The Cleveland Browns may want to give their former starting  quarterback Brandon Weeden a concussion test. He is now delusional. In a recent Plain Dealer interview, Weeeden said; it’s ‘still my football team’ and expects to start again. He also went on to say, I think I played better this year and my confidence is still high.”

Really, where did he play well? He is one of the lowest rated NFL quarterbacks according to ESPN’s TQR system.  Weeden may want to reconsider his statements. He has been passed up in just about every category by Hoyer and Weeden failed to win a game this season.

The Cleveland Browns are clearly a better football team without Weeden behind center. You measure how well you play in the NFL by wins, Weeden is win-less in 2013 and he has only one touchdown to show for the 2 games he started. Weeden has completely failed to take control of his situation and he deserves to sit on the bench.

The Browns were first and goal in Baltimore and nothing Brandon Weeden did was able to get the team into the end zone. Weeden has one of the worse records in the NFL when it comes to getting a touchdown while he is in the red-zone.

He also went on to say he is still involved in the Cleveland Offense. If that is the case why hasn’t he been looking at pictures and been in the huddles on the sidelines in the 2 games he missed?

Weeden said he’s talked to both Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner, but declined to share what they told him. They are doing Weeden a disservice if they led him to believe he is an NFL caliber QB.

Weeden fails to give Hoyer any credit for the Browns improvement offensively.He attributed the offensive improvement to experience in the new scheme and Josh Gordon’s return from his two-game suspension, what Weeden fails to realize is that Hoyer is the guy standing behind the same offensive line that he did and Hoyer is able to move this team and score touchdowns.

Hoyer is also seeing his receivers dropping passes that should have been caught and even the great Josh Gordon dropped a couple in the Bengals game.

Brandon Weeden doesn’t have the intellect to understand NFL football, if he did than he would take a look at the numbers and know he has been completely out played by a better quarterback.   He would also understand, it was a mistake naming him the Browns starting quarterback going into the NFL season.

Even the die-hard Weeden fans can see the Browns are a better team without Brandon Weeden playing quarterback. Success in the NFL is measured by wins, not some guy standing by his locker telling the media how good he thinks he played this season.

The sooner Weeden realizes that, the better off the team will be.

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  1. Arthur

    Oh Dear. Somebody forgot to take his medication again!. Give it a rest LG. The way you constantly abuse this guy shows that if anyone around here has a ‘head problem’, it is you. I know you think you are impressing your little band of followers by doing this, but to everybody else you look rather foolish. Move on to something else, or just give up. It is so tiresome.

    • LG

      Arthur this guy is delusional if he thinks he played well this season. I can’t help it he doesn’t belong in the NFL….

    • jackrabbit21

      Hey Arthur. Don’t go after the messenger LG. Weeden just about steps in it every time he speaks. In fact, most often Weeden speaks, he usually has his foot in his mouth. Weeden sets himself up for bashing because he is delusional. Many times last year he’d open his mouth and either say the wrong thing or say he did well and he didn’t. Days later after making a false statement, he’d have to retract. He has also thrown teammates under the bus to make himself look good. In Weeden’s world, it’s never his fault.

  2. RICK

    JG, Give it a rest. We know how you feel about Weeden so I guess that gives you right to bash him on your blogs pretty much on a daily basis. If we keep winning do you actually think they are going start Weeden? If he gets beat out big deal we have a QB. There is no reason to bash a guy because someone beat him out of his position.Just because he does not meet your expectations is no reason to do your continuous bashing. Why dwell on Weeden’s negatives instead of Hoyers positives. It should be happy days for you now instead of whining about our backup QB right now.

    • LG

      Lets hope they don’t start Weeden…..

      • Anonymous

        so here is hoe it will go down hoyer is doing good but will get hurt weeden will have to come in and fight for his life and get us to the playoffs just saying

        • LG

          If weeden goes back in we all know where that would take us…

    • Old Goat

      News from rickety rick land where Gloomy Gus lives. Weed head was released and no one picked up his contract with the exception of Hugo Chavez

      • Arthur

        What?. Wonderful post OG. Well said.

  3. Joel McClurg

    FYI- On the website WFNY, there is an article that should be of interest to you.
    It is entitled “8 common grammar mistakes you should never make again” It is by Gini Dietrich at Vistage International. It is very informative.

    • LG

      Ok thanks I’ll have a look at it…..

  4. BOBBY D

    Where are all those McCoy backers who always claimed McCoy didn’t get a fair chance to play with the improved offense? Weeden didn’t get his chance to play with Gordon in this system. Now Hoyer looks like a star but we all know Weeden or McCoy would have done better.

    Just stiring the pot, love Hoyer starting.

    • LG

      Bobby D, you and I both know the big story this season is Cameron not Gordon.

    • jackrabbit21

      Here I am Bobby D. I’ll take a stir.

      McCoy NEVER had the protection that Weeden got last year, NEVER. McCoy also had “loose hands” Little as his prime receiver – lol. Little and the bad snaps by place holder at crucial times probably cost the Browns at least 3 games in the 2011-2012 season. And it was “Shurmur Ball” under the “do nothing” Holmgren. You also had concussion gate and Hillis gate. And the year McCoy was the starter, he did not have a full pre-season. Many reasons, yes. But if you can remember, things clicked for McCoy when he played the Saints & the Patriots. And guess what? Mangini & McCoy are reunited. McCoy will prove all you McCoy bashers wrong one day. Hah!!!

      Yeah you stirred the pot. But why bring up McCoy? That’s all in the past. Remember. It takes a team!!!!

  5. Jeremy

    I trust these coaches, and the way they are handling all positions on the team right now. They seem to have shown a knack for recognizing talent on both sides of the ball. And in that respect, I will trust their judgement on a week to week basis, as that is how they say they are looking at the qb position right now. In fact that is how they are looking at every position right now. I think they know what the hell they are doing… If they didnt see Weedens talent as an asset, they would have never started him in the first place. LG, you just come off as a pitiful grouch when you bash a guy for being on our team… take it easy..

    • LG

      So what you are saying is there is no way they play weeden again right?

  6. Wane

    LG, i can’t believe Weeden still gets TOP BILLING after loosing his starting position. (NO WAIT, I MEAN TOP BASHING) you would think the person who took the starting job away wuold be the BIG NEWS to write about. not the same old,old, Weeden stuff that has been said over, and over, and over again. come on LG, get creative and write something positive about somebody who isn’t sitting on the bench. or was Weeden named the back-up QB for this week?

    • LG

      Wane did you read my Haden Skrine article? Very Positive…

  7. Luke49

    Good grief LG give yourself and all of us a break. Enough gouging Weeden , it is easy that you are a kick while they are down kind of guy.. By the way who died and made you THE authority on other peoples intellect. Talk to us about intellect after you show us your Mensa card. Hoyer is doing fine now . What will you say about him next week if he falls on his face this week? Lets hope that whoever is QB is successful including the backups. That’s how we win for the long haul.

  8. louisianamike

    Not going to lie i was willing to give BW a benefit of a doubt after seeing him the first two games in pre season but then the first two games my thoughts have changed. Hoyer keeps plays alive so weeden you had your chance and when he was hurt he wasnt helping hoyer with pictures but jc was. he isnt right for this team and sorry it didnt pan out but it just didnt so hoyer is our man- 2 wins no losses so lets go out and get our 3rd win against Buffalo

  9. buzz

    they must aready know Weeden can’t play qb. Why else did they try to get 2 more qb’s for this season..Hoyer is the man,cut Weeden..Maybe they can get a 5th round draft pick for him..

  10. tigersbrowns2

    oh, brother …

    how ’bout some articles on our #3 ranked defense & some of the great players on the defensive side of the ball ? how ’bout an articel on the job ray horton is doing ?

    how ’bout an article on jordan cameron or josh gordon ??

    • Arthur

      See how many comments, views, LG gets on the article he mentions here TB2. He knows it, Yardbarker know it too, but LG only gets significant following when he writes his anti-Weeden stuff. It is what brings people here, generates the income for the site, and he doesn’t care about how his reputation fares because of it.
      The Cameron piece will get little support. Only controversy pays for LG, and he has figured that out.
      As a business decision, writing the stuff he does about Weeden is a great move. Morally though, it stinks.
      Still, this is what happens when money comes before credibility, and I see no end to the abuse of Weeden on here anytime soon.

      • LG

        Arther you are wrong. I can not be bought by money that is not who I am or what I am About . The Cameron article is a great article if I say so myself.. The weeden articles are really how I feel about the guy. He has to be freaking nuts if he thinks he played good this season so far. The guy is out of touch with reality and has no football IQ….That is what pisses me off about this guy. He is a moron when it comes to football…….Arthur, do you think he played good this season and don’t tell me about gordon missing because he took this team to first and goal in Baltimore and couldn’t find the end zone and Cameron was there the whole time…

        • mike c

          LG, You can also throw in the fact that we were trashing our offenseive line with Weeden at the helm, with Hoyer under center our line looks pretty good. My point is that the qb can make the o line look good by getting the ball out to a target quicker and on target which is what Hoyer is doing and Weeden wasn’t. A perfect example is Manning and the Denver Broncos that Oline looks like a super bowl line.

          • LG

            You darn right Mike C and I think I did cover the fact his quick release helped the O-Line…..

  11. marty

    Weedon deserves to be bashed. When he first came to Cleveland, he said he assumed he’ll be starting before throwing a ball in pratice.He complained about his receivers dropping his passes.Browns get rid of him, I’ll stop bashing.I have too many frustrating memories of weedon to let go.

    • Arthur

      I think we all complained about receivers dropping his passes marty, that is, those of us who wanted the Browns to win.
      Shurmur told Weeden he would be starting when he was drafted so that is where he got that idea from, though personally I would not consider that just cause for the torrent of abuse he gets here.
      Still, there’s no accounting for human behavior so do what you have to do.
      I had many frustrating memories of McCoy too, and Frye, Delhomme and Anderson before him, but never once resorted to the disgusting, personal, and over the top stuff that goes on here.
      I just talked about it, with other adults, and while we all criticized the player, we did not criticize the man.

      • LG

        Arhtur the receivers are still dropping passes. The difference is Hoyer throw more where the right people can actually catch them he is much more accurate than the Weeden….

  12. Moni

    Omg! He DID get to play Gordon last yr & weedon sucked then too! What’s with all the people whinning that this author has nothing good to say about Weedon…#1 he’s just stating facts #2 its pretty clear from the title what the article is about… why did you CLICK on it?? Then READ it?? & then COMMENT on it?? It appears you CANT GET ENOUGH!

    • LG

      Right on Moni, and Gordon might have been missing for 2 games and Camaron was there. This guy is the weapon this year….

  13. RICO

    Rarely does an athlete have the opportunity to suck so bad, in both baseball and football. If he takes up golf he’ll have the worst case of the yips since Bernard Langer.

  14. Jeff

    Weedens ego has taken a huge hit. Here is this guy that threw the ball all over the place at Oklahoma State. He gets drafted in the first round by what some say is a quarterback guru in Mike Holmgren. Now he’s seeing his job being taken by an undrafted free agent just cause he hurt his little pinky. Unless it’s been said but not printed I haven’t read anywhere that he gives Hoyer any props. He just can’t wrap his head around the fact that one, he’s been out played and two by a hometown guy who will be give a little more rope because of that. I was reading an article where Joe Thomas was talking about how much he and the team enjoy playing with Hoyer. How he commands the huddle. How he’s fiesty and never gives up. I don’t know if it was aimed toward Weeden but it said a lot.

    • LG

      Weeden thinks he is smarter than anyone else. He couldn’t do in the NFL what he did in Oklahoma because he is too slow and can’t read a defense.


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