICK

        LG, I can’t believe you are taking credit for Weeden being tougher after reading your article. I doubt that he even reads your articles,if so your a hell of a motivator and teacher.Last week it was the Steelers and we didn’t beat them by enough and then the Steelers beat the Ravens with Charlie Batch. Instead of commenting on how well they play you comment on how crappy the team is they played.Give the credit when it’s due.

        • LG

          Rick, I am not taking credit at all. I just asked you of their could be a chance of him reading it and thinking maybe they have a point….

        • ABrown

          I’d say there’s a really good chance that Weeden looks at what’s written about himself. His biggest problem dealing with the media is his self-absorption which seems to make it impossible for him the remember to praise his team mates and take credit for his mistakes like other QB do.

          And if he saw the “sissy” article and it got him to get just a little better grip on himself, then that’s great. Somebody needed to shake him up.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … i guess there’s always a chance he could be perusing through your forum … i would have to think the chances are unlikely. especially since this forum comes across as an anti-weeden bash-fest.

        with all due respect , this is not the first game he stood in there & took hits.

        now , i want you & ABROWN to be totally honest … when you are watching the games are you hoping that weeden does bad so you can prove your point in this forum ?? do you cheer or feel good when he does well ?? or do you dread seeing him do well ??

        • LG

          Of course I cheer for him to do good. It is clear the only way the team is going to do well is if he does good…He has never stood in a took the hits like he did yesterday that I ever have seen….

          • tigersbrowns2

            LG … i can just picture you watching the game yesterday in your american flag jumpsuit & wearing your visor backwards waving your brandon weeden pennant … and Mrs. LG wanting to “teach you a lesson” after she spied you in your get-up … if you know what i mean.

          • LG

            Tigersbrowns2 MRS. LG died 6 years ago form Breast Cancer….

        • ABrown

          TB2, I don’t watch hoping Weeden plays poorly, but I hate watching him because I can never relax and trust that he will do what needs to be done to win. He’s always just one snap away from a really bad and often foolish play.

          I enjoyed watching Luck and RGIII and Wilson this week as they all directed 4th quarter, last minute drives to beat top opponents. I even enjoyed watching Quinn this week for KC because he was playing so well. It was a pleasure.

          Besides the fact that Weeden is mistake prone, I don’t think he was the best option for the Browns this year and watching him play badly makes me very sad for what is being wasted with the team this year.

          • LG

            Well, look at that The NFL has RGIII and the Cleveland Sports 360 comments page has our very own TB2 way to go ABrown…..

  15. RICK

    LG, I see this was posted before the game Sunday I can’t wait for the next blockbuster.

    • LG

      I’d say it is a completely honest evaluation of Weeden and his performance this far. Lets not let ourselves become overly excited Rick, yesterdays game was against a team that has a worse problem than us.

      • ABrown

        LG, this scouting report is not only an honest evaluation of Weeden and an accurate report of what we have seen from him so far in the NFL.

        And instead of thinking that yesterday’s game argued against the report. It further confirmed it, in 2 ways.

        The report talked about Weeden being most comfortable in “simple, half-field reads that inflated his statistics.”

        The game started out badly yesterday. Weeden’s longer throws were way off target and he was clearly rattled. Someone settled him into a 1 to 6 yard short passing strategy and he gradually regained some confidence and moved the team down for a field goal.

        Weeden only completed 3 passes over 15 yards all day ( what he did instead was complete lots of short, high accuracy passes to big and fast receivers who picked up lots of yards after the catch — dink and dunk at its best.

        A little later, he threw the long TD pass to Gordon, and here’s why that pass is perfect for a QB having accuracy issues. Gordon disguises his long intent and picks up a slower cover guy going across the field. Then he out runs his guy to the back left zone of the field while Weeden throws the ball high in an arc so Gordon can watch for the ball and adjust and run under it, a lot like throwing the ball around at the park.

        This was a perfect route for Gordon before he got better at precise routes and it remains perfect for Weeden who has more trouble than most QBs throwing really accurate long passes. So Weeden feels better still.

        Then he starts to be pressured by the blitz. If you are good at standing in and dealing with pressure, you do it from the start. That’s not Weeden.

        But everyone, no matter how fearful, will fight back when he has a good enough reason and his back is to the wall.

        Weeden hasn’t shown us he cares enough about winning or helping his team mates to hang in, but lately he has learned that his job and self interest are at stake. He also saw that McCoy is ready and able to come in and do whatever it takes to move the team, just as he did so well in preseason and in every game he’s ever played.

        So Weeden had a better reason than ever before to man up — his future is on the line.

        So the report remains accurate on the points about long throw accuracy, about more suited to short passing game, about having arm strength to throw downfield, and is still easily rattled by pressure.

        The coaches have read the report, too, and their self interest rests with Weeden, also. They helped bring him back from early game panic and gave him a plan he could follow and succeed. If he looked like he was getting rattled again, they could remind him he had a back up.

        The scouting report is very much on target, and Weeden was able to play well in a game he couldn’t afford to lose. He also improved his completion percentage quite a bit.

        • LG

          You are right on the money with this assessment.

  16. tigersbrowns2

    LG … i’m sorry to hear that … i was only trying to make you smile.

    • LG

      I know

  17. marty

    Weedon had his best game against Oakland. While I feel confident he won’t cut in the NFL, he did play with talent. Oakland has their share of problems. Their defense didn’t swarm to the ball when played. Palmer looked frustrated.A win is a win. I mostly follow our division, I can’t give a honest opinion if Cleveland played that good or Oakland played that bad.I will say our division seems tougher than Oakland’s.

    • ABrown

      Marty, Oakland isn’t very good, and they are missing some of their best players like Darren McFadden the RB and they have safeties playing as cornerbacks because their secondary cupboard is almost bare. Coaching revolving door, lots of draft busts, plus injuries have left them being blown out for the last 4 weeks, until they kept things much closer against the Browns.

      KC next week has much better talent but a worse record. They played Pittsburgh close and knocked out Big Ben with their pass rush. There main problem has been at QB, but Brady Quinn, in his 2nd or 3rd start played the best game of any QB this week.

      There are several players and coaches who have Cleveland ties and will probably play hard to make a statement.


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