When the Cleveland Browns picked Brandon Weeden with the team’s 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft (22nd) (overall), lots of heads were turned. The man who led Oklahoma State to so many wins in his senior year, wasn’t supposed to be taken that high in the draft according to so many NFL scouts.

The former president, Mike Holmgren, set Weeden up for instant failure. Holmgren made statements to the media saying the Browns were going to win a lot of games in 2012. Well, guess what.  It didn’t happen, Cleveland only had 5 wins. Holmgren said he knew a few things about quarterbacks too.

Weeden comes into the Browns camp this year under a completely different situation than he faced last season. You could say under the Banner led Browns, Weeden already has 2 strikes against him. The first strike is his not-so-good rookie season. Some say it was bad coaching, while I agree that Pat Shurmur couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag, Weeden still made some bad decisions throughout the 2012 season.

Weeden threw more interceptions than he had touchdowns. There were times when he should have just threw the  ball out-of-bounds. You could say those decisions were bad because of Weeden’s lack of football experience.  The man only played one year of high school football and he rode the bench at OSU for 2 years behind a guy he couldn’t beat out named Zac Robinson.

Robinson was good enough to keep his job and he never could make it in the NFL. Yet he started over Weeden in college.

Brandon Weeden finished the 2012 season with a total quarterback rating (TQR) of just 26.4. That is the second worse rating of any of the 36 quarterbacks that played in the NFL last season. With numbers like that and only 5 wins for the Browns last season, it is no wonder the teams new regime isn’t sold on Weeden.

When you listen to some of Weeden’s teammates talk about he soon to be 30-year-old, they point out problems he has. We heard Richardson make statements about how the team had to simplify the defense last season to make Weeden understand it. Those same reports came out of college about Weeden. Then Richardson made a statement about Weeden’s inability to read a defense, that is a little something someone with football experience would know how to do by now. Remember, Weeden doesn’t have that much experience.

He only took up football serious after a failed attempt to make it in major league baseball. When Weeden suffered a throwing shoulder injury he had to stop his quest to become a big league pitcher after six years of trying.

Yes sir, when we add it all up, that is one strike against Mr.Weeden in a Joe Banner ran organization. The second strike Weeden has against him, he can do nothing about. While he may be able to learn more about reading a defense, or he can learn not to make too many poor throws, the second strike is his age.

For one reason or another Joe Banner has a problem with players when they are around 30-years-old. Weeden will turn 30 on October 14th of this year, that is just about a month after the 2013 season starts. No matter how hard he tries he can’t make himself younger. While it is true there are other quarterback who played NFL football after age 30, it is important to remember they all started there NFL careers before the age of 29.

Most NFL great have years of experience playing NFL football before they reach the age of 30. Look at the guy the Browns brought in to compete for the starting quarterback job. He is 31-years-old and has played in the NFL since he was 24-years-old. He brings something into camp that Weeden doesn’t have and no-one can give him, EXPERIENCE.

Weeden’s age is the second strike against him. Especially with Joe Banner in position to call the shots on the team. Banner has a real problem with age and his history reflects that.

If Brandon Weeden doesn’t have a “Banner” year, he can turn around and kiss his butt goodbye in Cleveland. The Browns may be giving him a chance, but it is going to be up to him to take it and run with it.

With 2 strikes against him there is little time left for him to hit one out of the park. Especially on a Banner team. Good Luck Mr. Weeden. Us, the fans may not agree on some things. We all agree we want to see some wins. That is how success is measured in the NFL, in wins and losses. Now go get us, the fans some wins.

A big shout out to RB for the head line.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. RB

    You actually made me LOL.

    In theory I will agree with you that he has 2 strikes against him. It will prove to be interesting if nothing else

    I hope he makes it because that means the Browns are winning.

    • LG

      We all want to see the browns win

      • RICK

        LG, Probably last chance for Weeden to prove himself but he has plenty of competition with Campbell. I kind of like the Campbell pick up and he might beat weeden out for the starting job. It will interesting to see this play out.

        • LG

          Rick, I think if the competition is not fixed as it was last season, Campbell wins the job. He has too much experience compared to Weeden, And Shurmur couldn’t teach Weeden anythng.

          • tigersbrowns2

            hi LG … weeden will win the job … i am “absolutly” sure of it.

          • LG

            Please enlighten me. Did Campbell break his arm? How can you be so sure TB2?

  2. ForeverABrownsFan

    Our defense is looking better but our offense is weak,very weak at this point and to think Weeden will make a 180 turn around is just wishfull thinking at best.

    Weeden will be gone after this season just watch.

    • RB

      3:12 pm on April 5, 2013

  3. browniebaby

    While I agree with your comments, spell check and proper conjugation should be used if you ever want someone to take an article you write seriously.

    • LG

      While I thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment, I have to completely disagree with your assessment of the spelling. Please point out to me what is spelled in correctly. I can not argue the fact the I may have some infected verbs in the article or some use of a passive voice, but I find no miss-spellings.

  4. browniebaby

    Then Richardson made a statement about Weeden’s inability to read a defense, that is a little something someone with football experience wold know how to do by now.

    The word “wold” is not spelled correctly, sorry to nit-pick, its just I see the English language murdered way too frequently anymore.

    • LG

      790 words and I miss one. You are right, it isn’t easy not to murder the English language when you do this. What is your solid recommendation to get vast improvement quickly?

  5. JohnnyV

    Bloody Witch Hunt – Same sh*t different day. Give it a break already.


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