If you think about it, the Browns can beat the Bengals this Sunday. Cleveland is only the underdog by 4-1/2 points. You can see this Browns team is totally different with out Brandon Weeden calling the signals behind center. Brian Hoyer threw for 3 touchdowns in Minnesota and this week he should cut down on the interceptions because he had another week to work with the first team.

It is going to take more than just Brian Hoyer, to beat the Bengals this Sunday. Cleveland’s defense has to rise to the occasion and they have to play at a higher level than they did in their last game. The defense is going to have to maintain a lot of pressure to Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

This will be the key reason the Browns can win this game and we believe they can win Sunday. Hoyer is competent running the Browns offense but it is going to take a TOTAL team effort Sunday to get this win.

The Browns have to force Dalton’s hand, they can pressure him and cause him to turn the ball over. If the Cleveland defense can do that, the Browns offense can put points on the board. The Browns offense has to play smart football.

Hoyer can’t throw any interceptions. He has to protect against the turn-overs and he has to control the pace of the game. He can do that by running an efficient offense. We saw him march down the field last week and take the Browns into the end zone to win the game and this week will be no different.

Hoyer is going to be facing a tougher defense than what he faced in Minnesota, and he knows he has to guard against costly mistakes.    If he can do that and the Browns defense can play to their capabilities, the Cleveland Browns can win this game.

The key will be bringing enough pressure the Dalton to force him to make mistakes, then it will be the Browns offense being able to control the ball. The dual efforts can and will produce a Browns victory. ‘

We predict the Browns will beat the Cincinnati Bengals 27-17 this Sunday at First Energy Stadium.


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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Who Dey

    hahahahahahahahahahaha. no way.

    • LG

      We will see at 4:15 Sunday afternoon won’t we??

    • Kevin


    • Kevin

      By the way….Its not Who Dey, it’s “Who WAS dey?” Why don’t you Cincinnati people lose the Who Dey and come up with something original instead of copying the Saints “Who DAT?”

      • LG

        Who was Dey LMFAO that is about right……Who was Dey LMFAO……

      • James

        Kevin, you are stupid. The Bengals did the Who dey first in 1981 with their 1st Super bowl team, the Saints started who dat in 1983. They copied the Bengals. Study the facts before you blab.

  2. Jrustyo

    I’ll take a win no matter who is at QB but let’s keep this in perspective. Hoyer faced a pathetic defense in the Vikings. Weeden faced the Dophins (3-0) and much better D vs. the Ravens. Hoyer threw 3 picks to go along with those 3 TD’s.

    If he can lead the Browns to a win over the Bengals that’s a much bigger statement than beating the Vikings.

    We’ll see…

  3. Jim V

    Justro You must be a Weednite…Still want him back as starter?…HUUUMMMMM!

    • LG

      No one in their right mind would want him back as the starter. He shouldn’t be allowed in the building anymore either…..


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